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Fix It Sticks-Fantastically Unique Bicycle Multitool's video poster

Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 15, 2013.

Fix It Sticks is a bicycle multitool unlike all others. Our campaign is over, visit us at

About this project




Compact, Lightweight, No Moving Parts

Fix it Sticks is a totally new design for a bicycle multitool.

What makes us different? (other than the completely different approach?)

  • Compact - around 4 inches long, ½ inch wide. Fits inside the width of a road tube. Packs easily in a seat bag or jersey pocket.
  • Lightweight - already one of the lightest tools on Earth at ~51 grams
  • No Moving Parts - Fix It Sticks bits are pressed into place and do not come out. No lost bits and no frustrating failures from moving parts.
  • Modular - just carry the tools you need and leave the work bench at home

The cycling world is already taking notice:

“Sturdy and compact, able to provide serious torque, with no articulating parts to break: what else could you ask for from the bold new multi-tool…” 

                                                                 Emily Zinn - Velonews

“The new Fix It Sticks looks to be a very useful multitool, that will be handy out on the trail or when on road trips. “ --Brian Mullin

“Fix It Sticks is the brainchild of Cat 3 racer Brian Davis and is a simple, minimal multitool that packs small but should provide more leverage than most mini tools.” --Tyler

“If you enjoy riding your bike but would prefer not to carry bulky tools to adjust and repair your bike when the unexpected happens, you might be interested in a new gadget which is currently looking for funding over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website, called Fix It Sticks.” --Julian Horsey

“The three-way hex wrench is a staple in many a cyclist's toolbox, and Davis' Fix It Sticks is a new, more portable spin on that design.” --Ben Delaney

“If your radar is always scanning the horizon for innovative bicycle-tech, then you will most definitely want to see how this new multitool can improve your riding experience.” --Hunter

A little background

Last year while riding along on an indoor trainer, I managed to damage my front derailleur. To fix the problem I used my trusty 3-way wrench. I love that tool. After getting the bike up and running, I thought it would be nice to have the torque of a 3-way wrench in a multitool. I then had the concept for Fix it Sticks.

About the tools

In my experience most of the problems I encounter on a ride could be fixed with just a few tools. However, the tools are left behind either because they are heavy, not working or just too bulky for your jersey or seatbag.  No more.

Fix It Sticks are able to get into very tight spaces by using a single stick to start a bolt, once in place, torque is applied with our unique T-handle design.

Fix It Sticks are designed to be modular and customizable. Carrying sockets, wrenches, a magnifying glass, knives, etc can be a waste, just carry what you need. In the near future we will have many combinations of sticks to choose from. Allowing our customers to build a quality tool collection that is totally customized for use on the road or at home

Fix it Sticks are constructed of high-quality aluminum and steel bits. A custom clip will eventually hold the sticks themselves together. We are also working on a full size tire lever(s) concept to complement the sticks. Although for Kickstarter deliveries we just aren’t there yet. We will use some of these funds to finalize the design and production of a retention device.

The tool in real life
The tool in real life

Won’t these things make noise in storage?

We are approaching the tool from a minimalist perspective. We will have an update video showing how you can make a case in 14 seconds with common materials. The pouch will also protect your tube from the tool in a seat bag. We plan on making tube pouches for you, but with winter time here, finding tubes is a bit tricky! We'll do our best to get some flats by ship time.

Where are you now with this project?

The first rounds of handmade in Wisconsin prototypes are currently deployed for field testing. Stage 2 prototypes are in-hand, fully functional and also being shipped out to various cycling wonks for testing/review, including neutral support mechanics for the Tour.

The only way our design will be truly tested is by cyclists in the real world doing crazy things like “just riding along”.  Even in our prototype stage, I can confidently say that our tools just flat out work. That I promise!

We will use the Kickstarter backing for:

  • Bulk purchase of tool bits
  • Tooling required for assembly
  • Tooling required for production
  • Bulk purchase of raw materials   
  • Assurance for my supplier of meeting the minimum order to set up the machine used to make the tools

So far all costs up to this point have been covered out of pocket by me.  I have skin in the game, but I need a jumpstart to get this idea moving and hit my suppliers minimums.

Projected timeline:

  • mid-January 2013- Begin Kickstarter campaign
  • mid-February/March 2013- Begin full scale production to fulfill Kickstarter orders
  • April/May 2013- Fulfill all Kickstarter orders and all retailer orders generated from Kick starter

I want people who ride bikes to get behind this product. Please back this product. After backing it, throw it on Facebook/Twitter and tell your riding friends about it. 

Get the word out to other cyclists!  

We need riders to test our design and provide feedback.

Really. I need help.

I would like your support today.


Risks and challenges

A little about my background in business
You will be funding an experienced business person. I have 5 years of experience owning a profitable online retail business and 8 years experience owning a profitable real estate rental company. I also have 15 years worth of professional background in sales and marketing for multiple Fortune 500 companies. I have the specific knowledge to take this product to market. I am not afraid to ask stupid questions, which leads to amazing discoveries. I am a Cat 3 road racer in Wisconsin and have been riding competitvely for over 15 years.

