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The user friendly media player with internal storage and a Raspberry Pi heart. Load it with anything, use it anywhere.
The user friendly media player with internal storage and a Raspberry Pi heart. Load it with anything, use it anywhere.
The user friendly media player with internal storage and a Raspberry Pi heart. Load it with anything, use it anywhere.
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    1. FiveNinjas Creator on

      This page is no longer monitored by FiveNinjas. Please use our forums at



    2. Turaj Pilehvar on

      Any word on the replacements for defective units? I've been eyeing one on their website but the communication here looks spotty.

    3. Artyom Lobyan on

      and still nothing...

    4. Vincent on

      been watching this for a while, these comments look frosty...

    5. Artyom Lobyan on

      It can't be shipped to my country(no certification) so still waiting for payback.

    6. Matt Taylor on

      Finally unpacked mine! :) thanks for posting the quick start guides..

      Quick one, the LED lights, dont light up for anything, other than when it boots? is there a setting somewhere?

    7. Artyom Lobyan on

      I haven't recieved anything! Why?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Dear Creator,
      dear FiveNinjas-Team,
      until now I didn't received my Slice. Can you send it to me or refund my Money?
      Two Months ago, I have send you a Message via Kickstarter, but you didn't respond.

    9. Yevgeniy Vishnevskiy on

      Hello. Let's consider ups shipping S a return of my Slice. Please refund my money.

    10. Yevgeniy Vishnevskiy on

      Hello again. I think ups did their job by returning Slice. Any ideas when it can be sent to me via regular mail?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Peacock on

      I might be being really dim here but how do you set up the slice? Had mine in a bit for ages and now my old media player has packed up I thought I'd now use the slice...there are no instructions whatsoever? It turns on as I can hear the had but no lights, does not show up when connected to a computer either? Please idiots guide would be great...thanks jeremy

    12. FiveNinjas Creator on

      Hi there. I am not sure we can relieve it. I believe we are trying but until UPS send it back we are unable to do anything.

    13. Yevgeniy Vishnevskiy on

      Hello, Ninjas

      It's more then a month since I asked you to get Slice back to you from UPS, but looks like it's still there. I told you that I can't get it via UPS, and you sent me an OK notice. UPS # 1Z8A1E460447680743

      Please do something already....

    14. John Raffin on


      I still don't have my Slice - what is going on???

      I've emailed and Paul Beech but I'm not getting anything back since November.

      Last message in Nov was - UPS can't deliver to a PO box - so I'm sure I've updated with my physical delivery address since then in my correspondence.

    15. Yevgeniy Vishnevskiy on

      Hello, Ninjas

      It's been a month since I asked you to get Slice back to you from UPS, but looks like it's still there. I told you that I can't get it via UPS, and you sent me an OK notice. UPS # 1Z8A1E460447680743

      Please do something already....

    16. FiveNinjas Creator on

      HI Krzysztof - could you mail me again at with your details. We don't appear to have any mails from you so far. Mo

    17. Krzysztof Bzowski on

      I was trying to contact you via kickstarter and email - I did not get any answer. I did not get my Slice. AFAIK it returned to you because delivery guy cannot reach me. Can you send it again? I will cover additional shipment cost.

    18. FiveNinjas Creator on

      Hi Anthony.

      Will also reply via email but we can send you a replacement remote. Just let us know your address.

      You (and anyone else) can get a quick start guide here...…

      And help at the following links...

      How To Videos…

      Slice Wiki…

      Slice Forum…

    19. Anthony Peacock on

      Received my slice and the remote wont work even tried a new battery. Second point there are no instructions on how to bring up the menu at all ?

      So I have a box that does not work. I would like a reply to this email -

      If not reply if furnished then as I can see on here people are not happy - I will start a class action in the UK.

    20. Missing avatar

      brian hughes on

      Love the slice but the battery life for the remote is rubbish. It seems if left it will drain the battery without being used which leaves you hunting for a button cell grr. Anyone know if slice is using a some sort of kodi standard for ir ie is it possible to buy a replacement that takes normal AAA or AA batteries?

