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A game of pirate programming & mixed-up maps for 3-5 crafty captains. Can you turn Bad Maps into Good Fortune?
A game of pirate programming & mixed-up maps for 3-5 crafty captains. Can you turn Bad Maps into Good Fortune?
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X marks the spot as you and other pirate captains piece together scraps of maps, sending minions stumbling around the island - leading some to traps and others to treasure. 

But beware, other captains’ instructions may work against you. Yargh! Are you a clever captain who can turn Bad Maps into Good Fortune?

Bad Maps - A game of pirate programming & mixed-up maps for 3-5 crafty captains that plays in about 30 minutes (there's a 2-player variant, too!). Designed by Tim Armstrong, wonderful illustrations by Kristen Pauline, and masterful graphic design by Peter Wocken & Matt Paquette

Bad Maps will come in a sturdy, portable box with an insert to keep you organized (including room to sleeve your cards). Besides a full color rule book, each box is packed with high quality components: 

  •  Island Board - Double-sided board - The Basic side has everything you need to get up and running quickly, and the Advanced side gives room for variable setups for high replayability
  •  Map Cards (45) - Each player gets the same set of 9 (5 Movement Cards & 4 Facing Cards) and uses these to give instructions to the minions
  •  Objective Cards (40) - These are worth points based on what's shown, such as "Red minion gets first or second place"
  •  Blackout Cards (10) - These determine which Map Slots must have map cards placed face-up and which face-down. Includes Blackout Cards for a 2-player variant, too! 
  •  Captain Boards (5) -  Double-sided player boards - The Basic side includes the same ability for each Captain, while the Advanced side gives each player a unique power or advantage
  •  Spyglass tokens (10) - Used to track whether or not a captain ability was used
  •  Pit Tokens (8) - After round 1, minions dig pits to fall in during round 2
  •  Minion Start Tokens (4) - Show where minion's start during the round, or where they return if they fall in a pit or the sea
  •  Start Player Token - Give this to the player who starts the round
  •  First Mate Token - Give this to the minion who will move first
  •  Rulebook - Learn to play quickly with game play examples.

Technical Details: All cards are 57 x 87mm. The insert will come with room for the cards to be sleeved.

2-Player Variant

We also included a 2-player variant where some Map Slots are pre-programmed and Captains program 2 Map Cards per turn.

2-Player Variant for Bad Maps
2-Player Variant for Bad Maps

Upgrade your treasure hunting with Bad Maps: Deluxe Edition, including everything that's in the standard edition, plus:

  • Die-cut wooden Minion tokens (4)
  •  Custom metal coins for Spyglass tokens (10) - Note: The design & color will change from what is shown above. Update coming soon! 

Note: This edition will not be available through regular retail distribution. After the KS project, we'll have a limited number of these that we'll make available directly from our website or at conventions. Unfortunately, we're not planning on making a "deluxe upgrade kit" in the future.

Note: The following reviewers were provided a prototype of Bad Maps. Though the prototype is a great representation of what the published game will look like, the art and design elements are subject to change in favor of the game. 

 Click Here to Watch through a live play-through of Bad Maps with Derek and Lizzy!

Click Here to Listen to Draft Mechanic's Podcast Episode Previewing Bad Maps 

Introducing The Haunted Cave Expansion. The expansion will add 2 Cave tiles and 5 Ghost Tokens. During set-up, the cave tiles are placed randomly on the map, and will then act as portals when crossing over a cave tile. The Ghost tokens are played alongside a map card and are used to turn a minion invisible when following that instruction. When invisible, a minion can pass through ANY obstacle.  If we hit this stretch goal, this expansion will be included in every copy of Bad Maps!

The Tabletop gaming community is thriving! It's been an incredible experience as a publisher watching the community grow so much over the past few years. It's an exciting time for us as gamers with so many unique and interesting games, and we honored to have you consider Bad Maps as one of those options. Here are just a few reasons why we feel this project is worth your support:  

Replayability - With different captain abilities, custom minion and pit set-ups, and multiple blackout cards; your family or gaming group can enjoy a new fun experience every time you play Bad Maps!

Unique Gameplay - Though action programing isn’t new, Bad Maps has a clever twist on this mechanic by having the players communally program on any of the minion’s action slots - making this a great introduction into action programming games. 

Quick to Set up, Learn, and Play - We’ve made setup and learning Bad Maps simple by designing a basic mode to the game! All you need to do is open the box, use the basic side of island board, select a captain and you are ready to go! With the game playing over the course of 2 rounds, a play-through of Bad Maps will last around 45 - 50 minutes, even at the max player count of 5 players.  

Supporting Independent Game Design and Publishing - Everything you see in this project is the product of a massive effort by several passionate, independent creators. The efforts that went into the game design, graphic design and publishing are all crafted by individuals who absolutely love our hobby. Without you, we wouldn't be able to bring these creations to life!

Beginning with a chance encounter at GAMA 2017, I met Tim Armstrong (designer) carrying a prototype box labelled "Faulty Maps". That was quite the coincidence having just thought on the plane ride there "there should be a game about selling fake treasure maps to pirates"... 18 months later, here we are!

Myself, and the whole Floodgate Games team are super excited to bring you Bad Maps. Starting with Tim's core design, we've been through 100's of play-tests to fine tune the game play experience. Veteran Floodgate graphic designer Peter Wocken tag-teamed with our newest graphic designer Matt Paquette to build out the sharpest graphics to make learning the game quick and easy. All of this is brought to life through the beautiful illustrations by Kristen Pauline -- what a team!

Greetings Captains!   

For those who are new to our games, welcome! For those who have supported us in the past, it's so great to have you back! We're thrilled to be back on Kickstarter with our 10th project! Starting with Legacy: Gears of Time in 2012, all the way through Sagrada and News@11 most recently, running these projects have each been incredible experiences, and I cannot wait to see where this one goes! Bad Maps is our 8th game (not counting expansions) and we're quite proud to share it with you. We have some fun things in store during the project, and I'm looking forward to talking with you throughout the project and after. Please reach out directly in a message or in the comments if you have a question or concerns -- I'll do everything I can to make your backer experience on this project the best it can be! Thank you for joining us on this one, I really appreciate it.  

-Ben Harkins  

Floodgate Games

Risks and challenges

When it comes to publishing a tabletop game, manufacturing and shipping logistics are easily the biggest challenges. I've had several smooth campaigns, and some rough ones and learned a ton along the way!

We've already started working closely with our manufacturer on this to be sure everything will flow smoothly. As always, there's the chance of things like production issues, shipping delays, national holidays, customs hold-ups and unpredictable weather. Despite all this, I'm prepared to do my best to deliver a great game in a timely manner straight to you. We're working with a trusted manufacturer that we've been with several years -- they will help us continue to keep quality high while we do our best to meet our timelines.

All of the Illustration & graphic design work is complete! I'm planning to start the pre-press process before the project closes to help give us a head start on getting Bad Maps on your table even faster!

As always, I appreciate your support and patience as I'm sure despite our best efforts there are bound to be unforeseen complications... nonetheless, I'm looking forward to keeping you well informed the whole way!

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