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£1,536 pledged of £10,000 goal
By Fliqio
£1,536 pledged of £10,000 goal


60% of subscription revenue generated from Kickstarter (and anything we earn in the future) will make its way back to the film and video community.*

* 50% of subscription revenue goes to content owners and 10% goes to curators.

Why Fliqio?

A projected 2 billion people will be watching video on their mobile devices by 2017 and the vast majority of them will be watching short form content (usually under 10-15 minutes). We want to make sure they aren’t just watching cat videos.

Fliqio taps into the incredible amount of professional quality short films and videos that are being made and puts them onto one exclusively high quality platform. Using our previous expertise in product development and VOD platforms, we have created a finely tuned user experience that enables users to quickly and conveniently find short videos they want to watch, when they want to watch them. 

Why would I want to use it?

Do you enjoy watching videos? Do you find yourself bored and looking for entertainment at intervals during the day? Do you waste time unnecessarily searching for good quality, engaging videos?

Finding quality videos amongst the online clutter is often more effort than it’s worth, especially when on your mobile.

Yet there are thousands of fantastic short films being made: from animation and kids content, to interviews with inspiring individuals, cult sports and food shows, short films, webseries, documentaries, music videos - the list goes on. You may come across them scattered about online, or you might see them at a film festival but never be able to find them again: many do not even make it online at all.

That’s why we’re building Fliqio. We want to do for short video what services like Pandora, Spotify and LastFm did for music: make personalized, carefully selected content conveniently available for users to find, discover and enjoy, on and offline.

We also want the filmmakers and curators to directly benefit. Every time you watch a video on Fliqio, the content owners and the curators who selected it will be rewarded. Thus Fliqio offers a fantastic service for both users and contributors.

How does Fliqio work?

Download Fliqio for free from the app store and you’re good to go! You can start watching your own personalized feed or navigate your own way around. Fliqio will be available in all countries.

If you don't have a subscription already you can enjoy a short free trial of the full service where you can watch premium content and download videos to watch offline, ad free. Once your trial has ended, you can choose to pay the subscription fee to continue the service, or use Fliqio's free service with film-related ads and trailers.*

*Fliqio's free service only includes access to limited non-premium content and does not allow users to download video.

  Fliqio allows you to search or filter content by :

  • Duration
  • Latest or popular results
  • Genre, theme or tag
  • Your favourite professionally curated channel

You can also:

  • Download videos to watch offline
  • Save them for later viewing
  • Share them with friends 
  • Watch your friends’ top-rated videos

And the more you use Fliqio the more personalised your film feed becomes.

We are partnering with the top film festivals, websites and online magazines around the world and are constantly adding more, so you can experience engaging and entertaining channels by the world's best curators.

Fliqio’s location-based calendar of events also makes it easy for you to find independent film screenings near you.

What’s in it for filmmakers?

1. To be amongst the best:

Our curators work hard to ensure that only top quality content is available on Fliqio, thereby guaranteeing that your video will be situated amongst material of a similarly high standard, and thus where audiences are engaged and watching for longer.

2. To reach wider audiences:

A bit like the store on the high street that benefits from the shoppers of other stores (versus the stand-alone boutique on a quiet street), by bringing together filmmakers, content owners and curators on one platform, and incentivising them and their users to invite others, Fliqio enables filmmakers to reach much wider audiences. Coupled with technology that helps match audiences with content they respond to, as well as with the marketing efforts of Fliqio, this ensures a much wider reach than if they went at it alone. 

Together you become a more powerful, enticing and exciting force for viewers.

3. To earn revenue:

We pay you, our content owners (50%), and curators (10%) a share of the subscription revenue generated based on the popularity of your film. There is also indirect revenue to be earned. Fliqio promotes film events and screenings, and advertises film trailers, Kickstarter campaigns and other film- related services.

Why subscription & not pay per view?

Users do not want to have to think about paying for short bursts of entertainment - it’s not worth the effort. They would rather pay upfront and be able to sample what they please. Subscriptions mean that you have far more chance of your video being watched and thus earning revenue from it.

Studies and evidence in other entertainment areas also show that people are willing to pay for superior quality and convenience, with subscription being the preferred method.

Why we need your support

In order to raise investments and turn Fliqio into a fully funded business we need to prove to investors that:

1. We have partners willing to work with us

2. We can gather enough content to make it work

3. That there is a market for it

We have already achieved:

1. We have partners willing to work with us:

So far we have 10 international partners signed up and more in the pipeline.

2. We can gather enough content to make it work:

We have had over 6,000 submissions (that's 1k more submissions from  when we shot the video) over 8 weeks including award winning films from top festivals around the world such Cannes, Berlinale, Toronto and Sundance amongst others.

We have also built the foundations of the technology

We still need to prove:

3. That there is a market for it:

This is where we need your help. We need to sell subscriptions to prove that there is a market for Fliqio.

Where will the money go?

£10k financing will helps us achieve 2 fundamental things:

1. Build a prototype

We can use this for demonstrating Fliqio to users, partners and investors allowing us to fine tune it and provide us with the foundations on which to build on.

2. Prove the model to investors 

By pre-selling subscriptions to the app we will be able to prove the most important assumption of our business: that there is a market for it.

By proving the model for investors it will make it much simpler for us to raise further financing which we will use to fully staff the team and complete development of the iOS and Android versions of Fliqio.

£20k financing will helps us achieve 3 fundamental things:

1. Build the prototype

2. Prove the model to investors

3. Start development on the iOS app

£30k financing will helps us achieve 3 fundamental things:

1. Build the prototype

2. Prove the model to investors

3. Build the full iOS phone app

Further financing will be put towards building versions of Fliqio for both Android and iPhone smart phones, tablets and other smart devices.

Video Credits

Animation & Design:
Freddie Hottinger


Daniel Smith
Script Writer:
Nick Frost

Paul Ressel

Adam Lieber

Ioanna Savvidou

Voice Over:
Jude Claybourne


Luke Barrett

Folk behind the scenes who we'd like to thank too:
Alexander Nouel
Alex Smith
Aziz Musa
Callum Wood
Emma O'Shaughnessey
Gareth Visagie
Gemma Carver
Henry Whittaker
Jen Procter
Jon Cheung
Lonny Storey
Ieva Vysniauskaite
Laurent Crouzeix
Liam Achibou
Luke Andrews
Maria Fleicher
Maya Avidov
Michael Blakey
Negsti Habtom
Olivia Topley
Patrick Lim
Robert Lyons
Robert Swerling
Siukei Cheung
Thaddeus Daniel

Uma & Yoga Butt and last but not least...

Yomi Ayeni

Risks and challenges

We have been working hard at making investor contacts and researching alternative means of investment, but until we have the funds raised it is hard to say exactly when we can launch as we need the money to pay for it. We aim to launch in Q1 next year.

Once we have the funds in place we might experience delays due to unforseen technical difficulties, but these can be overcome and should only delay not prevent us from launching.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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    Have your name and face on a channel curated by you. Impress the world with your exquisite taste and feel what it would be like to programme a festival. You will be granted exclusive early access to the thousands of films in our library. Even better, invite your favourite filmmakers to submit their films to be showcased on your channel. (Note: All films selected must have permission from the content owner and will be subject to final approval by Fliqio).

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    For the big wigs! You will be listed on the app as an exclusive exec producer earning you much love from us (as well as the 1000's of filmmakers you would be helping) and good karma in your next life. Without you Fliqio could surely not be possible. You will also get 5 x unlimited annual subscriptions to give out to whoever you like.

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