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An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Apoorva about 6 hours ago

      I want a refund. App doesn't work. No communication or updates. All lies and fraud.

    2. Missing avatar

      JohnnyB about 7 hours ago

      Class action??

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dylan Seefeld 2 days ago

      Dear Cash Burning Cockroaches,

      We were told there would be an update after Shark Tank. Well, where is it?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Jo 4 days ago

      To all backers! I just got confirmation from my card company that they will fully refund. You should also try contacting. I was too stupid to believe Flag who already has a lying history would actually get this through. They will never go live and never refund so contact your card companies now!!

    5. Kim To 4 days ago

      I am a back with iOS and have been unable to use any of my prints because the app will not let me log in, I have instead been placed on a waitlist at 18,988??. PLEASE HELP.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Chau 5 days ago

      Please refund me

    7. Joshua Akonom
      6 days ago

      More and more I think about this the more I think owners should just hire a manager to run this, they seem way out of their element and it's frustrating. There are two things very clear to keep this project going.
      1. Get that Android app out so you can actually reach the large population that don't use iPhony.
      2. Get prints out to people and start the Visa advertising on it to keep them happy. They are your only advertiser. Start appeasing them!

      Frankly I don't even care at this point if you can't offer free prints. Keep selling them on the app until you can start the free print project. But bloody hell get the Android app finished. I really don't understand how, after $3 million that at least wasn't finished. There are so many things about this project that boggle the mind and don't make sense.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul West on May 15

      Class action law suit?? Is that possible?

      We all want our money back.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stuart on May 15

      OK So accoridng to the iOS app I can order prints as of May 1 2017 !! Since my reward is 20 images printed and mailed FREE each month I looked through my pictures and selkected 20 I wan t to pront and when I get to the end it asks me for $20. WTF TIME FOR A REFUND. Having seen your performance on Shark Tank I am not surprised that we haven't heard anything form you since.

    10. Chad Johnson on May 15

      I want a full refund as we have all been scammed.

    11. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dylan Seefeld on May 15

      How can that even happen without 0 management and oversight.

    12. Joshua Akonom
      on May 14

      @Victoria You didn't read the update. Remember they had a guy on payroll that worked for a whole year and didn't do anything. :-P

    13. Missing avatar

      Victoria Poulides on May 14

      Thanks for sharing the youtube video of their Shark Tank FAIL! How can you raise soooo much money and have NOTHING to show for it!?!? If you have over 3million dollars, why are there still only TWO people working? This is a bunch of BS and these are the type of people that make us skeptical for the next team that has real potential, but we are afraid of being scammed again! Flag is a pisspoor company all around.

    14. Beck Gorman on May 13

      How were you even allowed on Shark Tank with basically a failed Kickstarter campaign (in backers' eyes) and a trail of broken promises and practically-stolen money? I'm so upset. A few months ago you promised better communication and, no surprise, even that small step hasn't happened.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gethen Baker on May 13

      A month since we were promised an update after Shark Tank... Which was a month ago... Feeling a little familiar again...

    16. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Rojas on May 12

      I'm backer No. 5494. I didn't get any opprotunity to use the product since I'm ANDROID user. a bet test app for android was supposed to be ready until the end of 2016. I want a refund. I feel I lost my money. Sorry.

    17. Anthony Goodley on May 12

      Anyone who thinks there is a shot snowball chance in hell of Flag ever digging their selves out of the miles deep hole they have created is beyond delusional. You should seriously seek professional advice before you get worse!

    18. Anthony Goodley on May 12

      Yo cash burning cockroaches. Is it getting cold yet at HQ after the fire from all your investor's​ cash went out? � � � ������������

    19. Missing avatar

      Ashwani Poddar
      on May 12

      The wait seems endless. Flag Team, no news is not good news. At least tell us what to do ? Forgive & Forget so that we can move towards other things to burn our hard earned money

    20. John Wolowicz on May 12

      Seriously still no update?!?!? I'm getting so fed up with Indiegogo and kickstarter. Shame on these companies to allow this fake businesses scam people. Got burned on popSlate case and it seems to be this too!!!! This is getting me so frustrated and upset.

    21. Missing avatar

      Scott Pontoni on May 11

      *years of delays

    22. Jory Swim on May 11

      We were all falsely led to believe that there was a plan in place to get this product and idea put into motion. As things have progressed, I don't think these guys had any plan in place at all going into this! Months of delays for things that should have been planned ahead of time are uncalled for. If there were a way to get our money back, I'd be all over it.

    23. Gerardo Aguilera
      on May 11

      Thanks for the update!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dylan Seefeld on May 11

      Dear Cash Burning Cockroaches,

      We were told there would be an update after Shark Tank. Well, where is it?

    25. Missing avatar

      Georgiy Kartsivadze on May 10

      I'm really surprised that anyone would still hope for some updates, communication, explanation, forums, free pics, Android app, etc. Aren't you fed up with all those pathetic stories about depressive and unhappy employees crying and thinking about suicide with all the money taken out of your pockets, or totally ridiculous attempt to bum some more money with Sharks?
      How naive. Just submit complain with your credit card company and forget about it as a bad dream.

    26. Wesley D on May 10

      Where is the forum you stated would be where you update us and can communicate easily? That was a month and half ago you said it was coming...

      I have been a part of this since the first launch and did receive some pictures - they took much longer than expected to receive but were great once I got them. Now we all sit in limbo, waiting for you to get over the hurt of people complaining - well, COMMUNICATE and no one has anything to complain about, because we know what is going on. It is not that hard.

