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Intense racing through infinite sandbox worlds. Includes community multiplayer and the Simplex World Creator. (PC/Mac/Linux)
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Beta 0.55 - Major Features Complete!

Posted by Flippfly (Creator)

Today is a big day!

Today we released the latest beta (0.55) and we have decided to make it available to ALL of our backers and pre-purchasers. As our launch date draws near, it seemed right to get everyone the latest build. Thank you to our early purchasers and backers - you have been incredibly patient with us. We have been working hard to get the latest game ready for you, and you have waited long enough! Another big thank-you to everyone who invested in Beta Access! Your support and feedback have been absolutely vital and we won't forget it!

The latest beta has all of the major features of Race the Sun including:
- The Simplex World Creator
- User-created world browsing and rating
- Multiplayer relay (participation and sharing)
- User world portals that transport you to different worlds!
- Synchronized leader-boards that reset every 24hours (timer included)
- Synchronized procedural worlds that reset with the leader-boards

We have also added/improved these features:
- Increased Player Ship levels to 10 (there will be 25 in the 1.0 release)
- Added Emergency Teleport Portals that let you escape an otherwise deadly crash
- Added a Battery attachment that lets you last longer in the shadows
- Improved the ways shadows effect the player (stay in the light my friends ;)
- Adjusted/added objectives for a smoother player level upgrade process

One important note about your player level. it will be reset when you install this beta. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we made some major changes to the objectives and this needed to happen. Hopefully those who are familiar with the game can reach their previous level in a hurry, and may discover some cool new things along the way.

We have an ongoing list of beta features, bugs, and updates here:

Looking Forward

We are marching toward a 1.0 version of the game that will include a few more features like ship decals, more player levels, and another game mode. It is a really great feeling to have all of the major stuff done and in your hands so we can take care of these smaller projects!

One big hurdle that remains is getting the word out about the game. We've got some ideas rolling to get the attention of the press and players - we'll keep you updated as things progress.

Thanks again for all your support! Please feel free to ask questions, post ideas, or report bugs on our forums:

Aaron and Forest
(AKA Flippfly)

PS. This pic is a place you may discover in the latest beta.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Thanks a lot!! Sounds great ^^

    2. Flippfly Creator on

      Hey guys, we sent out an email with the links, but maybe that didn't make it to your inbox...gotta love spam filters :P

      So the way to get the latest version is to register a Flippfly Account. The process to get your registration email resent is:

      1. Go here:
      2. Click: Forgot Password
      3. Enter the e-mail you use on Kickstarter
      4. Go through the registration process (pick a username etc.)
      5. Download your game

      Thanks for letting us know - we definitely want to get the game into your hands!

    3. Alexander R on

      Are we going to be emailed the link ? Sorry I don't register in every forum of every project I back, don't have the time. ta.

    4. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      Looks great! ...Is there a link to download it?