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Fine, Fresh, Fierce - f.lashes are the next level up in wearable electronic and interactive cosmetics
Fine, Fresh, Fierce - f.lashes are the next level up in wearable electronic and interactive cosmetics
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    1. Missing avatar

      Swan on November 23

      @craig it's concerning when the updates are and would be longer than a month a part. I have backed other things where they told us Hey! This is what is happening. When a creator doesn't do that or you know tell people that they know their product is getting copied is a little worrisome. Especially knowing on some projects when they say production is about to begin, then it gets delayed. So saying if it actually did begin our my would be helpful with the timeline. Plus the plenty of time to spare.... It's the holidays things are picking up way more and it could last longer than originally planned.

    2. Craig Balson on November 21

      I just want to say that I do not comment very often on the projects that I back unless I have a question before I actually pledge the project. That being said, I felt I needed to comment today after reading comments from others about no updates or response and about copycat products. We all pledge to back the inventors of this project and they gave us a very clear timeline of what they were trying to achieve and deliver to us. They are still in that timeline with time to spare. Give them a chance to get the work done that they need to do. Do you need an update on a daily or weekly basis? I get more frustrated with too many updates because it becomes tedious to weed through to what really matters. I can appreciate that they have been silent and diligently working on producing the best product they can in the time line they wanted. Now on to the fake versions floating around. I have seen these and my wife even asked me if they were the same thing. I said no, you can tell they are an inferior rip off. It is obvious that they do not have motion sense in them and the product looks thrown together compared to the prototype shown by these inventors. Dont be suckered in and dont whine because there arent an over abundance of updates that mean nothing. To the creators I want to say; Keep up the good work, I have faith in you, which is what I said when I made my initial pledge. Dont be discouraged by copycats or whiners. ��

    3. Missing avatar

      Björn Bergenheim on November 21

      Hi, I'm just wondering whats up with the mustaches? I did (I hope) what I was supposed to do to order those, but I havent seen anything mentioned them for a long time. Nor have I received a pair. Are those coming along, or is it a delay for those as well?

    4. Jeff Werner on November 15

      @creator, We understand there are unforseen issues with this project as you mentioned, but please reply to my messages to you. I have been messaging you for a month and a half. This is not good behavior, for a possible business.

    5. Missing avatar

      Swan on November 10

      Any updates on how production is going?

    6. Missing avatar

      Markus Bartsch on October 31

      What about the beards? Should they be delivered earlier than the f`.lashes?

    7. Jeff Werner on October 26

      Given the state of pirated products now in stores (most seem better than what is listed here ... fyi I got a pair off amazon to confirm before saying that), I'm just curious if anyone has asked for a refund. I did Oct 1st and the creators have refused to reply.

      I told them anytime a Kickstarter has to drastically change their concept due to them not doing due diligence (for design/regulation/market expectation) or does not show they can operate successfully, I will politely ask to part ways. It's not because I can buy it cheaper somewhere, its that I no longer have faith in their vision and that it will be a success.

      But as I mentioned no response.

    8. Missing avatar

      Swan on October 20

      @charleigh, it was getting more upsetting of the lack of updates, than finding them on Walmart or amazon. Other projects I've backed, they give more updates. With the rate of finding them on different sites I expect them to keep us updated with everything, and not go silent until people have to get upset in comments.

      If you read my comment I was saying it's ridiculous that you are not giving updates, as you know your product got copied and not informing your backers on what is going on. The have been scams on Kickstarter before, and one major thing they have in common was the lack of updates. Your current comment should be an update so more people can be informed.

      I do hope you get everything figured out though, and that you can shut down the other companies. Btw they are using your models, so that could be a copy right issue as well.

