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Roll dice and build your train empire! Draw rails, improve your engine, deliver goods and race to claim the best contracts!
Roll dice and build your train empire! Draw rails, improve your engine, deliver goods and race to claim the best contracts!
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SteamRollers - The definitive roll and write train game






  Retailer info : see below

America, shortly after the first transcontinental junction in 1869.

Railroads are developing all over the vast expanses of the wild west, and business is booming. It is a time of adventure, progress, and opportunity. The transcontinental junction was a great milestone in American history, a first step that reshaped a whole continent.

In SteamRollers you are a railroad entrepreneur building a network of tracks and a fleet of train engines to secure freight delivery contracts before your opponents.





There will be only one version of SteamRollers: All unlocked Stretch Goals will be included in all copies of the game. All unlocked expansions will be integrated in the final rules book.


  • 1 Game box 25x25x5 Cm
  • 1 Fr+En+De+Nl Rules Book 24x24 Cm
  • 1 Main board, 24x24 Cm thick cardboard
  • 1 Play Aid Medium/Hard, 24x24Cm, cardstock
  • 1 Cloth bag
  • 1 First player 'train engine' wooden token
  • 1 Special black dice 20x20 mm (stretch goal 25k)
  • 6 Normal white dice 16x16mm
  • 6 Black 'Coal' wooden cubes 8mm (stretch goal 20k)
  • 50 'Goods' wooden cubes 8mm (5x10)
  • 1 'Solo play' action tile, thick cardboard
  • 6 'Action' tiles, thick cardboard
  • 6 'Order' tiles, thick cardboard (stretch goal 30k)
  • 1 player sheets pad, 100 sheets A5 recto-verso.


 FUNDED in less than 32 Hours!

This funds the base game, with the same gameplay as the Essen 2015 limited preview, PLUS a solo mode. Contains a central board, a difficulty player aid, 6 special action tiles, 1 solo player tile, 1 cloth bag, 5x10 wooden cubes, one wooden first player train engine token, one rulebook, and one pad of 100 dual sided player sheets.

 Gameplay upgrade : Coal mini-expansion

This mini expansion adds 6 'Coal' black wooden cubes. Coal can replace any resource during the game so it can be delivered to any city. it will also interact with another future expansion: the Orders

 Components upgrade : Bigger special dice

This level allows us to make the black special dice larger, and thus more legible. (from 16mm to 20mm)

 Gameplay upgrade : Orders mini-expansion

This mini expansion adds 6 tiles to the game. With this expansion, players can get extra points for their deliveries by fulfilling orders with a specific set of resources.

 Gameplay upgrade : Starting Powers

The starting powers mini expansion adds 5 tiles to the game. With this expansion, players get an asymetric start each game. Each player has a small starting bonus that differentiates him from other players.

 Component upgrade : 1st player token

With this stretch goal, we upgrade the first player token to a larger wooden engine meeple (44x25x15mm instead of 30x17x8mm), in golden color instead of Yellow.

More stretch goals will be revealed progressively during the campaign.

We have some nice things in store for you!



The central board has a map with the goods available for delivery. You have a personal play sheet with the same map, on which you draw your rail network and keep track of your engine fleet. When you make a delivery, the goods are removed from the central board and you earn points for cities and towns crossed. Once three cities on the central board have been emptied from available goods, the game ends. You then collect points for your deliveries, your engines, your network, and a few bonuses.

SteamRollers is a fast and fun roll and write game. The active player rolls all the dice, then in turn each player picks a dice and uses it to either draw rail, improve his engine, do research, or make a delivery. Once each player has picked and used a dice, the next players rolls the all dice and so on.

The central board has the goods goods available for delivery, and each player has a play sheet.

The dice are rolled, and in turn each player uses one of the dice

You can use a dice to draw rails on your play sheet. The white dice determines the region, the black dice the kind of rails you can draw.


You can use a dice to improve your engine. The number indicates the box you can check. The number of checked boxes is your engine power. In this example, the white dice is a 2, and that checkbox is free. The engine now has a power of 3.



You can use a dice to make a delivery. The number indicates the source of the delivery, and the cube colour indicates the destination city. 

In the example, we deliver a cube from region 1 (yellow). It's a blue cube so it must be delivered to city 5 (blue). There are three steps to cross (city 4, town and city 1), so we need an engine power of at least 3 to make this delivery. Each step earns the player one point, so this delivery is worth 3 points.
Then a second delivery, a yellow cube from region 2 to region 1, also for 3 points.





Here are some video reviews of SteamRollers. Reviewers have received a hand-assembled preproduction copy for review purposes.

Reviewers also received the mini-expansions that may be unlocked as stretch goals, so you have a sneak preview of what's coming here :-)







(mention starts at 09:44)











The team behind SteamRollers :

Currently I'm working as a programmer in Brussels. One of the great thing about Brussels is its vibrant board gaming community. Several times a week, I get to play great games with great people. One of my favorite genres are train games like for example Age of Steam, which was a big inspiration for SteamRollers. This is my first game design to find a publisher but hopefully it’ll be the first of many.

Benjamin started for publisher Editions Dupuis on the Alter Ego series, for six albums between 2011 and 2014. These were very well received and Benjamin was offered to work on the new season of Michel Vaillant, where he specializes on the cars and backgrounds. Benjamin is now considered a reference artist in realistic European comic strips, and gladly accepted the opportunity to explore a different setting and medium for SteamRollers.



