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An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
An app that delivers 20 free photo prints a month, with no shipping or handling fees, more detail, better color and 300 year longevity.
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    1. Joshua Akonom
      1 day ago

      I agree a petition won't change much either. However, I've run across this article and appears things are looking up for those taken advantage by kickstarters. I urge everyone to read this article and save it along with the appropriate links to the FTC. I'm personally not ready to report them as they are only three months behind, but I will be if they continue to be silent and months turn into years. We may not get our money back, but we'll sure teach them a lesson and severely hamper their future earning power.

    2. Anthony Goodley 2 days ago

      If this isn't a scam then the total disappearance and lack of communication from the creator sure make it appear that way. It shows a total lack of respect to all those who put up there money to gamble on your idea. Everyday they passes in silence only reenforces what the sharks had to say about this company as being true. Money burning cockroaches. If you're not said cockroaches then why don't you come out from under the rock your hiding under and answer the comments and give a honest update? Is it so hard to admit failure? Only con artists behave this way!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kelly Reupert
      3 days ago

      I'm still waiting for my set of flag prints I ordered. Please update with shipping information or issue a refund. I've ordered every time you had a special and at this point feel as if there's nothing out there. I'll never hold a flag print in my hands.

    4. Missing avatar

      Irina Bryant 4 days ago

      Hello, I have pledged 50.00 USD for your project. I was notified that pledge status is
      collected. I copy the info I've received below:
      20 of your photos a month printed and mailed to for free. We ship worldwide and will keep sending a free pack each month for as long as you keep sending us orders.
      Plus $25 of enlargements, extra prints and shipping upgrades.
      Estimated delivery
      Mar 2017
      Shipping to
      United States
      Backer name
      Irina Bryant
      Payment method:
      MasterCard ************7805
      If Flag needs any information from you to send out your reward — like a mailing address or T-shirt size — they’ll send you a survey as soon as they’re ready.
      Now for the fun part: you get to follow along behind the scenes as the creator turns their idea into a reality. They’ll keep you informed with project updates, and you can cheer them on in comments and messages. Leave one to share your excitement!
      Thanks again for supporting this project!
      <3 Kickstarter "
      My question is where is the product? It was supposed to be delivered in March 2017, 3 months ago.

    5. JH 5 days ago

      A petition like that will do nothing unfortunately.

      Kickstarter clearly states in the FAQ that there are no guarantees on items beings funded because they are being created and are not already manufactured.

      "Who is responsible for completing a project as promised?

      It's the project creator's responsibility to complete their project. Kickstarter is not involved in the development of the projects themselves.

      Kickstarter does not guarantee projects or investigate a creator's ability to complete their project. On Kickstarter, backers (you!) ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it."

      They don't investigate, promise, and they state they are not a store.

      It sucks, but this is why I'm wary of projects on here now. This is the only one that hasn't delivered for far. All of these pledges are support and hope that a project will be completed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Scott Pontoni 6 days ago

      FLAG creators... say something please.

    7. A. Michelle Simmons 6 days ago

      Damn! I was just checking on what was going on when I saw all these posts. I am glad I didn't invest a lot into this project but I am pissed that these con-artists got our money. If there is a class action lawsuit started I will be happy to join it. I don't care if I don't get my money back I just want justice.

    8. Tom Mahas on June 13

      So... I have a feeling that my kickstarter money went to making a super sweet office complex for this company. The kind with a slide from the second story, pinball machines and free organic snacks on every table.

      Not even going to try and get a refund because my money is gone. Honestly that is part of the risk of kickstarter, but seriously guys, just update us with a post saying "yeah this is not going to happen, we messed up."

    9. Nevdon on June 13

      So these people just took our money and ran?
      How do we get a refund?

    10. Mark Elliot on June 12

      Be respectful and considerate? Ok, thanks for the lesson in not trusting anyone...You "FLAG" folks should be ashamed...I guess WC Fields' was right, There's a sucker born every minute....

      Tough to be on the receiving side of a dishonest and learn

    11. Will Esgro
      on June 12

      At this point, I doubt kickstarter will allow them to run another project on the kickstarter site.