    9. Missing avatar

      on October 15

      No Kickstarter project can protect themselves from third party pirating. Who hasn't seen the 60 second salad maker on Facebook and internet adverts? (Also available on Amazon and Walmart.) Pity the poor couple who designed, perfected and sweated to raise funds through Kickstarter! Proud of all their hard work and excited to bring an innovative design to market. They haven't even gotten theirs to backers yet! Ripped off by the factory in china, mishandled by a big advisor and now bullied by 'backers' who clearly don't understand the Kickstarter concept and obviously know more about how to bring a product to market than those that are so doing!
      I back projects that I like. I do my homework in regards to checking out the creators, affiliates and their track records. I ask questions, lots of questions before funds are drawn. After that, I consider myself part of the projects ultimate success. I helped fund them. I'm excited to watch the process. I certainly hope I will receive these products down the line. But I understand that I backed the creator. Someone may copy it and get it out before them, but that's not who I backed. And I'm worldly enough to know that most of the copies being rushed to market are inferior. I would never back those companies. And I would most definitely never trust anything involving a battery or glue on my face that didn't come with legit and traceable government approval for said usage.
      I'm excited to receive my f.lashes, I'm looking forward to updates and photos. I can hardly wait to try them on! I hope they will arrive near their target date, but I will roll with any delays because I know the creator is trying to get it to me. My money is important. But I only invested a small amount. The creator invested their good names!

    10. Jeff Werner on October 14

      I sent you a message via kickstarter. Looking forward to your response.

    11. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on October 13

      Hello Jeff and Swan,

      I apologize for not responding quickly enough to this, either here or in your private messages.

      Let me address a few concerns that you might be feeling. Personally, I understand your opinions.

      First, when we started this Kickstarter, we attempted to bring a product to market. We put a call out via Kickstarter for investments, also known as backing. We were successful, but with success you get people who only care about profiting regardless of the consequences.

      As a result, we have knockoffs. We also have a patent pending and will try our best to force distributors of these knockoffs to stop. However, we are a three person group trying our best. It is frustrating at best, and panic attack inducing at worst.

      We are swimming upstream, fighting a battle that even Gucci/LV can't seem to contain. Is that a fault of ours or the market? I can say that trying to take down products is a series of hoops and hurdles filled with forms and waiting. Once one closes down, another pops up.

      So, understand that are trying our best. We are using the investments to keep our standards of quality and designs. These knockoffs are rolled out with any sense of aesthetic or uniqueness. They use thick ugly, wires and preprogrammed functionality. We have interactive units that react to motion. Our light effects take into consideration the LEDs limitations.

      As for protecting your money, we are. We are in the process of producing your product. It takes time when you don't have a huge team funded by greedy companies built solely to take innovation from smaller organizations and adopt it as their own.

      I feel for you because I was always on the side of the consumer. Now that I'm on the opposite side, I see what designers and inventors have to face. Who wants to put out their "small" idea knowing that it could be stolen? We took a leap of faith and unfortunately, we were copied quicker than we expected.

      Still, we are trying despite the obstacles. Just so you understand, I have never had a panic attack in my life until this project. It has brought me anxiety I've never felt before. I quit my job to form this company. I have NO INCOME because of this move. I am not drawing an income off of the Kickstarter funds - choosing instead to live on my meager savings and the grace of my boyfriend.

      I'm not asking for a pity party. I'm simply asking you to abide by the what we always said we would do. We would use your investments to produce this product and in return, we would send you the reward you chose. We are still on track to do so within the timeframe we promised.

      So, I ask you to understand. Champion the smaller designers and inventors. Some things can be bought for cheap, but how much does integrity cost? We have a commitment to you and all the other backers to finish and deliver.

      If you understand, I thank you. If you do not, please contact me again via private message and I will try to work a solution out with you.



      p.s. None of this was written in anger. Rather, I am not upset with any of the backers for feeling the way they might when they see cheaper, similar products out there. I'm upset with system that inhibits creative sharing.

      My partner and I are, I hope, what most friends consider "good people". We are trying, but at this time, what may have cost you a small amount has cost us our belief that there are other good people out there willing to stand up for us and back their investment rather than running away and blaming us for this.

