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Unveiled at 2012 Maker Faire, these Amazing Mechanical Flip Books stole the show. Now we've developed a kit so you can build your own!
1,856 backers pledged $137,567 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Matt Duncan on

      OK so its clear - MATTE = Is a non reflective surface ,
      MATT = is a abbreviation Matthew
      And Lastly MAT = is something in front of your door to wipe your feet on

    2. KevinR

      @Neal -- you can see your survey response at the "Your response" link below your pledge level on the right. If you haven't responded, there should be a message at the top of every Kickstarter page with a button to do so.

    3. Missing avatar

      Neal Winter on

      First and most importantly; Thank You for everything you're doing and adding for us supporters.
      Second, I'm somewhat unorganized myself, I am afraid I may not have given you a mailing address. I'm confident you have maybe one or two other "things" going on, but is it possible to check if you have an address for me?
      Again, THANKS for EVERYTHING! (I'm hoping a little brown nosing will help)

    4. Karl Brown on

      That's really disappointing since you made such a bold commitment to ship them before christmas, but well, I guess these things happen. Looking forward to receiving my wonderful Flipbookit!

    5. Joanne Harrison on

      As long as I have something to wrap (gift certificate) that will be fine and I would vote for matt.
      Question, how do you get your own images onto the plastic flip cards?

    6. Eddy Sugihartono on

      Thank you for the update, guys.. Thank you for your effort to make it in the best product as it could be.
      Yes, i agree with other's comment about matt or glossy... I prefer matt for this flipbookit.

    7. Chief Mojo on

      Uh-Oh... Harvey Fierstein, er, "Mark", looks worn-out and tired. Dude, please take a nap! I can see by all the postings here screaming for Christmas delivery that I am in the minority, but I'd rather have a unit that works flawlessly, even if it doesn't make it before Christmas. Keep up the good work, thanks for making an awesomely fun product, but for the love of God, PLEASE GET SOME SLEEP! We worry about you...

    8. Andrew C on

      Curious why 'shipping' was not included in 'RISKS AND CHALLENGES'? Especially since you labelled a reward ***DELIVERED BEFORE XMAS!*** Provided free shipping to US residents and then charged $10 or $15 to non-US residents.

      Will you be shipping based on who ordered first? And will there be a way for backers to see where you are on the shipping list (e.g. a google doc)

    9. Ayman Van Bregt on

      Hi, i live in Europe and ordered a triple flip. One of them is a very very very special gift for the most important person in the world. I hope you guys can really help. It's not only a christmas gift but also a birthday gift for her...

    10. Missing avatar

      JK on

      So I assume the before Christmas US delivery applies to the early bird motorized ones too right? If not can you send them in two parts as I really need this for Christmas. Thanks

    11. Jennifer L on

      It all looks great but I still don't see an answer to my question about the grey plastic spindle. The contrast between the one you're playing with in the video and the one in the background of the shot, which looks like what I was under the impression I was funding, is pretty stark. So -- are you painting/aging the grey plastic?

    12. Panic on

      I agree Matt works better for me...

      I hope that everyone can get their FlipBook on time! But getting the right is important so late delivery isn't that big a problem for me. I guess you'll ship them when you can ship them.

      I'm based in London so I'm biased but International orders should be first out the door, once your ready and if you have concerns about international delivery times, US orders will still most likely arrive before those furthest away.

      Looking forward to getting my FlipBook ASAP!



    13. Missing avatar

      Doriot Lair on

      Love the matte finish. Will we be able to print on the PVC, or will the cards have sleeves that we can fill with our own photos/animations? Looking great guys! I'm a true believer...hang on, it's almost finished!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kim Hayes on

      Don't worry my pledge thank you is not a gift. I would love to have it by the holidays to share with my guests but like with my Airstream I am learning to be very patient. Good things come to those who wait, right? Also, sleep is important to the creative process.
      Congratulations on a great idea that looks like is turing into a thoughtful product.

    15. AGN1964 on

      Can you give us a shipping date, so that we can estimate arrival ourselves? I'm in Canada and shipment from the US can fast.

    16. Simon Simson on

      crap, time to buy the kids back up pressies

    17. Missing avatar

      helder on

      thanks for the feedback nice to see the improvements... and i agree with Casey, please Mate is the only option!!

    18. Casey Paleos on

      thanks for the update!

      and can i submit a vote for matte where the PVC for the flip cards is concerned? glossy seems wrong to me, like it violates the overall old-timey aesthetic somehow.

    19. Missing avatar

      Olivier J on

      I love the web design - congratulations!