As far as this project goes, I am confident we will not have problems. The only risks I see are delays by my shop falling behind schedule, but virtually no risk of non-delivery of the product. I already have produced around 100 sets in the past month for samples and testing.

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  • Yes.

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  • We will contact you after the campaign ends to get your selections. I misunderstood the KS process when I wrote the rewards info. Thanks!

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  • All Kickstarter tools will be machined by Joe at at my machine shop in Appleton, WI. Tool bits are sourced from a Wisconsin Distributor, Packaging is printed in Appleton, WI. I hope to keep things that way.

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    Last updated:
  • All sticks will be the Orange you see in the photos except for the funding levels offering limited edition Kickstarter green colors.

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  • Here is why the bits don't come out. (someday we will offer it as an option)

    1. It requires more complicated machining and I need funding before exploring things outside the core concept.

    2. The tool was designed to be more similar to a 3-way wrench than a magnetic screwdriver. If given a choice would you prefer a fixed screwdriver (i.e. not changeable) or a magnetic tip screwdriver...which would you chose? I have asked that to dozens of people and am still waiting for someone to say the magnetic...

    3. No moving parts.


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  • I mistakenly entered March for the $25 level and April for the others...the estimated delivery times for ALL levels are April. Apologies.

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  • You selected
    Pledge $1 or more

    6 backers

    Perhaps you want nothing but better bike tools to exist in this world. This is your level! In exchange, I will promise to ride my bike lots this summer. I owe that to you! So when I think I am too busy for a ride, I will remember my friends in this category and just say...I must ride, FOR THEM!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $12 or more

    1 backer

    Believer – 1 cool sticker of the Fix It Sticks logo to help you spread the word. You will also get regular project updates. Believers will also be spoken of highly in social settings.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $25 or more

    403 backers

    Tester – 1 cool sticker. 1 set (2 sticks/4 bits) of Fix It Sticks which contain bits of #4, #5, #6 metric hex and a 5mm flathead. You will of course get project updates and will be an important source of feedback for further design refinements of our tools. I will also consider you to be my friend.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $35 or more

    37 backers Limited (113 left of 150)

    Tester 2.0-1 cool sticker. You will also receive my undying gratitude and 1 set (2 sticks/4bits) with the ability to select your tool bits (name any four bits commonly found in hardware stores on ¼ inch hex shanks/1 inch long). Please don’t pick things we don’t make YET. A good way to communicate this would be an email with the following: “YOUR NAME” I backed your project at the $35 level and would like Stick 1=#3 & #4 Stick 2=#5, #6

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $45 or more

    200 backers

    Beta user – 1 cool sticker. And you will receive 2 sets (4 sticks/8 bits) containing a metric hex #2, #2.5 #3, #1 phillips and then another set containing #4, #5, #6 and a 5mm flathead.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $55 or more

    252 backers Limited (23 left of 275)

    $55 – Beta User 2.0-A sticker and 2 sets (4 sticks/8 bits total), with YOUR CHOICE of bits. As a SUPER PRIMO, we will anodize this batch in a limited edition Kickstarter green, so everyone will know that you have exceptional taste and helped us get going! A good way to communicate this would be an email with the following: “YOUR NAME” I backed your project at the $55 level and would like Stick 1=#3 & #4 Stick 2=#5 & #6 Stick 3=Ph & Flat Stick 4=T25 & #2.5

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $99 or more

    31 backers Limited (4 left of 35)

    Early Adopter- 1 cool sticker. And you will receive 1 set (2 sticks/4 bits total) of prototype Fix It Sticks containing 4 bits of your choosing. The shafts on these very limited production run will be TITANIUM (I am not sure if they will be lighter yet).

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $199 or more

    20 backers

    Visionary – A sticker and you will receive 2 sets (4 sticks/8 bits total) with bits OF YOUR CHOICE, also Visionary backers will get custom KICKSTARTER green anodized sticks. Finally you will be considered a Fix It Stick product advisor. As such I will seek your opinion on new products/bits in the future. I have 3 other cycling related products I am working on, please consider being a Visionary supporter to help build this idea into a tool in every cyclists arsenal. Visionary backers will be sent a shared dropbox folder link to see firsthand engineering drawings, drafts, photos, ideas and basically everything that goes into running this project and the other ones coming. If you ever wanted to see how a product gets created and marketed this is your funding level.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $1,000 or more

    2 backers

    Whale – 1 cool sticker. Access to the product advisory panel dropbox drive. And you will receive 2 sets (4 sticks/8 bits total) engraved with your name, some Facebook love and my undying appreciation for your support of my little product. YOUR CHOICE on bits (8) and the sticks will also be in Kickstarter green. Also you will be part of our launch party coming in the Spring of 2013. Depending on demand, this party will be LIGHTS OUT. You will be a VIP at this event and receive commensurate service. Travel to Wisconsin is not included. Also, when you come to Wisconsin we will go for a ride with a sprint finish!

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world

Funding period

- (30 days)