    12. Jeff Werner on October 13

      After I posted my message on 9/29 I ordered a pair from Amazon. These items are fully functional and as I mentioned they seem to be more evolved than the design this Kickstarter is doing. I reached out to the project contact stating my concern and asked to back out with no response. I have asked Kickstarter to help but since the funds were released to the project they said their hands are tied. I understand the project said they are first and there are issues of pirating, but we need to protect our money. On top of that, the project has not provided an update on the pirating or what they are doing. At this point, we are paying more for concept ware than what is available all over the place. My next step is to contact my Credit card company. What are everyone else's thoughts on this?

    13. Missing avatar

      Swan on October 11

      They are also being sold at Walmart for $11.99.…

      We need an update and what's going on. This is a little ridiculous.

    14. Missing avatar

      Swan on October 11

      Can we please get an update?

    15. Lacey Snowden
      on October 9

      I happen to be on this page just looking at stuff and not only do they appear to use your video but they are selling these as well I was looking for an e-mail to mail this to you but I couldn't find it and I hope you read it here:…

    16. Jeff Werner on September 29

      I understand there are knockoffs. The problem is they are appearing on amazon now.…. The concern I have is these are going for 10.99 USD per unit per color. That means I could buy the rainbow of colors for 77.00 and get a controller for each color. The product (which I have seen in person) looks exactly like yours plus it comes with a casing on the circuit. So for the control board are you updating it to have the and enclosed shell? I understand we are backers and we bankrolled the product but this really seems bad to see products on the market, especially at Amazon. I am also wondering with we see these in Halloween superstores this Haloween season.

    17. Heather Mandy H on September 22

      Any update friends?

    18. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on August 30

      Hi Jeff and Swan,

      Yes, there are knockoffs and not affillated with us - this is the sad part of creating a product on Kickstarter that becomes famous. Companies in China that have a large team reverse engineer the product and produce lower quality products with fake safety logos.

      Their product is cheaply made, but also lacks interaction. It is merely preprogrammed effects.

      We, on the other hand, are a 2 people who had an idea, brought it to Kickstarter to fund development of it, and want to make a quality product. We are doing our best to make sure it's interactive and exactly what we presented in the videos.

      I apologize for not having the resources enough to stop the large companies. It is disheartening, but we will continue to get it ready for production and continue to work to deliver it to you on time.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeff Simkins on August 29

      These guys are selling at a fraction of the cost, and have been for a month?!

    20. Missing avatar

      Swan on August 29

      So why on the website did it cost $50.00 for a squad set when it was $50.00 here for one pair? Or is this a different company from you guys? and why are those available now, when we have to wait for ours?

    21. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on August 18


      It might be possible. :) We are looking into it.


      For you, we can do that. Fill the survey out and I'll make sure to note it on your pledge.


    22. Eleanor Vladimirovna on August 17

      Is it possible to get the left one in another color than the right one, or do the sets have to bee of the same color?

    23. Heather Mandy H on August 16

      Oh, and still hoping for a bow tie version like the mustache one day :D

    24. Heather Mandy H on August 16

      Thanks for the response, bummer that I can't add more onto my pledge for them now...erg! Choices!

    25. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on August 16

      Hi Heather,

      Later, you will be able to order extra lashes in our online store at - we are developing the site now to be able to take orders.

      Hi Najeeb,

      As with any successful and popular Kickstarter campaign, you get companies (mostly based in China) that sell counterfeit products. It is a sad reality when one has worked hard to develop a product and they come in and rip it off.

      However, it is a poor rip off as the version you posted has no motion control, only pre-programmed light effects. Also, it has thick wires and fake safety markings. The materials they use will likely not pass safety standards. That is their attempt to make a quick profit on the backs of creatives.

      They use our images which are copyrighted, but we are unable to easily take down. We have tried, but sites continue to pop up all the time using our images. Companies like Gucci and Louis Vuitton can barely stop the spread of fake products with their million dollar budgets. We are trying our best, but we are finding it just as hard.

