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The robot programming game by Philippe Keyaerts - designer of Small World, Vinci, Evo and Olympos. 36 plastic Miniatures!
The robot programming game by Philippe Keyaerts - designer of Small World, Vinci, Evo and Olympos. 36 plastic Miniatures!
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    1. Flatlined Games 5-time creator on

      As stated. (can't edit)

    2. Flatlined Games 5-time creator on

      As stayed, honest mistake and it won't happen again.
      I personally think their game rocks and looks fantastic, which is why I approached them for this.

    3. Joseph Le May

      This violates KS's spam policy, and also WHAT THE FUCK SEXIST COSTUME TO THE MAX.

    4. Christopher C. on

      I don't see this as spam either. The stated goal of the post: 'They will also showcase Twin Tin Bots to their backers, hopefully gaining more supporters for both project!'

      Sounds great to me. If you posting info about their project gets them to post something about your project....and it gets more backers here.... AWESOME. Kicktraq's projection still shows us as on the fence as to whether or not this gets funded. If it helps us here...IT IS NOT SPAM.

    5. Jason Speicher

      i didn't see it as spam. Not surprised about some people taking it that way though. Hope some of the increase in pledges have come from other folks from Guardian's pledges. It's a fine line defining what constitutes spam and advertising, i didn't interpret this as either, but that's just me. Lets try to be positive about things around here. Was this promoting another project through this pages update, sure but I'd say it was more of informing not promoting.

    6. Flatlined Games 5-time creator on

      Hi. I am really sorry that this came as unwelcome. It is of course absolutely not the goal. Iello is a friend publisher and they have à very good game here, so it seemed a good idea to make a one off crosspromotion post.
      This will not happen again.

    7. Matt Wolfe on

      I object to being advertised to about other projects. I'm backing this project. I care about updates about this project, not others.

      Furthermore, it's against Kickstarter's community guidelines to advertise for other projects.

      Spread the word but don't spam

      What's spam? Some examples include:

      Emailing or direct messaging strangers, especially en masse
      Using email lists from third parties or soliciting backers of other Kickstarter projects
      Sending unsolicited @-replies on Twitter
      Link-bombing forums
      Promoting a project on other projects' pages

      Please don't do this again.