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An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
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    1. Mishan Warnakulasuriya 3 days ago

      This is the worst Kickstarter Campaign I have ever seen. No support, no prints spend $50 bucks and nothing to show. Please issue a redound. If anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit.. I think that's a great idea.

    2. David Simmer II 4 days ago

      Watching this shellacking this was worth the $25 I lost...…

    3. Cale Byers 7 days ago

      You're a fraud! I want my money back. Please fight me! I want to fight you on a YouTube live steamed fight.

    4. Missing avatar

      on August 12

      hi, l paid as an international customer, $399. yet you have not shipped anything, I would like to request a full refund if you are unable to provide the service as promised. thank you

    5. Arvin Aguilar
      on August 11

      It is too late to contact your CC company - it's only before 90 days of the transaction when they can refund you - I just tried to do that today and I didn't get anywhere :(

    6. Dennis Vercauteren on August 10

      Hi there, I have pretty much given up on this and so should you, publicly, if this is now classed as a failed venture. You can keep my $25 pledge - but as an international customer, I paid an additional $100 for shipping. As you have not shipped anything, I would like to request the $100 back.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Blakeley on August 9

      Is it too late to contact my CC company about refuting this charge? Anyone know?

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris S on August 8

      I tried to be positive, but that was completely for naught. It's acceptable that this was a failed business venture. What's not acceptable is the lack of communication. At least let the people who gave you money know that the project has been shelved.

    9. Nina Smith on August 7

      I still can't even register in the app. Never got a single print. I check back once in a while to see if they ever figured it out. Total rip off.

    10. Gail
      on August 6

      Thanks for nothing....

    11. Joshua Akonom
      on August 6

      After seeing Peter Murphy's links I found this:

      Looks like another failed venture. I really don't know how we are supposed to feel sorry about this. We just want to cut the cord, get our money back, move on from this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ewan Jones on August 5

      Hi there, I have pretty much given up on this and so should you, publicly, if this is now classed as a failed venture. You can keep my $25 pledge - but as an international customer, I paid an additional $100 for shipping. As you have not shipped anything, I would like to request the $100 back.

      I really think, given the lack of communication and the frustration of your many pledgers, that you should cut your losses - it's ok for a venture to fail, but you need to be honest and to try and make things right as much as possible.

      I don't support people talking about legal action and so forth, or any cruel or unfriendly talk. Sometimes things just don't work out and that's the nature of Kickstarter projects etc. (although I do think you exaggerated your readiness to provide a service). Communication is the key, an apology is essential, and a refund or part-refund desirable.

      My other concern is that the constant pressure of this (compunded by Kickstarter's poor communication system) may lead the Campaign owners to severe illness, stress and distress. For the relatively small amounts of money people have pledged (in the scheme of things), people should be considerate - there are ordinary people at the heart of this.

    13. Joshua Akonom
      on August 5

      Just had a project decide to cancel and they refunded everyone. What's your damn excuse?

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Murphy on August 3

      How does one go about a class action lawsuit? I think it is beyond time for this. Isn't this amount that was stolen a federal crime?

    15. David Jacobs on August 3

      Hi guys! Tardy happens, any update on the prints? Can't wait to get started!

    16. Corinne O'Flynn on July 30

      Absolutely disappointed in this project. Took my money, no deliverables, and no communication. Unacceptable.

    17. Vanni on July 29

      Hi Laura Jennings, did you get any response from either Flag or Kickstarter?

    18. Lauren Jennings on July 25

      I have messaged both Kickstarter and Flag regarding this project, I invested a good bit of money in this to help the costs of my art business, and can not believe how disappointing this has been. In addition, several other printing companies now offer endless free prints, such as Shutterfly (always free 4" x 4" and 4" x 6" prints) and I'm just so frustrated that this company took $300K and is refusing to communicate with anybody.

    19. Anton Wretling
      on July 25

      This is insane Flag! You've taken 150 $ from me (EU backer) with zero in return or communication! What the heck is up!
      I just want to forget that once I even believed in you...

    20. Missing avatar

      cesar chavez on July 24

      hey wat up guys? let us know whats going on!!!!

    21. Will Esgro
      on July 23

      Still no update... Why?

    22. Asher Schweigart on July 21

      Re: The petition to hold kickstarter accountable.
      No, absolutely not. Kickstarter is inherently a risky platform. Products fail to come to market, creators get in over their head, etc.
      Forcing Kickstarter to cover those cases would cause them to have to raise their cut, which would raise the cost of all the successful projects.

      If this was actual fraud, then the project creators can be sued.
      If this was a poorly managed project with creators who didn't know what they are doing, loosing out on this project is just part of what Kickstarter is.

    23. JH on July 20

      @Creator: I am filing a complaint with the FTC and the DOJ. Refund or legal action will be taken.

