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Unveiled at 2012 Maker Faire, these Amazing Mechanical Flip Books stole the show. Now we've developed a kit so you can build your own!
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    1. Jackalgirl on

      I watched the video and had the same exact idea as Nick -- handle for the bottom for the kids to hold onto. Excellent suggestion, Nick, and it's so awesome that shinymind jumped all over it -- huzzah! I wonder if there's a way to add gearing so that you can turn the crank clockwise (away from you). It's not a request; I'm kind of thinking out loud of ways I might want to play with/modify the box when I have it in my hands. Ehh, who am I kidding, I'm going to spend WAY more time coming up with animations. : )

    2. shinymind 3-time creator on

      Fantastic idea Nick!
      There is a hanging hole in the back, but a center hole in the bottom for a wooden handle? Consider it done!
      ***I'm starting to get all warm and fuzzy about you guys***
      Great observation! I also noticed the kids holding the boxes against their chests, but I just thought it was cute. Sometimes we miss the simplest things.
      I'll add it to a prototype and test it out with the nieces and nephs.
      And BTW, we hope to be in London showing at Kinetica 2013.
      And yes Debbie, we plan to make art packs available, as well as downloads, and all kinds of accessories (like handles!)
      Thanks guys,

    3. Missing avatar

      Debbie Shearer on

      Really impressed by the way these are turning out, I can't wait to receive mine. As someone mentioned before I would also be interested to know if there will be any art packs for the FlipBooKits made available to buy at some point.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick Meers on

      These are great!

      It looks as though you - and the kids- spent a lot of time hanging onto these things, and they look a little too large for kids small hands to operate successfully: I wonder if you'd consider making some kind of fixing point to screw in a small (optional) handle underneath?

      I was thinking that I would like to attach mine to a wall in the hallway, so that everyone who passes it can have a go on their way through the house; I would love to have some way to attach it to a wall with a small bracket, or perhaps some clever hidden hole on the back to hang from a screw in the wall...

      ...and then we can take it down and pass it around when the moment comes.

      Just an idea, but I bet you're already on it.
      HURRY UP I am waiting patiently in England for it to arrive....

      more power to yer elbows, and keep up the good work