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DIAMOND COMICS #5 - Free comics newspaper of experimental & psychedelic art's video poster

Diamond Comics is a newspaper of experimental art that blurs the lines between the worlds of illustration, graphic design, and comics. Read more

Portland, OR Comics
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This project was successfully funded on April 22, 2010.

Diamond Comics is a newspaper of experimental art that blurs the lines between the worlds of illustration, graphic design, and comics.

Portland, OR Comics
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At Floating World Comics, one of our goals is to bring new and exciting art to comics fans who are looking for something different. In 2008 I started publishing a FREE comics newspaper called Diamond Comics. Equally inspired by Fort Thunder's Paper Rodeo and international art magazines like Faesthetic or Rojo, Diamond features experimental art and comics from around the world.

The majority of the print run is given away free in Portland, at coffee shops, records stores, bars, and other venues. I love the fact that someone might find this mysterious art object at a coffee shop and wonder how it got there. Just as Paper Rodeo inspired me when I first saw a copy, I hope Diamond will do the same for a new generation.

I'm excited to announce a number of cool changes for the fifth issue of Diamond Comics.

First of all the print run is quintupling from 2000 to 10,000 copies, and 9000 of those will be included as a FREE insert in the April 21st 'Comics Month' issue of the Portland Mercury! The remaining 1000 will be distributed through the shop, the artists and sponsors, FREE at local cafes, bars and shops, and through other cool stores internationally. That issue of the Mercury will also feature Stumptown Comics Fest coverage which is that weekend (April 24-25), so we're expecting to reach maximum eyeballs.

Secondly the entire issue will be FULL COLOR.

Finally, we're going to have repeat artists for the first time. I had an unofficial rule where I wasn't repeating artists in Diamond. Which is cool because there's so much great art out there. But also it's odd because that prevents us from working with the artists we loved from past issues. Isn't that how anthologies develop a following? So to celebrate the new format and the new distribution with the Mercury, we're putting our best foot forward by working with none other than our favorite artists from previous issues:

Derek Ballard (Diamond #4) Michael Deforge (Diamond #4) Stanley Lieber (Diamond #1) Benjamin Marra (Diamond #2) Panayiotis Terzis (Diamond #3) Pete Toms (Diamond #1)

We're welcoming one new artist, Cleon Peterson (Obey Giant), providing the center spread and a planned cover by Al Columbia.

Because of the larger print run and the color printing, our costs are a bit higher. Publishing projects like Diamond are fruits of the labor that is Floating World. I've had people from other states and countries tell me they love the store (even though they haven't been here), but because of projects like these that they're aware of. My comics curating relationship with Arthur Magazine gets more and more involved and we've got some cool ideas for more collaborations coming soon. Thanks again for all your support. I would probably do it even without the sponsorship help, but only once every year or two. With your sponsorship help we can get these out 3-4 times a year. Exciting!

Sample pages from Diamond 4:

More comics here:


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    Receive a downloadable PDF of Diamond #5 including brain melting artwork by Derek Ballard, Michael Deforge, Stanley Lieber, Benjamin Marra, Cleon Peterson, Panayiotis Terzis, and Pete Toms!

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    Receive a free copy of the printed Diamond #5 comics newspaper! Full color artwork, broadsheet dimensions, suitable for framing!

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    Receive the Floating World Diamond Set. All five issues of Diamond Comics (including the rare out of print first issue) delivered to your door!

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    The Diamond Comics Signature Series - Receive a personalized thank you printed in the pages of Diamond #5 (deadline to have your name included - March 31st, 2010). You will also received the Floating World Diamond Set, all five issues of Diamond Comics (including the rare hard to find first issue).

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    Receive a limited edition archival print of Michael Deforge's stunning cover from Diamond #4. Only 10 copies exist in the whole world! View the full color image here:

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    Receive a limited edition print of Al Columbia's incredible 'Toyland' image from Diamond #4. Printed on museum quality paper measuring 18″x24″; the artwork is 15″x20″. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. View the image here:

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