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Update #16

Our Roots Rock!


Greetings again to all of you wonderful supporters of Tympani Lambada in 2011. As mentioned in an earlier missive, your favorite mavens of lipstick and propane have been busy building XYLOPHAGE, our new amazing environmental sculpture which will premiere very soon in Black Rock City 2013.

Our Kickstarter Campaign for Xylo is in the home stretch, with another five days to go. And we're (happily) really, really close to reaching our goal. But, all that said, of course we'd love to push the envelope a bit – as we are wont to do – so that we can bring even more fiery fun to everyone. Bigger is better when it comes to Big Art!

Please visit the following link to see all of our updates regarding our efforts, including the latest regarding Big Stumpy's Roots taking shape:

If you have already contributed to this year's project, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And, if you haven't, we are sending along this friendly reminder in hopes that you may consider doing so in the next few days.

Warmly, as always!

The Flaming Lotus Girls

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Update #15

Xylophage ~ our new project for 2013!


Greetings to all of you wonderful supporters of Tympani Lambada in 2011. Your favorite mavens of lipstick and propane are at it again this year. We're building a new, amazing environmental sculpture which will premiere in Black Rock City in August 2013.

Please visit our new XYLOPHAGE Kickstarter Campaign to find out more of the details, which we hope will thrill you from tip to toe, too!

And, if you are in the Bay Area on May 31st, we will be having a very special fundraising event, "CrossFire" at Publicworks in San Francisco. Our great friends, the Space Cowboys, Distrikt and Opulent Temple will be providing the very best in dusty beats. A conflagration of epic proportions you wont want to miss!

Warmly, as always!

The Flaming Lotus Girls

Update #14

2012 Burning Man Ticket Raffle at our In The Red fundraiser!!!

Beat the Burning Man Lottery! Win the first Burning Man ticket ever at In the Red.

Thanks to a very generous donation from BMORG, the Flaming Lotus Girls are proud to say we will be raffling off a ticket to Burning Man 2012 at our gallery show on Dec 3rd at Somarts Gallery, 934 Brannan St, San Francisco.

Please come and enjoy our work, check out our amazing smorgasbord of schwag, dance a jig, share some holiday cheer, AND get your chance to be the first holder of the (proverbial) golden ticket.

XOXO and Lipstick Kisses to you all!


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Update #13

In The Red - FLG Fundraiser on Dec. 3rd


Burning Man is long past; we're all dust free and IN THE RED (despite all of your kind donations and support that helped get Tympani Lambada built and to the Playa, for which we are truly, truly grateful). Yet we're still up to our lipsticked lips in debt! "Big Art is not cheap," to quote our fearless leader, Margaret.

Therefore, the world-renowned fire art sculpture mavens, the Flaming Lotus Girls, announce an evening of art and revelry:

IN THE RED - Flaming Lotus Girls Gallery Show

Saturday, December 3rd @ SOMArts Gallery, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 6:00PM - 2:00 AM. Free to attend. Donations encouraged.

You need more art. You want the Flaming Lotus Girls spread across your wall, 24/7. Yes you do. And so do your friends. Come to our photography show, buy our signed archival prints and have a damn fine evening of dancing with Ambient Mafia and the Space Cowboys DJs.

IN THE RED features: a gallery show with large limited edition signed archival prints on metal and standard framed prints, Flaming Lotus Girls' ART, Space Cowboys DJs and the Ambient Mafia, as well as FLG 2012 calendar autographs, lipstick kisses (for realz with real lips!), plus schwag-galore.

Music by Space Cowboys DJs: Deckard, 8ball, Erik Hz

Ambient Mafia: Olde Nasty (Butterzone/Ambient Mafia), DJ Unagi (WoM/Ambient Mafia, Redstickman (FnF/Ambient Mafia), Mo Corleone (Want It!/Ambient Mafia)

Sound generously Provided by Want It! ( )

As always, much love and grateful lipstick kisses!

Flaming Lotus Girls

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Update #12

Erection Success!


Well, we wanted to keep it a surprise, but everyone is soooo excited and posting to their FB and such, so I just couldn't stop myself.

Here's a look at the 1st two arches assembled on the Playa. Reports are the 3rd arch is up and standing as well... It's gonna be grand.

See you in the dust, or on the flipside... If you can't make it we promise to take tons of pix, so you can be there virtually.

Love and lipstick kisses from your exhausted but ecstatic FLG,


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