    27. Heather McLaughlin Schmid on May 10

      This is such a scam! I've patiently waited. Just tried ordering my "free" prints. You're able to take my money and process images(as I was asked to pay $20 at checkout thinking they would be free prints), but not able to do as the Kickstarter was designed and promised (deliver free prints to backers). Total BS!

    28. Missing avatar

      David Pease on May 9

      The lack of communication is pathetic. I should have known better after the first Kickstarter failure by this outfit. Fellow backers, I advise you contact your credit card provider and let them take care of you like they did me. Best of luck to you all.

    29. Brick Dad on May 9

      I was getting to the top of the list and now I am at the bottom again? What gives?

    30. Missing avatar

      Chanchal Kumar Ghosh on May 9

      Where is the Android app?

    31. Brandon K Nida on May 8

      @chad same here

    32. Chad Johnson on May 8

      Why can I not order free prints. The app says after may 1st I can.

    33. chuck on May 6

      I would like you to refund me please!

    34. Missing avatar

      Scott Pontoni on May 4

      Let me re-phrase that. *timely* communication has been non-existent. We absolutely do hear about things... but it seems to be either days before they happen.. or after they have happened. There is never talk of an actual plan for the future.. or progress updates. We don't know there are issues... until they are big. We don't get updates until after they are due.

      Please, tell us where you are at right now. Are you coming up with a Plan D? Are you calling it quits? Are you somewhere in the middle? What needs to happen next for you? Do you just need a break to sit and chill for a week? Do you have tricks up your sleeves? Are you ready to throw in the towel and move on with life?

      Just let us know.

    35. Missing avatar

      Scott Pontoni on May 4

      Flag team, ****whats next?!?!**** I don't care what happens anymore.. just please inform us. That been the only real issue for the last three years. We never know whats going on.. because the communication is non-existent.

    36. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dylan Seefeld on May 2

      Dear Cash Burning Cockroaches,

      We were told there would be an update after Shark Tank. Well, where is it?

    37. Missing avatar

      Dan Baker on May 2

      Attn: CEO Samuel Agboola! Hiding under a rock isn't going to solve the problem. Your backers aren't just going to let you walk away having burned our $331,949. You owe us an update!

    38. Will Esgro
      on May 2

      @Mark same here.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark Sheets on May 1

      I open the app. It says I can have 20 free prints. I choose the pictures. I do some editing. I choose my address. It says I owe $20.

    40. Brandon K Nida on May 1

      Their twitter account is even suspended.

    41. Brandon K Nida on May 1

      Lol. Shark Tank called them cash burning cockroaches.

    42. Missing avatar

      Will Kellenberger on April 30

      So can I order my free prints tomorrow?

    43. Vanni on April 29

      Hi Diana,

      in the range of 500k to 1M.

      But you can also let someone print the prints for 15-20 cent/print.

      20 prints would cost between 2 and 4€ + shipping.

      Imagine it cost 6€ to print and ship 20 prints, this would allow them, with the 500k they got from Kickstarter to send out 83.000 sets of prints. If we deduct 100k for the app + the videos they made we still have 66.000 sets

      11000 backers = +- 6 sets pers backer.

      But is there anyboy who got 6 sets of prints? I don't think so. As all the backers of the last campaign had not got the chance to order.

      So they are burning cash quickly and will need money fast, every month again.

      My 50 cent: they will do a 3rd Kickstarter campaign. I really hope Kickstarter does react on this.

    44. Diana Sharpe
      on April 28

      Anyone have any idea how much one of these printers they need costs?

    45. Missing avatar

      Bryan Hakey on April 27

      Reposting the Flag Sharktank ep:…

    46. Roberto Cattaneo on April 27

      Please refund me!

      I've sent over 10 messages to Flag over the past few weeks and have had no response at all.

      Does anyone have any corporate contact information, email phone or otherwise? That would be much appreciated!

    47. Anthony Goodley on April 26

      What went wrong? Just about everything possible went wrong in my opinion. They failed to deliver on their first Kickstarter in any meaningful way. Like delivering very many prints, developing an Android app or especially buying crucial equipment like their own printer.

      Kickstarter round two was more of the same. If after $3,000,000 they haven't even bought any of their own equipment and still not have a working Android app that should be a clear indication that they were, or are (if any money is left), burning everyone's money on a lavish lifestyle or whatever it is going BUT not spending it wisely on Flag in a meaningful way. Funny how they have not commented once since that show has aired that I can see. RIP Flag!

    48. Missing avatar

      Scott Pontoni on April 25

      Sam and Savannah, whats next?

      If nothing, I'd like to request a post-mortem. I think we deserve to know where things went wrong.

      Best of luck,

    49. Missing avatar

      Joel on April 25

      Once a project is funded you should get what you paid for, no excuses.
      If they promise a product and go use all the money to travel the world they need to be liable. Bottom line.
      Now refund please.

    50. Bradley on April 24

      I don't mean to be rude to those asking for a refund because I too feel my money is shot. I don't think it worth me going to credit card company though with only the $25 I put into it. That being said for @Joseph, @Gisele, @Steven, and I'm sure many more, just watch the shark tank episode. It seemed pretty clear from the episode that they don't have enough money to even offer refunds as they have blown threw that money already.

      I'll hold out hope that one day they will offer refunds or get the product on track but shark tank for me really showed how this is a concept and pipe dream more than a true business model and run by people who understand how to squeeze every dollar out of a start up. If you guys are ready, I mean no offense personally on that, but after watching a lot of shark tank pitches yours was probably in the top twenty worst and really demoralized me from thinking that you guys had a plan to make what is an awesome concept work.

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