    12. Alex Vejnoska on June 11

      These dudes blow. Bummed out I threw my money away on this poorly planned, hare-brained scheme.

    13. Missing avatar

      laurence filo on June 9

      Hard to "be respectful and considerate" when you've been deceived.... Hard I need when you read how much money so many of us backers have sank into this no-show of a project and get a "cry baby" type of an update and then nothing... To this day I don't understand how any of this is not illegal, how they are getting away with this and how Kickstater is not seeing the damage to its reputation. Guess I'm just a drop in the bucket. Shame, shame indeed.Won't catch again.

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Germanelo on June 7

      This is ridiculous. no updates. give me my motherf*cking money back.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeff Woodard on June 6

      It may not be a scam but it sure is scam like and very unprofessional. The folks at flag just left us hanging with no if, ands or buts..It should be in the agreement when they are signing up with kickstarter, indegogo etc, that the company people are backing on here has to keep us informed whether good or bad in a timely manner on the progress or face some type of penalty. And if a company such as kickstarter does not care less if the backers on here are left hanging in mid air with no updates. Well To me thats a red flag that i better just stay away from this site to begin with. I understand there is a chance of all projects failing but no communication from those we back is unacceptable.

    16. Stefan Heinz on June 6

      In my books, this one is a learning experience (for me) and a failed investment. Nice idea not thought through. Wishful thinking. (and no, I would not call it a scam or being misused; somebody just did not do their homework ahead of time)

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Lehnert, Sr. on June 6

      To Heath Needham,
      I wouldn't be waiting near the post box for's a review from a user...

      "When you open the app, you are required to choose between the unexplained "flagship" status, pay for instant prints, or wait for the free ones. They say if you want more than one of those choices, use multiple emails. If you choose free, it then says there's a 3 1/2 month wait, with no option to change your selection.

      EDIT: It's been exactly the length the app estimated, and earlier today it showed there being "0 months, 0 weeks, and 0 days remaining" with me being in position "3,711" and now (a few hours later) it estimates "8 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days remaining". This app is clearly never going to give me (or anyone else) any of the free prints it promises. It is clearly either just an email collection attempt or a publicity campaign."

    18. Wesley D on June 5

      We will be launching a new Kickstarter later this month,

      This will help us raise funds that will help produce Flag :)
      6:09 PM - 17 May 2017

      Am I missing something here??? Is this from last month???

    19. Missing avatar

      Mike Stein on June 4

      They got kicked out of the tank and took our money. If that's not the case, why has there not been a single update in months? Unfortunately, projects, or project leads, like this ruin the entire Kickstart exp for many legit projects.

    20. Heath Needham on June 4

      How do i get my free prints?

    21. Missing avatar

      Benoit Thewys on June 4

      159$ ... I bet I will never see the color of these free prints... What about a refund? Even partial...

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Lehnert, Sr. on June 4

      Hi Harry,
      Thanks for the link! Maybe I can use Flag to advertise my stupidity in backing another grab-the-cash-and-go project...

    23. Missing avatar

      Terry on June 3

      It's not so much the lack of a product that's disappointing—that's the nature of crowdfunded investment. It's the lack of communication & ownership of mistakes that is most egregious.

    24. Cale Byers on June 1

      well I want my money back. I can't afford to lose $190 to some snake oil nonsense. should've known better, but it seemed like you guys had a functional business model.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chanchal Kumar Ghosh on May 31

      What about Android app?

    26. Missing avatar

      Ashwani Poddar
      on May 30


      Any updates for us ?


    27. Missing avatar

      Russ Williams on May 30

      28,705 on the waiting list..... at this rate Brexit will be done and dusted before i make it to the top of the list.

    28. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dylan Seefeld on May 29

      Tomorrow we're going to be on "Shark Tank" pitching Flag.
      Due to the secrecy of TV there's not much I can say ahead of time, but I have a LOT to say and am writing something up we'll share in a couple of weeks.
      Other than that we're working on updating the website and pushing the next version of the app.

      This was in April.

