Funded! This project was successfully funded on June 21, 2012.

Update #8

The Final Hours on Summer Solstice and What's Ahead.


5 Hours to go.  I’ll be here to take your questions as this campaign wraps up.   I am happy and grateful for the success of this campaign and am truly looking forward to creating a beautiful piece of work. This would not be possible without you!

Looking forward, some of the immediate things I will be doing:

  • Meeting an accountant and crafting a budget
  • Preparing meetings for new character developments
  • Fielding new business inquiries
  • Reviewing portfolios, musician demos, animators, sound designers/engineers
  • Laying out a schedule and outlining the project scope
  • Reviewing and incorporating creative feedback
  • Storyboarding

I will be continuing to send kickstarter updates over the months as new work emerges, new characters are created and exciting thoughts and developments that occur along the way.  If you would like even more info please like the Facebook Page.  It will give you new pictures and fun things in your news feed.

I will be sending everyone a survey so you can chose which print you would like, t-shirt sizes etc.

If you are a creative director. I will be sending you guidelines within the next few days on how we can approach the new character designs.

Thats all for now. HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!


    1. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Kylie Smith on July 31, 2012

      Hey Gabriel - how's it all progressing? It's been over a month since funding and I would love to know what's happening in your world!

    2. Biophoto2012.small

      Creator Gabriel on June 21, 2012

      Shane, what a wonderful heartfelt comment. I appreciate that immensely!

    3. Missing_small

      Creator Shane Ching on June 21, 2012

      Well done , Gabriel.
      The way that you approached this Kickstarter is an excellent example of how to promote an idea and achieved success.
      Your video show your personal background and your knowledge and passion for your project.
      You also responded well to the comments made to you.
      You were flexible in your goals seeing there was a demand for PC and Android and added that to the project.
      Update # 4 where you achieved your goal you stated “Your have officially hired me” , I have never seen that stated in any other Kickstarter project which greatly impressed me .
      I think your vision of “Flewn” will be a success greater than this Kickstarter and I see great things happening in the future.
      If you ever do any other Kickstarter projects I would be proud to be backer in any new project done by you.
      Shane. :*)

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    the INTERN: Interactive Story + Downloads of the art from the story + animated GIFs + Illustrated PDF of the Story. approx. 40 pages.

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    the DESIGNER: The above awards + A signed print of your choice of character + All the recorded music + All animation + Welcome to the team! your voice can help develop the art and story as the creative progresses + Stickers!

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    The ANIMATOR: + all of the above awards + If you want to learn my workflow to create Flewn...well...I'll explain it to you! In a 15+ minute tutorial video and answering your questions in several emails and 1 Skype session. (I have teaching experience too)

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    The CREATIVE DIRECTOR: All the above awards x2 (2 prints, 2 t-shirts) + credits + your own character! I will call you and together we will think up a great character to add fittingly into the story.

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    The PATRON of the ARTS: All of the above + I will speak at your event, school or business and explain my creative process as it relates to Flewn and reveal all my hard earned creative secrets. (My teaching references are available upon request)

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