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Intense racing through infinite sandbox worlds. Includes community multiplayer and the Simplex World Creator. (PC/Mac/Linux)
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Roadmap Update

Posted by Flippfly (Creator)

Hi Friends!

We wanted to give a general update on the roadmap for the Race the Sun.

We have stayed pretty true to the plan, but have added a couple things along the way that seemed important. The big thing we added was the Flippfly Account system. It occurred to us that having an online backup copy of your game would be important, and having a single login for highscores, sharing and game updates would give everybody a much better experience. Creating the account system took a some time and involved PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, SQL, and making three different web platforms talk to each-other. All-in-all the time invested was well worth it, but we had to revise our roadmap a bit. Now it looks like this:

1: Flippfly Account (Setup global login and update system) DONE
2: Closed Beta 0.30 (Single-player with leveling up to level 6) DONE
3: Closed Beta 0.35 (Single-player with highscore sharing) DONE
4: Open Beta 0.37 (bug fixing and gameplay tuning release) DONE

5: Closed Beta 0.40 (Adds multiplayer relay and game sharing) -Next Week!
#: Closed Beta 0.## (Adds World-Creator)
#: Closed Beta 0.## (Increases player-leveling/unlocks to 25 levels)
#: Closed Beta 0.## (Release candidate. Includes "hard" mode, decals, credits mode, and portals)
#: 1.0 Release (June)

Thanks for coming along with us on this ride! Game development is complex and very hard to predict, but things are going really well. One thing to note is that we see Race the Sun as a dynamic growing thing and we plan to continually update and improve the game long after release.

We are working really hard to get the relay mode ready for prime-time. The relay tech is all in-place, but of-course there are a hundred little cases where something could break if we don't plan correctly. Expect to see something next week!

Also, there is a new update (0.37) for every backer and purchaser! If you haven't setup your Flippfly account, now would be a good time to do that and get the latest version :)

- Aaron & Forest

Flippfly Account:
Twitter Aaron: @AeornFlippout
Twitter Forest: @ForestSanFilipp
Greenlight: RtS Profile Page


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    1. Keith & Diana on

      This remains exciting. Just as a passing query, what anti-cheating measures are you incorporating? Not that I expect it to be widespread, but after someone figured out how to hack (read: spoof scores) the Audiosurf scoreboards, many of the genuine achievements were lost due to ONE MILLION LOL spam.

    2. Rob Watling on

      Great work guys, Its looking so awesome :D