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The Flaming Lotus Girls have been honored to be asked to build a new art piece for Burning Man 2011, entitled TYMPANI LAMBADA.

Tympani Lambada, the Flaming Lotus Girls' 2011 Burning Man project, is a sculptural embodiment of the structures by which we hear and balance. The bone and membrane of the inner ear’s vestibular system is translated on a grand scale with steel and fire, flame effects, LEDs and sound, creating an experience rich with visceral sensuality.

From a distance, bursts of fire outline sensual curves in the sky. Fiery arches intrigue and invite approach. Soaring at impossible angles and creating a slight sense of vertigo, the sculpture's undulations echo with subtle rumbles and hums. Bulbous shapes on the ground glow red and roar with intense colorful fire flickering in their depths. Tendon-like structures stretch over the interior space of the sculpture, forming an intimate gathering place. Controls scattered throughout allow interaction with fire and light elements, accompanied by sound effects.

This is our piece of pretty from Flaming Lotus Girls this year. Besides many long hours of volunteers' time, we need help making the piece come alive. Your pledge to our Kickstarter fundraising goal buys materials, transports the piece, and supports the crew during the building process on the Playa. We hope you will help us by donating here, and/or are able to come and join us, whether at the shop making the sculpture, or pushing the buttons some magical night in Black Rock City. 

Your contribution will earn you big karma points and our undying fiery love and kisses!


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    A saucy sticker! Street cred for your fridge, bumper, or water bottle. They will thank you...

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    All of the above & a rockin' button for your hat, lapel, computer bag. Stick a pin in it!

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    All of the above & our sizzling 2011-2012 FLG Calendar, filled with art and sexy girls (and guys) who give the word "hot" new meaning.

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    All of the above & a scintillating Tee-Shirt, emblazoned with our logo. The one piece of clothing you'll reach for over and over again.

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    All of the above & a stamped dog tag in fiery orange, classic black, or - of course - FLG pink! Indisputable proof of your membership in the coolest club in Black Rock City and beyond.

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    All of the above & a Bandana, replete with a fiery propane-fueled design. The ultimate utilitarian fashion accessory!

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    All of the above & a Hoodie, imprinted with our logo. The ever stylish, micro-climate friendly, workhorse of sartorial wraps!

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    All of the above & a Signed, Archival Photographic Print (unframed) of the sculpture in all its blazing glory on the Playa.

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    All of the above & a Limited Edition metal Medallion you can wear close to your heart -- a reminder of your deep abiding love for feisty wenches and the amazing art they build.

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    All of the above & The Unique Privilege of lighting Tympani Lambada for an evening's performance at Burning Man 2011. A truly memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience!!!

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