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Intense racing through infinite sandbox worlds. Includes community multiplayer and the Simplex World Creator. (PC/Mac/Linux)
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Beta 0.40 - Multiplayer

Posted by Flippfly (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

Well after many little rabbit trails and unforeseen bugs, multiplayer is up and running! The cool thing is that the system we've ended up with is even better than our original design. It incorporates a public webpage so you can let the world see your team run stats. Here is a post that tells a bit of how we came up with the concept and explains how it all works:

We've released beta 0.40 to those in the testing group - get it now through your Flippfly Acount page. This build also includes several new patterns and traps to make things more interesting, as well as some new color effects (see pic). The Race the Sun Forums would be a great place to post your relay links if you are looking for someone to join your team.

Thanks for your patience, and all your input! Please feel free to keep sharing anywhere you run into us (see links below)

- Flippfly (Aaron and Forest)

Twitter Aaron: @AeornFlippout
Twitter Forest: @ForestSanFilipp
Greenlight: RtS Profile Page

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    1. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Yes Thanks Jorge for asking and thanks Flippfly for your answer, happy to hear this! :)

    2. Flippfly Creator on

      Hi Jorge, That's a great question!

      It's hard to imagine that far down the road - having just started multiplayer beta testing - but we are already talking about how to make things sustainable. One big advantage we have over many multiplayer games is that the server loads for each match are pretty light (by design). This will hopefully keep server costs low and allow us to keep everything working into the future.

      That said, if we ever get to the point that the server costs are unsustainable we will definitely try to find a solution for players to self-host. Even the thought of abandoning players kinda sickens us ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Jorge Hidalgo on

      Hello! I have a question:
      In the distant future, the server that connects all players may go offline (as usually happens with games on consoles after a few years). Do you plan on eventually releasing a server program so that generations to come can play?

    4. Flippfly Creator on

      Hi Tuur,

      Sorry about that. It seem like a few e-mails must have gotten lost in cyberspace :\
      To resend the e-mail about your account go to this page:
      And hit the "forgot password" button, then enter the e-mail you use for Kickstarter.

      That should let you setup your account and download beta 0.37.

      Please feel free to contact me via Kickstarter or if you have any questions or problems.

      Thanks for understanding!
      - Forest

    5. Tuur Lievens on

      How do I sign up? I never got a mail or anything to make such an account. Also, I can't find a register button.