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Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at
963 backers pledged $45,201 to help bring this project to life.

New Fix It Sticks Bracket Test Video (It's pretty awesome)

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Hello Friends of the Original Fix It Sticks!

I try not to bother y'all much, but thought you might be interested in our latest development for Fix It Sticks.

We are finalizing the development of a completely awesome bracket to hold Fix It Sticks on the bike. This will get the tools out of your bag, clear up some space and look good doing it too. It works really well. I love this thing!

I've been testing pre-production models since September. I raced my entire Cyclocross and fatbike seasons with a bracket and tools installed. I never lost a single one.

Here is a 1 minute video showing the bracket in action this past week while mountain biking (thanks Sean) and testing the bracket on some rough, rocky trails with gnarly descents. No problems whatsoever even using the heavier Replaceable stick on one side. 

There are some things to be aware of though. In the 2nd year of production I made a change to the dimensions of the sticks. So this bracket will NOT work with original Kickstarter versions of Fix It Sticks. In order to make that not as painful we are offering a substantial discount to make getting a new set not so bad. The new sticks come with the new bracket AND use plated bits to minimize the rust potential. 

So...visit the link below and pre-order a new set of tools with the bracket. You can buy just the bracket if you like, but I'll repeat this information again: The earlier versions (including the Kickstarter versions) have a middle that is 1.25" in length. These will NOT fit in the bracket. More recent versions have a middle hex area that is 1" in length. So please make sure to measure this if you are going to order the bracket by itself.

Again, we are offering a 20% discount on the tool/bracket combo for the pre-order. We expect to ship prior to 7-15-16

Just enter "bracket" at checkout to get the 20% discount.

If you have questions it would be great to post them on our page here: and we will respond promptly (or email

In other news: 

Our friends at BiKase, in Milwaukee have recently launched their own Kickstarter to support their latest development "The SuperBand". It is a handy little thing that allows you to attach lots of stuff to your bike/stollers/scooters/segways/gokarts/roller coasters ect…It will even hold any Fix It Stick ever produced! 

I tested the SuperBand the same day as the test video above and had fantastic results as well. No noise, no loss, no problems! Check out their campaign here (They are past goal and I am 100% positive they will deliver)

Thanks for your continued support!

Please follow along on Instagram/twitter @fixitsticks


FINAL HOURS for The Weatherneck

My very first campaign backers! 

9 colors available (HOT pink is ready but not pictured)
9 colors available (HOT pink is ready but not pictured)

Love you guys...truly.

The FINAL 48 hours of the Kickstarter campaign for The Weatherneck is upon us. 

Pricing may never be this low again. 

1. Already a backer? Thank you 

2. Thinking about becoming a backer? Click here now 

3. Not interested but like to help out small business? Just share this link on your social media:

 Real world reviews are coming in from the press, in fact just yesterday Bicycling Magazine's Fit Chick Selene Yeager had this to say: 

 "Not only is it breathable and moisture wicking--super important qualities if you don't want your shield frozen to your face--but also if the temperatures rise or I start getting too warm, I don't have to stop and wrangle the thing over my hat or helmet. Just give it a firm tug and it breaks away like magic. Sold!" 



P.S. Production is AHEAD of schedule! I stopped by today to check and everything looks great for an early ship date.

Update on THE WEATHERNECK from the Fix It Sticks Guy

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Hello friends of Fix It Sticks 

Just a quick update on the latest project, The Weatherneck, as we approach the halfway point of the the Kickstarter campaign, check it out

Commuting, racing or training, The Weatherneck works.
Commuting, racing or training, The Weatherneck works.

The funding is going really well. Apparently I am not the only one frustrated with typical neck warmers! 

The Weatherneck is Made in the USA, so my suppliers are hoping for a huge campaign and so am I. Help us out today! If we keep growing, I just keep ordering more materials. There is room for lots more backers! 

Here are some FAQ answers: 

How much and when do I get it?

Pre-order pricing is only $20, which is a 20% savings over MSRP. Pricing decreases with more orders too. USA shipping is free and international shipping is very affordable. Expected delivery is March, which is perfect for spring riding (chilly starts with warm finishes).

How is it different than other neck warmers? 

Most other neck cuffs don’t come off easily and can be hard to breath through. The Weatherneck uses high power magnets which allows resizing to lots of faces. Our design can be removed with 1 hand, in 1 second. We also designed a mesh center for easy breathing in and out. The fabric does just enough to get the job done without adding excessive bulk. The term "horses for courses" comes to mind. Similar to wearing a wind shell vs. heavy parka, its about having the right tool for the job.

Why not just use Velcro? 

Magnets allow better resizing options, a longer life, a quicker and quieter removal, less damage to other gear and no hair pulling. TheWeatherneck suits lots of sports because it is quick, quiet, clean and comfortable. 

Does it work at high speeds? YES.  

Does it work with motorcycle helmets? YES. 

Should I buy 2 of them? YES, they work great as a hat that can also be removed with 1 hand without taking off your helmet. 

You don’t have to take my word for it. The LockedIn Show did a great video review of The Weatherneck which just posted. All these FAQ videos and the LockedIn review can be found at the bottom of the campaign:

I hope you are already a backer of The Weatherneck. If not, join us today! 


Brian Davis, Creator of & & 

P.S. Another campaign you might be interested in is from my friends at Fortified Bicycle. They created a whole bike designed for urban riding. It's backed by a replacement guarantee that covers the bike and all of its individual components against theft! And since it features an aluminum frame, rust-resistant chain and puncture-resistant tires, Mother Nature can't touch it. You only have a few days to get this bike at its low Kickstarter price, so get yours today!

Fresh Goods from the Fix It Sticks Guy


Good day my friends!

Thank you for your past support of my Kickstarters @fixitsticks and @backbottle. I hope you got to ride a lot in the past year since my last one.

A heads up about a new product I am launching TODAY on Kickstarter!

The Weatherneck - an updated bandana for outdoor adventures

Not for hamburglars, only for athletes!
Not for hamburglars, only for athletes!

As a dedicated cyclist in Wisconsin I am forced to ride through some nasty weather. Having a little fabric around your neck can be the difference between suffering and enjoyment. To that end, I created an updated face mask/neck gaiter that uses the magic of magnets and some awesome fabrics to enhance your rides.

The campaign just started...jump on over and take a look!

Thanks again,

Brian Davis

Please share this with that one person that's always making you a better rider.

The Weatherneck now LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

Orange Hex (1 of 9 colors available)
Orange Hex (1 of 9 colors available)

Creator of Fix It Sticks Launching New Project TODAY on Kickstarter!

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The BackBottle Launches Today!
The BackBottle Launches Today!

Introducing the BackBottle

Creator of Fix It Sticks, Brian Davis is Launching a New Kickstarter TODAY!

Thank you for your past support of Fix It Sticks. I'm still in the garage and I'm still working on making my rides just a little better. One of those projects is taking off today on Kickstarter.

I am hoping to earn your support once more.

So what is it?

Hydration Pack + Bottle = The BackBottle

Check out our latest Kickstarter and for only $10 you can try one out! 

You are also welcome to pre-order on

(If you can share our new project with just 1 riding buddy I would be very appreciative)

Thank you,

Brian Davis