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Become a Superpowered Hero or Villain and battle with 2 to 8 players in this complete, multi-format strategy card game.  Ages 10+
Become a Superpowered Hero or Villain and battle with 2 to 8 players in this complete, multi-format strategy card game. Ages 10+
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Logistics Update!

Posted by Flavor Faction Studio (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great start to the New Year! Short but significant update:

1) All 200 Playmats were successfully delivered to our distribution center (my house) this week! Pic attached.

2) The tightly packaged Pallet with 504 copies of Originz has left from Yantian, China and is due to arrive by 2 feb. We have an expert Logistics company handling customs and insuring the delivery.

Things are actually on track! In other news:

If you haven’t signed up for BGG Con Spring at the Hyatt in Dallas, TX, on May 24-27, please consider joining us! We’ve registered for an exhibit booth! Every last backer copy should be fulfilled well before then. We’d love to meet with and/or play some games with you all.

And just for fun (which is what this is all about), I threw in some 3-person ‘Super Boss’ Gameplay pics with my brother and son from the Holiday break.

Best regards, Evan (And Alex)

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Manufacturing Complete!

Posted by Flavor Faction Studio (Creator)

Our manufacturer has confirmed completion of the production order. The great video below on our FB site confirms the final stages of the process!

...Should be roughly 5 weeks for shipping to our distribution location in the US!

It’s not too late to pre-order from if you received a refund, or if you’d like additional game or playmat copies.

I also added a few pics from 3-person holiday ‘Super Boss’ battles with my brother Richard, and son Lucas (who won, of course).

We’ll have more exciting updates to share soon. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Best regards, Evan (and Alex)

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Playmat Awesomeness!

Posted by Flavor Faction Studio (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We’ve received and merrily approved both the “Team” and “Battle” Playmat production samples. They are high quality soft-top with an anti-slip rubber backing. Not too skinny and not too thick - just right!

Not only does the art make the game-space more visually exciting, but the designated game zones on soft fabric really help keep gameplay organized (as intended).

We’ll have a limited amount of extra mats for purchase if anybody decides they want some.

In other news, our manufacturer tells us that the 500 copy production order is on track to be complete in early January.

Happy holidays to all of you - and thanks again for sticking with us through thick and thin. We are very much looking forward to a better year in 2019!

Best regards, Evan and Alex

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Manufacturing & Updated Website!

Posted by Flavor Faction Studio (Creator)

Good news! Our manufacturer has confirmed receipt of the deposit and is commencing work immediately. There is roughly 35 days for manufacturing, plus 30-60 days for overseas shipping.

Once we receive all the product, we’ll send out another Backerkit survey to reaffirm everyone’s shipping addresses. Then we’ll start the slow and steady process of shipping the game to your doors. We are going to do this ourselves (instead of involving a third party) to minimize the chance of delays which are outside of our control. Given these facts, our current estimate is that fulfillment will be complete by April 2019 or so...the sooner the better!

Also, our official website has been updated with a new url and new features!

  • New URL:

  • New Features: An updated Lore section and a Quick Start guide! This Quick Start Guide won’t be printed in the manufactured game box (because the official rulebook more than covers everything), but it is meant to be referenced on your digital device or downloaded and printed!

Lastly, if you’ve decided that you’d like to re-pledge your support or order additional copies of the game, we’ve re-activated the backerkit preorder shop. There is a link to the backerkit shop on the KS page and on the website.

Thank you again for your support and patience! - Evan and Alex

Manufacturing Prototype...Ka-Pow!

Posted by Flavor Faction Studio (Creator)

Superpowered Backers,

We are excited to finally share these pictures of our manufacturing prototype! We are happy to report that all components are high quality, sturdy and packaged neatly. The game’s detailed and colorful comic-book style artwork really comes to life. It’s been so fun to play the real thing!

Stay tuned...Our next update, which will come soon, will include confirmation of the manufacturing order and an estimated timeline for delivery! We realize you all have waited a long time for this - thank you again for your patience and support.

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