      We apologize for the confusion, but we are also sure that we will have a better, safer product for you.


    26. Missing avatar

      Najeeb Haddad on August 15

      Does anyone know why these are being sold on for only $9.99 I was a backer wondering why these same LED lashes are being sold for $25 less somewhere else. Same photos are used in the tanga listing.…

    27. Heather Mandy H on August 12

      Will we be able to add extra lashes? I can't choose between 3 colors, heh.

    28. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on August 1

      Sorry, I was sick last week after the Kickstarter finished and haven't been able to respond until now.

      Hi Susie, unfortunately I don't have a solution for if it were to break and you don't have means like a soldering iron to fix it. However, to prevent it from being tugged or pulled, you can have someone help you cover the wire with a bandage/tape along the side of your neck. You can also use the included holder and wrap the wire around that so there is less possibility for it to be tugged. If you're going to be in an environment where there might be a lot of physical contact, I would perhaps recommend bringing along another pair of lashes and then repairing the one that breaks at a later time.

      When we are ready to ship out the product, I'll post a bunch of videos on the best tips on how to use it for different circumstances. I hope that answers your question.

      Lisa, we are experimenting with different colors. I think it is possible at some later point, but right now for the Kickstarter, we will only offer solid colors. If we do offer more colors, we'll make sure to announce it in the update.

    29. Missing avatar

      Lisa Cherrie on July 21

      So excited! Suggestion: red/white/blues for use on patriotic days? Please?

    30. Missing avatar

      Susie Brown on July 21

      I am BEYOND excited about these already. 6months is way too long to wait! I spend hours and hours making lots of cool light up outfits for festivals and parties. I am enjoying working with fibre optics right now. These eyelashes are going to be an awesome addition. Looking forward to seeing the next update from you.

      I had one question. I have a pair of light up goggles which I wired myself, but one of the wires broke away whilst I was wearing them and so they obviously stopped working. This happened despite the wires being tucked away inside the goggles. And I couldn't fix as I was at a festival with no soldering/desoldering kit. I imagine an exposed wire on your face leading around your head could easily be accidentally tugged/yanked/caught up when dancing in a group wildly at a festival. Even just running a hand through one's hair could be enough to dislodge it? So Im really hoping that they will be easy to fix? Without need for soldering iron? (so they could be fixed at a festival)! (Perhaps simply refitting a new piece of wire into some sort of clip in/clip out fitting?) Just a thought ..
      I still love them!

    31. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on July 20

      Hi Craig,

      Yes! That's all you'll need to do. Kickstarter doesn't allow a "shopping cart" because it's an "investment platform" and not a store, which I understand. I didn't want to add too many reward options, so I chose a "simpler" route - add $35 for every extra moustache on existing orders.

      Hope that answers your question. :)


    32. Craig Balson on July 20

      So I had a pledge for a set of f.lashes for my wife and now I just added $35 for a mustache. Is that all I have to do to make sure I get a mustache?

    33. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on July 17

      Hi Amarok,

      A set of lashes means a LEFT and a RIGHT, so you'll get enough for both eyes. If it's 4 sets (like the Squad Pack, you'll get 4 LEFT and 4 RIGHT lashes in whatever color you choose.

      I hope that answers your question.

      Hi Courtney,

      Thanks for the feedback about the heart shape. I've been trying them out and they seem to be more functional and are cute to boot. Hehehe... I'll continue testing, but it seems like a fun, easy to use shape.


    34. Missing avatar

      amarok on July 14

      7-14-17 hello!!! i know my question is going to sound real stupid...but...i just want clarification about most of the rewards you state that you'll get "a set of lashes"...i read that to mean: i'll get 2 lashes...a right & left lash....but then you may state that a reward is good for " 4× LED Lashes (Left+Right) "...exactly what does that mean???..will i get 4 right & 4 left lashes (a total of 8 or 4 sets ) or does it mean i'll only be getting a total of 4 lashes like 2 right & two left? i'm confused because in this last instance you do NOT state that it's "4 SETS" of lashes...just 4X lashes!!!please advise!
      thanks, amarok_sookgah
      1x Extra set of LED Lashes

    35. Courtney Rayle on July 9

      Just watched the update video (from update 4), and it looks really nice. Good video with good info.

