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The Faith Bible Chapel high school ministry is venturing on producing a worship album to provide for the congregation of their church.
The Faith Bible Chapel high school ministry is venturing on producing a worship album to provide for the congregation of their church.
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66 backers pledged $4,135 to help bring this project to life.

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Album Release

Thank you all so much for supporting us in the making of this Album and providing all of us with a way of achieving the visions of this ambitious endeavor. We are all immensly grateful for the love and backing of goals this project aims to reach. We are notifying you that the release of this album will be around early June, not this month, due to some delays in the physical production of the sleeves and final product of the album. We hope you all understand the postponement of everything... On the other hand, the production and mastering of the entire project is completely finished and is all set to be released into the hands of all. We are working hard to get everything finalized and set into place to provide all of our supporters with the promised rewards. We love you, thank you all again! We have been blessed beyond blessed throughout the making of this project and are extremely grateful for you all! Blessings, Flipside Worship

Pictures are up

Here are some pictures from todays work in the Studio

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It Has Started

We are entering the studio this weekend, please watch for pictures to be put up soon.


Wow, what a ride! We were trusting that God would provide but watching the clock all day does take it out of you. Thank you to all those who gave and to those who prayed and supported us. We would not be making this album without you.

Here are a few details for you to know. If you made a donation at anytime during this process you should start seeing today that your card you used will be charged. So weather you gave 2 months ago or last minuite last night, you are bing charged today for your donation.  So please take note and be ready for that. If there are any problems with your card you will recive a email from Kickstarter telling you how to fix the problem.

We are now going to be starting the process of collecting the money into our account and working hard on our project. Check back everyonce and awhile and we will try to put up updates, videos and pictures of the process as it happens. Thank you again for all of your support!

Final Hours

I am now sending out our largest plea, WE NEED YOUR HELP MORE THE EVER! We are in the last 24 hours of the fundraising and we are only $800 short of what we need!!! Please if you have not given yet or know people who have not given yet, call them, email them, go to their house and knock on their door!!! We need this and we can do this project because of you. Please give and please help us!!!