    29. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dylan Seefeld on May 29

      Dear Cash Burning Cockroaches,

      We were told there would be an update after Shark Tank. Well, where is it?

    30. Missing avatar

      Vítor Freitas dos Santos on May 29

      A question: Is there any way we can work toghether to make this project possible?

    31. Missing avatar

      Julie on May 26

      Scam the app tells me I will get free pics on May 1. No free pics karma stinks creator. At least give an update or apology.

    32. Missing avatar

      Julie on May 26

      Scam the app tells me I will get free pics on May 1. No free pics karma stinks creator. At least give an update or apology.

    33. Missing avatar

      Scott Pontoni on May 25

      I agree with Chris... we all knew what we were getting into. Especially after the first Kickstarter performance. Thats just inherent in the game of kickstarter... sometimes things don't work out.

      What does seriously bug me is the lack of professionalism on the creators' side. There are no excuses to be leaving us in the dark. Its not that hard to communicate..really. There's an "update" feature right here on Kickstarter. ***Use it*** Come on Sam and Savannah... whether this is failed or not is not the issue... just let us know.

      Communication and integrity here is plain terrible.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris S on May 25

      This project isn't a scam, and the people running it didn't steal our money. Let's stop using that language. Let's instead admit the fact that the people running this project got themselves in way over their heads and were ill-prepared to undertake this task. I don't know if the proper response is to get our money back or what, especially since this project will definitely bankrupt them if they don't show any results.

    35. R LeRoy Kenyon II on May 25

      Come on people, just accept reality. These creeps stole our cash and are hiding under a rock. A real nice rock with as much cash they managed to scam with two Kickstarter funds. We're never going to get our money back or any free prints.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bex Auyeung on May 25

      As I have been super patient with the progress, it is very irresponsible of the creators to leave us in the dark and not update as promise. U know, I'm starting wonder if I fell into a scam..

    37. Missing avatar

      Darren cole on May 25

      Accoridng to the iOS app I can order prints as of May 1 2017. I should have a $100 credit, but do not. I should also get 20 images printed and mailed FREE each month Which I tried to do, however at the end it asks me for $20. Please provide a comment or update to resolve the situation.

    38. Missing avatar

      Terry on May 23

      Just to clarify, I donated at the $50 tier, have an iPhone & have never been able to use the app. I've been at #5,495 on the waiting list since I backed last year. Oh well

    39. Missing avatar

      Terry on May 23

      I've really tried to be patient, but the lack of communication leaves me with no confidence in the product. I don't think I'll ask for a chargeback just yet…but I'm definitely thinking about it.

    40. Missing avatar

      Apoorva on May 22

      I want a refund. App doesn't work. No communication or updates. All lies and fraud.

    41. Missing avatar

      JohnnyB on May 22

      Class action??

    42. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dylan Seefeld on May 21

      Dear Cash Burning Cockroaches,

      We were told there would be an update after Shark Tank. Well, where is it?

    43. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Jo on May 19

      To all backers! I just got confirmation from my card company that they will fully refund. You should also try contacting. I was too stupid to believe Flag who already has a lying history would actually get this through. They will never go live and never refund so contact your card companies now!!

    44. Kim To on May 18

      I am a back with iOS and have been unable to use any of my prints because the app will not let me log in, I have instead been placed on a waitlist at 18,988??. PLEASE HELP.

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Chau on May 18

      Please refund me

    46. Joshua Akonom
      on May 16

      More and more I think about this the more I think owners should just hire a manager to run this, they seem way out of their element and it's frustrating. There are two things very clear to keep this project going.
      1. Get that Android app out so you can actually reach the large population that don't use iPhony.
      2. Get prints out to people and start the Visa advertising on it to keep them happy. They are your only advertiser. Start appeasing them!

      Frankly I don't even care at this point if you can't offer free prints. Keep selling them on the app until you can start the free print project. But bloody hell get the Android app finished. I really don't understand how, after $3 million that at least wasn't finished. There are so many things about this project that boggle the mind and don't make sense.

    47. Missing avatar

      Paul West on May 15

      Class action law suit?? Is that possible?

      We all want our money back.

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