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Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
963 backers pledged $45,201 to help bring this project to life.

I'm all out of ideas...(for now)

Lightening Fast Update for the Fix It Sticks Family

Guess what?

I'm NOT working on any new ideas at the moment. None, zilch, nada...but I do have a goal!

My goal: Posting race videos on YouTube. 

Why? By giving a little insight I hope to get people more comfortable racing bikes. It's a learning curve, so I'm doing my part to make it less intimidating. Listen, I know not everyone here is a bike racer, BUT you might also be inspired enough to simply go for a ride and that's just as good!

Super serious race face (soon to be replaced by breathless panting)
Super serious race face (soon to be replaced by breathless panting)


If you want to check out my channel visit this link:

It would be totally-bodaciously-super-radical if you would subscribe to the channel. It helps the videos reach more people and eventually that means more people riding bikes! 

As I've mentioned in the past, I'm forever grateful for your support of Fix It Sticks!

Brian Davis 

@fixitsticks on 'gram 

Here on Facebook

The end is near, the end is NOW!

Happy Sunday Sunday! 

One last FYI that our campaign for The Weatherneck System is about to come to an end. 

On and off insanely fast!
On and off insanely fast!

I can't thank you enough for your past support! 

The Weatherneck System is really an incredibly useful weapon for battling the elements. Now that it is cold I've been able to test it plenty of times in the past few weeks and I have never been happier with a product I've created. It works so well (I know I am biased, but it's true). 

SHIP-A-GIFT - If you live in the USA and you buy more than 1 System I can ship to second addresses for no extra charge. This is a great opportunity to buy a VERY unique gift AND support small business at the same time. 

Thank you again and if you are already behind the new campaign...THANK YOU! If not, jump on it now. 



P.S. Are you a runner? I added a very quick video review of The System in use for running. It works exceptionally well for cold weather running giving you 3+ options for temperature control. 

 P.S.S. Our friends at BiKase JUST LAUNCHED ON KICKSTARTER! It's a new pannier/trunk/backpack that is stunning in its execution. These cats are in Wisconsin too, so I had to share the love for them.

3 bags in 1
3 bags in 1


To the creators of Fix It Sticks

Hello Fix It Sticks CREATORS!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned we launched a new project on Kickstarter, The Weatherneck System. It's a breakaway balaclava; 100% unique, 100% black, 100% made in the USA and it 100% works.

Shed a critical layer with 1-hand in 1-second
Shed a critical layer with 1-hand in 1-second

 We had a good week on that campaign. Let's review...

The Weatherneck System received some press reviews: FatCyclist called us out as the Paceline podcast pick of the week, Peloton Magazine featured us as a weekly pick, I was featured on 2 podcasts and had a great write up on CyclingTips, we also had a tactical review of the system on YouTube all the links are at the bottom of the campaign page.

We HIT GOAL, applied for a patent, ordered fabrics, scheduled production, was on 2 podcasts and I got to race this weekend (first fat bike race of the year).

THIS PRODUCT IS SCHEDULED TO SHIP IN EARLY DECEMBER - Plenty of time for USA delivery by Christmas!

What a great gift to give - a product that's not even available yet!

First fatbike race of the year - I called out my cheater tires not to worry
First fatbike race of the year - I called out my cheater tires not to worry

  Speaking of the race, it's a good case study for The Weatherneck System. I sat on the start line freezing cold and had the face mask high on my face, covering my nose and mouth. Then we got started and they smacked us with a climb right in the start. Then I dropped the face mask to lay comfortably around my neck for lap 1. After that, I got hot, so somewhere in lap 2 I was able to rip off the face mask, bury it in a pocket and not lose a step. THE FEELING of being able to remove it quickly, adjust your temp and keep on hammering is really what the whole product is designed to do. And it does it well.

Interestingly it was a good week for Fix It Sticks too, here is a great review of the new bracket from And here is a great discussion of the Replaceable version vs. Original versions of Fix It Sticks:

Magnets make it happen - How do they even work?
Magnets make it happen - How do they even work?


