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Intense racing through infinite sandbox worlds. Includes community multiplayer and the Simplex World Creator. (PC/Mac/Linux)
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1.0 Is Released!

Posted by Flippfly (Creator)

It has taken a while, but we are finally here! This version represents 13 months of blood sweat and tears... Okay, maybe not too much blood or tears, but lots of hard work ;) Aaron recapped a few of the major milestones in this post: This version comes with bug fixes, an updated soundtrack and a new trailer.

This is just the beginning

Although we have added a few things to the game that weren't mentioned on our Kickstarter (like user accounts and backup copies) there are some things that still have to be done. Here's quick rundown of stuff that is still on the way.

Playable “credits” level, with the names of our backers and other supporters. (we really want to make this cool - so we decided to take a little time and do it right)

Special quotes from our backers (can't wait to get your awesome quotes in there)

Death epitaph with the name of the object that killed you. (this again is something that we want to do right. There is a lot going on during that death sequence and we don't want to mess up the experience)

Original soundtrack as a 4-song EP. (the songs are all done, but we really want to extend them out and master them for a better listening experience - and there may be a bonus track in the works)

Flippfly Voting (the next round of voting will start up soon- we'll keep you posted)

Desktop Wallpapers (Forest is putting these together today! Watch for them on your Flippfly Account page)

We can't thank you enough for your patience and encouragement as we slipped our original launch date and changed up the plan. We have learned a lot about this whole process of self-publishing a game, and you folks have been awesome!

Up Next

Aside from the things mentioned above we are still very-much focused on Steam. Our Greenlight page is getting more and more attention - and we are making progress toward the top 100! (side-note: if/when we make it to Steam every backer gets a key!)

We are putting together a roadmap for future updates to Race the Sun and should have that published later today.

Thanks again for making this all possible!
- Aaron and Forest (Flippfly)


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    1. Jay Crockett on

      Congrats! A great kickstarter from start to finish.

    2. 3omar FFaruq on

      Congratulations guys!

    3. Flippfly Creator on

      Thanks for your support and Greenlight vote Brian!

      The way to get the latest version is to register a Flippfly Account. There should be a registration email from us floating around your inbox, but instead of searching for it you can just have the email resent.

      The process to get your registration email resent is:
      1. Go here:
      2. Click: Forgot Password
      3. Enter the e-mail you use on Kickstarter
      4. Go through the registration process (pick a username etc.)
      5. Download your game

      The My Account page will always have the latest version of the game, and you should get a notification in-the game itself when a new version is available. Always feel free to contact us if you have any trouble at all!

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian King on

      Wow, so this is the official release then! Cool stuff. Thanks for the hardwork, I've done my steam greenlight vote, hope to see it on there some time! How do we get access to the full game in the meantime?