    24. Missing avatar

      blissfullyigneous on July 19

      I request an immediate backer update detailing how this campaign will meet its goals. If that can't happen, we all need refunded. This reeks of failure.

    25. Clemens
      on July 19

      REFUND ME IMMEDIATELY!!! This project exhibits traits of classic fraud and legal actions should be taken not only by its backers but by KICKSTARTER.

    26. NaveenKumar Namachivayam on July 19

      Any updates on the refund?

    27. Missing avatar

      blissfullyigneous on July 18

      Tagline should've been, "free photo prints - for NEVER!"

      Update or refund.

    28. Joshua Wolfe on July 18

      Can I get an update about what's happening. It's been a long time since I heard anything. I would like an update or a refund. Thank you

    29. Lukas Rosenberger
      on July 18

      So, even though I paid 100$ for shipping THAT NEVER HAPPENED to make prints from an android app THAT NEVER HAPPENED, you still aren't gonna refund any of us? Even more so, you're not even gonna tell us what you did with the money.
      REFUND US.

    30. Denver Garrison
      on July 16


      If you want to make a change, maybe we can get this petition signed for kickstarter to be held liable for these failed projects who go incommunicado.

      So I just signed the petition, “Yvette Clarke: Hold Kickstarter Accountable for Project/Creator Fraud & Promoting Unvetted Projects.”
      I think this is important. Will you sign it too?
      Here’s the link:…


    31. Missing avatar

      Craig Strimel on July 15

      Some communication, please. At the very least have the respect of providing a narrative about how things went down, what you spent our money on, why it didn't workout, so then we all could at least learn something as a result of SUPPORTING YOUR ENDEAVOR.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pierre Besson
      on July 13

      You need to refund everybody this is fraud

    33. Roberto Cattaneo on July 13

      Please refund our money. We can't wait anymore.

    34. Javier Medal Antiñolo on July 13

      Please refund our money. We can't wait anymore.

    35. Joshua Akonom
      on July 13

      At this point you need to refund flag. It doesn't even appear like you spent our money. You haven't bought any equipment, you aren't printing any prints, and you basically don't even need a workforce since you are sitting on your hands. If you have spent our money, please explain to us on what?!? If you haven't spent it, give it back. It's that simple.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ashwani Poddar
      on July 12

      Please refund.

    37. Missing avatar

      Robert Spengler on July 11

      It took a while, but I got my credit card company to refund me. I was trying to be patient, but enough is enough... I'm washing my hands of the whole mess. Good luck everyone, I hope some kind of resolution is on the horizon to those of you who decide to wait it out.

    38. Missing avatar

      Angela Irene on July 7

      Appears their Flag app has disappeared from the iOS store..

      Long before they announced ceasing printing operations for the time being, I ordered a PAID set of photos during the wait timeframe: never received.

      Then I could never order photos after the "launch date," despite paying $100 to be able to do so. My email for the Flag app is different than my email here. No way of changing something so basic.

      I understand being behind, an app being buggy or underdeveloped, but the only thing we're all receiving right now is silence. Any sort of update on wtf is going on would be great.

    39. Brandon K Nida on July 5

      @david agreed

    40. Jason Salzarulo on July 5

      I understand how difficult starting a business is and I truly want flag to be successful. However silence is NOT golden.

      Short regular communication will keep us going, pulling for you. Rare, long and rambling emails just make things worse.

      Take a breath, leverage your community (us) and just keep communicating. If it fails that is the risk we took, but don't burn your community. Keep us updated and you will be surprised how fast the atmosphere can clear.

    41. Missing avatar

      David Wong on July 3

      We all backers should report this Sam and Savannah as class action to the FBI for fraud and scam!


    42. Missing avatar

      David Wong on July 3

      Seriously this Sam and Flag is a scam...didn't you hear one of the sharks on Shark Tank said somehow she can't trust him...and their pitch was full of looked like they were making up excuses on the fly as Sam and the blond was being scrubbed by the sharks!

      They said they been in the market for only 3 months but they also mentioned they had version 1 and which they had to expand and buy more printers because of the overwhelming business from version 1...and yet when asked Sam said on the show Visa was their #1 customer but they had not printed any ads for them so they could not produce any hard evidence if the ad worked...sounded to me this was a lie!

    43. Joshua Akonom
      on June 29

      @Jake No offense but you should feel stupid...the last update they said they were ceasing photo printing for now. You aren't going to get any prints. They at least stated that in the update we got ages ago.

    44. Missing avatar

      Lee Jones on June 29

      Hey Samuel Agboola or Savannah Cowley... how about an update? Either tell us all we threw our money in the trash or over-promise something else. Anything.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jake Watrous on June 29

      I’ve tried four times since October to print photos, and have gone through the ordering system “successfully” each time, but have received NO photos.

      I feel really stupid for having backed this scam of a company twice.

      Where the heck are my photos?

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