I'm still making stuff in the garage and it's not easy.

Please consider jumping in the new campaign for The Weatherneck System, just like Fix It Sticks, its a modular approach. It's unique looking but most importantly it works incredibly well. It's so important to have early support from the Kickstarter community so I can perfect the product and get it into the hands of the passionate few...that's you!

FYI...The Weatherneck System pulled it's first podium while being worn by pro rider Cole House at the race this weekend! So yeah, it works! Follow @coleshouse to follow his career.

pro racer @coleshouse brings the first podium for The Weatherneck System
pro racer @coleshouse brings the first podium for The Weatherneck System


Thank you for your support!


Just Launched - The Weatherneck System - a breakaway balaclava

To the backers that started it all!

You are the incredible backers launched my idea from the garage to reality. 

Since then Fix It Sticks has grown, fought and clawed it's way through the market. We're still working hard on new things for Fix It Sticks everyday too - it's nice to know you backed the right idea!

But today is about something a little different. 

Mullet Hat + Face Mask = The Weatherneck System
Mullet Hat + Face Mask = The Weatherneck System

Today, I am launching my latest project THE WEATHERNECK SYSTEM-A modular balaclava

In the spirit of Fix It Sticks, I designed 2 separate parts to come together to form a single, useful piece of gear - the balaclava. 

Perfect for cold weather rides that are surely coming our way and for other sports like snowboarding, skiing, motorcycling and even hunting. Version one of this product came out last season, but there was a lot of work to do over the summer. I am extremely proud to show you the work.

100% Black - 100% Made in the USA - 100% Silent - 100% Awesome

Visit the latest Kickstarter campaign 

If The Weatherneck System isn't your thing, please consider DONATING a share to me on social media thanks! @theweatherneck

New Fix It Sticks Bracket Test Video (It's pretty awesome)

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Hello Friends of the Original Fix It Sticks!

I try not to bother y'all much, but thought you might be interested in our latest development for Fix It Sticks.

We are finalizing the development of a completely awesome bracket to hold Fix It Sticks on the bike. This will get the tools out of your bag, clear up some space and look good doing it too. It works really well. I love this thing!

I've been testing pre-production models since September. I raced my entire Cyclocross and fatbike seasons with a bracket and tools installed. I never lost a single one.

Here is a 1 minute video showing the bracket in action this past week while mountain biking (thanks Sean) and testing the bracket on some rough, rocky trails with gnarly descents. No problems whatsoever even using the heavier Replaceable stick on one side. 

There are some things to be aware of though. In the 2nd year of production I made a change to the dimensions of the sticks. So this bracket will NOT work with original Kickstarter versions of Fix It Sticks. In order to make that not as painful we are offering a substantial discount to make getting a new set not so bad. The new sticks come with the new bracket AND use plated bits to minimize the rust potential. 

So...visit the link below and pre-order a new set of tools with the bracket. You can buy just the bracket if you like, but I'll repeat this information again: The earlier versions (including the Kickstarter versions) have a middle that is 1.25" in length. These will NOT fit in the bracket. More recent versions have a middle hex area that is 1" in length. So please make sure to measure this if you are going to order the bracket by itself.

Again, we are offering a 20% discount on the tool/bracket combo for the pre-order. We expect to ship prior to 7-15-16

Just enter "bracket" at checkout to get the 20% discount.

If you have questions it would be great to post them on our page here: and we will respond promptly (or email

In other news: 

Our friends at BiKase, in Milwaukee have recently launched their own Kickstarter to support their latest development "The SuperBand". It is a handy little thing that allows you to attach lots of stuff to your bike/stollers/scooters/segways/gokarts/roller coasters ect…It will even hold any Fix It Stick ever produced! 

I tested the SuperBand the same day as the test video above and had fantastic results as well. No noise, no loss, no problems! Check out their campaign here (They are past goal and I am 100% positive they will deliver)

Thanks for your continued support!

Please follow along on Instagram/twitter @fixitsticks