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Intense racing through infinite sandbox worlds. Includes community multiplayer and the Simplex World Creator. (PC/Mac/Linux)
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Greenlight and Multiplayer

Posted by Flippfly (Creator)

I (Forest) was just looking at the calendar and realized it's been way too long since the last update - sorry about that! We have been cranking away at the multiplayer feature and are almost ready to share it! Of-course, we have come up against some technical chalenges along the way. Sharing games cross-platform via hyperlinks is the best way make our relay system work, but hyperlinks act differently on different OS's, so it has forced us to get creative ;) Thankfully we've found solutions and have gotten through the roadblocks. We should have something for our beta-testers soon!

We have also been thinking about about Steam. Not only is Steam one of the largest game portals out there, it is a great place for a community driven game like Race the Sun. We also know that many of you fine-folks are Steam users and we would love to give steam keys to everyone who has the game. Greenlight represents a pretty big chalenge, but we think (with your help) it's totally doable. Here's a post I wrote about our Greenlight expereinces so far:

Thanks for all you've done!
- Aaron & Forest


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    1. Reinoud on

      Race the Greenlight!

      Upvoted :)

    2. Flippfly Creator on

      Thanks! We are definitely planning on giving backers a free Steam copy. The way we understand the Steam system it should be a straightforward process to get those keys - and our backers surely deserve them!

      Feel free to post bug reports right here in the comments if that is convenient for you. We also have forums here:
      And direct messages here:
      Unfortunately the forums aren't tied into the core Flippfly account system yet, so you have to register again to use them.

      Thanks for everything!
      - Forest

    3. Karl Tatom on

      Also, will backers receive a free Steam copy? I'd love to have this on Steam as well :P.

      (I know, I'm greedy.)

    4. Karl Tatom on

      I left my vote your Greenlight :D.

      Great job on the game, I've been a backer for a while but I just now downloaded it and tried it.

      This might be a really dumb question, but where is the best place to submit bug reports and suggestions?

    5. Shawn Adams on

      I "YES"d your GL page.
      Let's dig you out of that hole.