      As for the new design (pink and heart shaped), those do look much easier to use as far as buttons go, and I get the feeling the design could be easily incorporated into various looks.

      Very much looking forward to these! XD

    36. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on July 3

      Hello Daniel,

      1a) Yes, we could make an "always on" option. We will do some interaction tests to see which of the light effects makes the final cut, though. We can't promise anything yet, but will explore it. The fun part of these lashes is the fact that it is interactive, so an always on might not be as fun. Still, we will look into it.

      1b) No, the interactions don't come from blinking. The motion sensor is located on the Controller which is placed on the back of the head. You'd have to move your head to interact with it.

      2) "Fadable"? Ummm... I think the answer is no. Some fade out gently as you stop moving, like the Twilight Sparkle. Some have fades like the Knight Riding, which has a bright front and dim trail.

      3a) I'll ask my ElliMacs SFX to see if she can do a cover up of the wires using wax or wig tape. If it's of any consolation, the wires we currently have are VERY thin and not very noticeable at all. It shouldn't be that hard to cover up.

      3b) We haven't experimented with conductive body paints. It isn't a very practical technology just yet. We need something that is more consistent.

      4) Yes, you can repair them if you are good at soldering. The wire itself is pretty strong unless you actively try to tug on it and break it.

      Hope that answers your questions. :) If you have any more questions or clarifications on your questions, feel free to message me so as to not clog the comments section. :)


    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lima on July 1

      Howdy :-)

      I have essentially four questions for now:

      1 - would it be possible to have a pattern that just stays on all the time, or that would turn on just as I blink or lower my eyelids? The flashing is cool, but I intend to use them to more etherial aesthetics such as slow paced music videos.

      2- are the light effects fadeable? For the same purpose above :)

      3- also, I know the wires could be kind of annoying sometimes, specially if your look of choice doesn't go well with too much make up to cover them up, and removing wires in post for video would be very time consuming. Would it be a practical choice maybe consider using an electroconductive marker sharpie instead of using the tiny wire? Like, just draw a line from your eyelid to the controller, cover it with foundation and you're good to go... Would it be practical or doable or even eligible to be taken into consideration? It would be a nice improvement.

      4- if the wires are there to stay, would it be any way to do a repair myself? Like, if one of them breaks, would it be easy for me to replace it with another copper wire I can get at the local hardware store?

    38. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on June 28

      Randy, we are in the process of developing those! Hehehe... We'll make an announcement soon.

      Scott, yes, you can do that! I see that you've done just that and we'll make sure to note that down. We'll also send a final survey once the campaign ends to make sure everyone who has done this will get exactly what they want.

      Thanks for your support!

    39. Missing avatar

      Randy Guerette on June 27

      For your next project you could use the same idea for mustaches. Different shapes and sizes with rows of LEDs for up/down, left/right (even diagonal) affect combinations. Maybe go with even smaller LEDs. Thank you for your current project.

    40. Missing avatar

      Scott A Ludes on June 27

      I am in a Gasparilla Krewe, and think these would be great for our night parades. I combined a Rainbow & Starter pack and pledged that amount. Saw others were doing that, so I hope you can do it for me as well, it would be great.

    41. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on June 26


      We unfortunately don't have time to answer your question properly. My business partner was very excited and wanted to go buy some dry ice to test it out, but I reminded him that we actually don't have time to do that just yet. Hahaha...

      So, my apologies. We can't actually test the extreme weather conditions for you. But when we get a chance, we'll do our best. Maybe wear it behind some warm goggles? I promise you we'll investigate, but maybe after our campaign is over, okay?

      Thanks for the info, Andy!

