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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, March 16 2017 8:40 PM UTC +00:00
Flavour Technologies LLCBy Flavour Technologies LLC
First created
Flavour Technologies LLCBy Flavour Technologies LLC
First created
pledged of $30,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, March 16 2017 8:40 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Amy Nicholson

      Anyone know of an alternative to this product?

    2. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      Keep up going, maybe use metal bottle´s for longevity, whit a color coating for the looks,
      The size opening most bottles have.
      Whit carabiner,
      Different sizes,
      1 L for Hiking/backpacking/camping etc.
      0.7 L for Work/running

      A Flavoured straw cap that fits onto all normal water bottle you can buy in store or get in festivals due to most festival house rules, people cannot bring there own drinks.

      Accessoires to make a better selling point
      A bottle holder whit metal strip to hold it more sturdy, whit a carabiner it´s swinging.
      Neopreen or thermo cover to keep the drink cooler/hotter longer.

      A Representable site whit international shipping, to represent to anyone who can help this bottle in to the hands of mankind.

      I think this is the future of our way of drinking, why buy Liters and liters of beverages every week in the store, that costs all that transportation and fuel. When you can have something that is way cheaper, can last a long time, and is really easy to use and have more control of your daily intake. Plus A +++ for Health.

    3. Amy Nicholson

      Disappointing that this didn't get funded, but the lack of communication had me worried anyways. Does this product exist elsewhere?

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gotlib on

      @BlondieLocs: Thanks for re-pledging just for me, although it didn't really make a difference.

      I agree with what you are saying. It is very strange that they have not offered any updates whatsoever. They did put a lot of effort into the creation of the kickstarter page in terms of the videos and graphics, but then they seem to appear to have fallen off of the face of the earth.

      I have to agree with you that is not somebody that I would trust with my money.

    5. Alejandra

      Anybody know of an alternative to this flavour bottle? I've heard there's a few other options.

    6. BlondieLocs on

      @Daniel... I re-pledged just to answer you. ;) What concerns me more is the complete lack of communication from the creators. I have serious doubts this will get funded so I'm not concerned about being charged, however the total disregard the creators are showing for their backers is something I cannot stand behind. Experience tells me that creators (or any organization) who are non-communicative and don't answer to feedback or enquiries about their products are extremely unlikely to be able to fulfill commitments.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bobby J on

      I agree with those who like the concept. However, the creator's lack of communication (0 updates???) has caused me some concern. May have to pull the plug on this one.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicole Stanley on

      I really hope they retry funding this product. I was really looking forward to getting one. I have a hard time with drinking plain water and was hoping this might be an answer.

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gotlib on

      @BlondieLocs: Please don't cancel your pledge because we made need your pledge to help make the funding goal.

      If it doesn't fund, you don't have to worry about losing your pledge, because you will never be charged for your pledge amount in the first place.

    10. JEREMY on

      It's a pity, Really like the concept....

    11. Robert Liu

      Agreed shocking communication

      Chances are it's gonna fail too

    12. BlondieLocs on

      Agreed. Radio silence does not bode well.... I'll be cancelling my pledge.

    13. Missing avatar

      Enrrique Ares on

      Guys i think yall should cancel this project and come back stronger in another time. Not trying to sound rude but i think it wasnt a good time for it.

    14. Alex Tutusaus on

      Sorry, "the right cup"

    15. Alex Tutusaus on

      I backed the perfect cup, which is basically the same concept and water still tastes like water.... Perhaps im too smart for this "technology"?

    16. BlondieLocs on

      I'm going to guess due to the lack of activity here that this project won't get funded. Unfortunate- I like the idea...

    17. BlondieLocs on

      I have a couple questions on design/usage.

      First... Looking at your models, it appears that there is nothing to prevent spillage if the bottle is not upright, correct? Is this something that can be investigated to incorporate?

      Second... will the scent dissipate more rapidly if the lid is constantly in contact with water?

      I like to fill and then store my water bottles in the fridge, so they are always cold. Those two design factors may cause issues. (Not to mention travelling with the bottles if they are not spill proof.)

    18. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      Hi Anne,
      You can add it with your pledge. You can pledge at that level and then increase that pledge by $10. Thanks!

    19. Mr. yellow

      @ creator, I mean going to "manage your pledge" and raise your pledge by $10 to get 1 extra or $20 for 2 lids etc.

      This is how add-on is done at KS.

      Good luck

    20. Anne Beduhn on

      Hello I am wondering where do I add 10 dollar for extra lid ?? Will it let me add extra lid to pay more when I get email after successfully??

    21. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      Hi Thunderz: When you back at early bird level, we'll be able to know it's for 2 bottles based on the amount. The scent lasts between 6 to 12 months. You'll be able to buy them off of flavourbottle.com once the Kickstarter is over. The pricing will depend on how well our campaign does. If we are able to buy a large quantity of lids, the price will be cheaper.

    22. Thunderz Goh on

      How Long does the scent lasts usually? And where can we buy it after the kickstarter ended. Finally the prices of the lid after kickstarter ends.thanks!

    23. Thunderz Goh on

      Do we need to inform you if we are buy 2 bottles plus lids under early bird? Like right now? Or after the campaign ends?

    24. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      Mr. yellow: Do you mean as a separate reward or within the existing reward? We've made it an option to add $10 for each additional lid so not sure if that's what you're referring to?

      Sarah: You can go ahead and pledge the amount you would for 1 bottle and 4 lids. Thanks so much for your support!

    25. Missing avatar

      Sarah Jo Dahlke on

      It says "Add $10 for each additional lid" do I just add that to my pledge amount now? I selected the 1 bottle 1 lid reward, but pledged 60, so I can have four additional lids. Should I reduce my pledge and wait for an add on after the completion of the campaign? Thank you!

    26. Mr. yellow

      @ creator, I think u should allow backers to add-on extra lids right now. That way u will know the demand as well as getting more funds to smash your KS goal.

      Just my 2 cents. Good luck

    27. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      John, when our campaign is over and once we start production we will be able to make the lids available separately.

    28. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      Yes Ruben, that is exactly right!

    29. Ruben on

      Hi there! I just made my pledge, the early bird one. I would like to get two bottles, but of course i cant pledge again. Do i just change the amount of my pledge to the value of two early bird pledges plus the shipping for the two bottles level? Thanks and keep it up, this is a great project!

    30. Missing avatar

      john h davis on

      ok, so when can we buy lids without the bottle?

    31. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      Hi Katja,
      We've included this question in the FAQ as we are getting it a lot. You can hand wash the lid with soap, as we do not recommend putting it in the dishwasher because that agitates the scent more quickly. The bottle body itself however can be either washed in a dishwasher or hand-washed.

    32. Missing avatar

      Katja Koch

      How do I wash the bottle without drastically deteriorating it's flavour life span? Can I wash the scented sprout with soap?

    33. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      Hi Jan,
      You can back for 2 bottles at that level with the shipping price of 2 bottles.

    34. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      Hi Jan,
      You can back for 2 bottles at that level with the shipping price of 2 bottles.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jan Carlson

      How about an early bird for 2 bottles.

    36. Tracy Boyette

      I vote apple!!

    37. Ice375 on

      I vote grapefruit as stretch goal!

    38. Flavour Technologies LLC Creator on

      Hi Enrrique,
      If we are able to hit our target we will definitely add an additional flavor as our stretch goal that will be decided by our backers. :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Enrrique Ares on

      Im all about grape! Will there be other flavors as a stretch goal?