Retailers: please click here to register as a participating store and pre-order SteamRollers at retailer discounted price. We don't tie up your cashflow: Order now, pay when shipped to your store!

SteamRollers will be a Kickstarter Exclusive* game for one full year after the campaign ends! 

This game will not be available in distribution or at your local retailer.
Only Kickstarter backers will be sure to get a copy of SteamRollers!

*What do you exactly mean by 'Exclusive' ?

After the Kickstarter campaign ends and for a whole year, The Flatlined Games edition of SteamRollers will only be available through limited channels:

- Directly from Flatlined Games.
This includes our website, our Facebook shop, our booth at conventions and fairs, and maybe we will set up an Amazon Flatlined Games shop.

- From retailers who registered during the Kickstarter campaign. Other retailers will not be supplied!
Participating retailers will be allowed to re-order as many time as they want during the exclusivity period - while stocks last. The list of participating retailers will be published on our website, in the retailer locator.

- It is possible that foreign partners contact me after the game is released to make localized versions of SteamRollers in languages not included in the Flatlined Games edition (Fr/En/De/Nl). Such localized versions may become available in the localized retail and distribution channels before the end of the exclusivity period. However I know from experience this takes time, usually more than one year. I will make sure to post updates if this happens.

At the end of the one year exclusivity period, I will assess whether it makes most sense to open to distributors and other retailers, to keep this channel restriction in effect, or to start a new campaign for a reprint.

Shipping will be added to your pledge automatically.

This project is EU and USA/Canada friendly: Shipping will be domestic for EU and US/CAD locations! 

We will partner with local web-retailers (US), Levalet (CA) and (Fr) for shipping this project. They have expertise about sending individual parcels and volume to get cost-effective deals from carriers, and did a terrific job for our previous campaign, Argo.
Don't change a winning team!

Multiple pledges

If you want to pledge for several copies of the game, multiply your total (pledge+shipping) by the number of copies you want. We do subsidize a portion of the shipping costs for each pledge, so we cannot offer a lower total for grouped orders, sorry.

 There has been a lot of preparation before I brought SteamRollers on Kickstarter. Here is the full timeline :

Once the game is funded, lots of things still need to happen. First it takes a couple weeks for the project to be closed, money transferred, polls answered, etc. After that, the production process starts, and will last for about three months. Then the goods need be shipped from the factory to the shipping and handling facility, which takes another month and a half. So it will take at least 5 months between the project end and the time you get your game box. If there are issues to be solved along the way, it will be a bit longer. And we may get delayed on production and/or shipping from factory because of Chinese new year. (It could also be shorter, but I want to keep expectations realistic. Too many projects over promise and under deliver in that regard.)

I positively impressed backers with Twin Tin Bots and Argo by delivering a bit early ahead of time, and intend to do so here as well. I have set a target date of May 2018, which is a worst-case scenario.

Now that everything is ready to go to press, I do not want to delay SteamRollers further for lack of money to produce it. Without Kickstarter I simply cannot publish SteamRollers : I need your support to bring this game to the market!

Without you, SteamRollers will not be printed!

I have a track record of high quality games, previous Kickstarter experience with Twin Tin Bots and Argo (both projects delivered on time and as advertised), and I can manage the complexity of this project. I have ran quotes with several manufacturers with a track record of quality games produced, to validate our design decisions and price them. I have the channels for logistics and fulfillment, everything is ready to bring SteamRollers to your door. All I need now is your pledge!

The key part of crowdfunding success is to be able to reach a crowd. Flatlined games is a small indie publisher, a one-man shop, and currently I have little 'reach' in the US. To make this campaign succeed, it is critical that this can become visible to as many US gamers as possible.

As backers, you play a key role in that visibility : 

Please tell your friends about SteamRollers! 

Share the project page on Facebook and Twitter, on your website, everywhere! Each share reaches new backers!

You are our best ambassadors to make this project a success: people pay much more attention to your recommendation than they ever would to any banner ad or promotional video. Your network of friends and contacts is full or gamers we have no other way to reach. Your support makes a huge difference between a failed and a successful campaign!

Share this link :

NB: All pictures are from a prototype version or 3D renderings, not actual game components. 

Risks and challenges

The main issue to produce SteamRollers is raising the funds to go to the factory.

SteamRollers has received extended testing and development, and has been played on several events over the last three years.

All artwork for the game has already been produced, as the layout for the game components and design of the playing pieces: This project is complete and ready to be produced, it is not a work in progress.

Flatlined Games already successfully produced six titles (Dragon Rage, Rumble in the House, Rumble in the Dungeon, Twin Tin Bots, Robin, Argo), and sold more than 80.000 copies of Rumble in the House/Dungeon over 7 years. I do have experience in this business, a proven track record, and a reputation to hold. I got funding for Twin Tin Bots and Argo through Kickstarter, and delivered both to backers as promised and ahead of schedule.

Publishing a board game is however always a risky endeavor. Many things can happen, errors can be made, as board games are such individual projects that there is no 'standard procedure' that can be followed. I am confident I can deliver, just as I did before with previous projects.

Flatlined Games is a one man business. The main risk is delays, in production or in shipment, as I will not compromise on product quality. Of course I will provide regular updates on production and shipping status and issues along the project.

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