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Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
963 backers pledged $45,201 to help bring this project to life.

Creator of Fix It Sticks Launching New Project TODAY on Kickstarter!

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The BackBottle Launches Today!
The BackBottle Launches Today!

Introducing the BackBottle

Creator of Fix It Sticks, Brian Davis is Launching a New Kickstarter TODAY!

Thank you for your past support of Fix It Sticks. I'm still in the garage and I'm still working on making my rides just a little better. One of those projects is taking off today on Kickstarter.

I am hoping to earn your support once more.

So what is it?

Hydration Pack + Bottle = The BackBottle

Check out our latest Kickstarter and for only $10 you can try one out! 

You are also welcome to pre-order on

(If you can share our new project with just 1 riding buddy I would be very appreciative)

Thank you,

Brian Davis

FYI on the FINAL HOURS of the New Replaceable Fix It Sticks


Hello backers of the first Kickstarter for Fix It Sticks.

Where would I be without y'all? Not too far, I can tell you that!

We are down to LESS THAN 24 HOURS in our latest Kickstarter here:

I posted early reviews on the campaign page from media so you can know that you are getting a great product. The machine shop is set to deliver the first 1/2 of the order on Wednesday, so I feel very confident in hitting the promised timeline of mid to late May 2014.

The campaign is going extremely well as you can see. I am unbelievably excited and I thank you for the success of the first campaign. Also thanks to those who contributed to this one (there are a lot of you!).

I can't say enough how grateful I am to you all. Without this platform for funding the company I know Fix It Sticks would not exist. It would be another idea on a napkin.

Thank you for helping me and my family.

Brian, Paula, Isabelle and Isaac



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Fix It Sticks Launching 2 New Products TODAY!

Thank you so much for your past support of Fix It Sticks. 

Our launch last year allowed us to go to the industry trade show, buy inventory and get some traction in the marketplace and more importantly deliver your Fix It Sticks on time.  

Today I am excited to let you know about my new campaign for Fix It Sticks. Introducing the Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition and the new Fix It Sticks T-Way Wrench.

Be among the first to back our new products and in turn be among the first to get them. Fix It Sticks bicycle tools is growing thanks to you! 

Click here to see our new campaign

Product Launch #1 Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition-This tool is meant to offer the same shop quality experience of the original Fix It Sticks except with more flexibility and toughness. 

Product Launch #2 Fix It Sticks T-Way Wrench-This tool is a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars setting up a home shop. This tool is a permanent T shape with replaceable ends. 

The tools are still machined in Appleton, WI, and are still born in my garage just like your existing tools were.

Thank you for forwarding this email to anyone else you know who is a little nuts about tools, gear and fixing stuff. 

Brian Davis / @fixitsticks /

Fix It Sticks - 1 Sale, 1 Week, 1 Chance

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Dearest Fix It Sticks Kickstarter backers,

We wouldn't be around without your support so I wanted to share with you a special bit of news. After being featured in numerous holiday gift guides like Bicycling Magazine, Outside Magazine, Momentum Magazine and others I have decided to run 1 sale this holiday season to amp things up a bit.

15% off your entire order at

Just enter "HOLIDAY" at checkout and you are all set. Applies to domestic and international orders.

We have over 10 standard sets available and custom options too. All sets now come with a more professional recycled tube case and we've improved our durability and finish as well.

Bicycle Tool Spectrum
Bicycle Tool Spectrum

Thank you again for your support! 

Brian Davis

P.S. You *might* be hearing from me in the new year with some fresh ideas!

Where are they now? - Fix It Sticks

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Hello Fix It Sticks backers!

Just a quick update to let you know how the story is going. 

As for the business overall, things are great. Fix It Sticks bicycle multi tool have been reviewed favorably and shops (yours?) are starting to carry the tools as an option for their customers. That's great and it would NOT be happening without your support. Really. It would NOT have happened without YOU! In fact, I am expecting my very first order from a US distributor this week.

Recently, I finalized the SHOP VERSION of Fix It Sticks and I wanted all my Kickstarter backers to be aware of our latest news. (photos below)

In addition to the aluminum sets you all received we are now in "pre-order" mode for the steel version of Fix It Sticks (bits are still pressed in permanently). The difference is the steel versions are designed for heavy-duty use. They weigh 97 grams, and they can handle a whole bunch more torque (30 foot pounds/40 newton meters). I like how they turned out sort of industrial looking, I think they will age well with use. All of these are Made in the USA in my town Appleton, WI.

Why not do another KickStarter? I didn't feel the difference in material alone warranted a complete campaign. But in the near future I will be in touch with some new ideas... 

I encourage you to visit to put in a pre-order for the SHOP VERSION of Fix It Sticks. I am allowing all pre-orders to customize bits or choose from one of the standard "sets". During the pre-order phase all the SHOP sets are $25.00 with custom bit selection available for no extra charge. Includes free shipping to the USA, a recycled tube carrying case (much more refined this time) and a sticker with the new SHOP logo. 

Fix It Sticks makes a great gift for the special mechanic in your life.


I will be shipping the Steel version within the next 2-3 weeks (depending on demand). I have sold some already and I have a few dozen sets in-hand that are slated to ship out next week. Those will go out 'first come, first served', so order Fix It Sticks Steel Bike Tools now. 

Fix It Sticks pre-order pricing is for a very limited time.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to bringing you some fun ideas in the near future! 

Have a great ride, 

Brian Davis -  

P.S. I will be at Interbike with a Fix It Sticks booth, please ask your shop to stop by and sign up to be a dealer!

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