    42. Kristen Demeter on June 25

      Andy, I super appreciate the comments regarding temperature factor. Today's high temperature is -33 Celsius before windchill is taken into account. The channel I'm watching doesn't have the low listed.
      Regarding the practicality factor - I wasn't planning on throwing a dance party wearing these two miles from station in the middle of a Condition 1 winter storm when it's dark and I have a chance of getting lost. Also, there aren't any penguins around here ;D But I would have to travel between buildings with them on. I'm not worried about the thin piece of copper. There are many ways that can be sorted out without a problem.
      Andy, would they be fine again once rewarmed back up if they did cool to a subzero temperature?

    43. Andy T
      on June 24

      @Kristen - wind chill is not a factor for inanimate objects. Commercial electronics is rated to 0 degrees Celsius, industrial to -40C. I seriously doubt the Chinese controller chips in the LED array are designed to work below 0C, though @Creator can easily find out. If they are industrial temperature rated, then the minimum temperatures at McMurdo (where I assume you are) are OK.

      That said, it's pretty stupid to tape a copper wire, that's hanging out in -36 degree cold, to your skin. Might as well step outside and touch your tongue to the flagpole. It also totally screws your night vision to have these flashing your'd suck getting lost in a 50 foot excursion from your hut this time of year.

      I suggest you keep all the fun inside the warm buildings there and forget about trying to impress the penguins.

    44. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on June 24

      Youlian, yes, we will investigate releasing an SDK sometime in the future. I can't give you a timeline, but yeah, sure, we'll try.

      Speaking as a non-hardware/software engineer, it is too complex for me. Davey says it is possible to release in the future, but will only work with whatever set up that is similar to ours. If we do release it, it comes with the caveat that we can't tailor it to everyone. Rather, it will be that if you have whatever set up we have, you can possibly modify your f.lashes. :)

      Ryan, they aren't set in stone at all. We developed these quickly to have something for people to see. We like them, but there is always room for refinement. We will post updates as we progress and hopefully get constructive feedback.

      Lindsay, we no longer use the Arduino IDE to program. I used an Lilypad in the first few iterations, when it was a one-off costume piece. Now, it's a bit more complex - again, I'm not a hardware/software person - and I haven't a clue how Davey does it.

      We have been approached by Make: Magazine to do an article about f.lashes and we may offer up showing how to program your own then. Right now, of course, we are busy doing many other things, but know that it is a possibility.

      Thanks for understanding and hope this answers your questions.


    45. Lindsay Richman on June 24

      I also do Arduino programming, and would be interested in programming my own patterns if possible...

    46. Ryan on June 24

      Love this idea. How set in stone are the patterns? My wish would be for one more pre-programmed pattern that's super subtle, glowing and ebbing just enough to be noticeable, but not too distracting. You know, for those interpersonal moments.

      Also, and this is just a dream, would we be able to upload our own patterns? Or open source to create our own firmware? That would be lovely, and you would get a huge positive response from the maker community!

    47. Missing avatar

      courtney haley on June 23

      hi there! Courtney Haley from 10th Studio. Great idea! And I love the creativity. I just bought the rainbow package and I'm looking forward to it. I'd be interested in speaking further about business opportunities. Email me at

    48. Missing avatar

      on June 23

      i see soooo many opprtunities, i would even like to make a premius model with my own controller :)
      perhaps i would send an email to sales

    49. Missing avatar

      on June 23

      sdk? open source?
      of course i want my custom patterns.
      as you describe yourselves as arduino guys i hope you understand what i mean.
      whithout these being "arduino-like" they are pretty useless imho...

    50. Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - Tavey Designs Creator on June 23

      Hi Stacy, later when we Kickstarter is over, we will likely open a webshop at and offer replacements and extra lashes.

      Hi Heather, we had a drag queen use them and she used a lot of make up. I am soon doing a YouTube with an SFX makeup artist who will use them. I'll make a KS Live session so you can ask her questions.

      Courtney, please record a video! I'd love to see it when it happens. Nice!

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