    21. Terry Chang

      hi guys, can you get atmos trueHD7.1 to work?

    22. Simon Jenkins on

      I've had my slice for a while now and I've got to say I'm pretty impressed but there are a few small problems I'm having. One is the remote is very hard to use because every time I press a button on it it, it double taps or triple taps which makes it very hard to type and the other problem is the lack of an on button (but that is an easy diy fix).

    23. actpeace on

      Congratulations but i have not received my Slice or an email asking for my address. When will i receive it? thank you.

    24. Ingo Poller on

      Finally arrived today �

    25. Missing avatar

      James Tattersall on

      My 2tb Slice arrives today at 13:05 - phew a long wait just hope it is as good as I think it will be

    26. Steve Cooper on

      Could be I've just had an email as well from pimoroni for a delivery on Friday

    27. Missing avatar


      Is the email from pimoroni ltd about delivery?

    28. Steve Cooper on

      Had my address confirmation request, now waiting in anticipation for my 2Tb model. What's the uk shipping carrier and will it be on a next day delivery?

    29. FiveNinjas Creator on

      All remaining units are going out this week - inc 2Tb models ;) You'll get a mail soon... If you don't for any reason please mail us directly at and we'll look into it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Snelling on have not received an email to suggest that I need to confirm my address for shipping. Can I expect this very soon?
      Thank you,

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul Snelling on

      There are only 150 to ship? Does this include the 2TB units? I have not received an email to suggest

    32. FiveNinjas Creator on

      We have some left to ship... they will be out this week. Cheers. Mo

    33. Vince Milner on

      10 Oct:

      "4) We have 300 units left to ship. 150 of these are shipping Mon/Tuesday. The rest will ship with the next 10 days. Then we are done!! "

      The 10 days will be here in a few hours, but I don't seem to have received any shipping notification.

    34. FiveNinjas Creator on

      Hi Thomas. Thanks for the kind words, makes the whole thing worthwhile knowing there are people out there enjoying Slice. The delays have been frustrating for everyone but thanks for hanging in there :) Mo

    35. Thomas Butera on

      The slice is a great product. I have been enjoying mine thoroughly. Any questions about using the Slice, please go to their forum page. There are a lot of answers there that help.

      @Mo, I am very happy to be a backer and customer. Delays were expected. You handled things excellently, though it appears some disagree. Keep doing things the way you are doing them.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mats Thell

      Just received my dual pack of slice(s). (Finally). Great quality except the batteries in the remotes, they where both drained. Have just start playing around with one of the slice and It work great. Now I only need to figure out if Plex can work on it.

    37. Anthony Peacock on

      hey crew mine slice came with no instructions and does not bring up the Menu when I plug it in can you email the instructions please. Your videos do not show the actual settng up of the slice

    38. FiveNinjas Creator on

      You pledged through Kickstarter campaign. You are a pledger. You buy through Shopify you are a retail customer. Simples :) we value both but there is a distinct difference.

      Slice will be with you soon. We hope to ship all units this week.

      Thanks for your messages.


    39. Brad Braddels Mace on

      It's not though. I have backed a Kickstarter but as you have been taking pre orders on your website, you are also a business. There's no denying that. You also have a registered business address and there's a landline number for your registered address. So you are a business, it's just the point I came to be a customer of yours, you were only on KS. I get the difference, I've backed a few kickstarters but yours has had the most delays with the fewest updates.

      This could go back and forth forever so I'll leave it with this, Hopefully the product you have come up with is worth the wait.

    40. FiveNinjas Creator on

      At this point this is a Kickstarter project Brad not a business. You are a pledger not a retail customer. Most people get the difference some don't.

      We value every pledger and have done our best to get this project out there unfortunately we've hit some delays that were out of our control.

      I appreciate your sage advice on all of this though. You will get your slice very soon.

      Once the Kickstarter has finished you can use the forum or our email for questions and support.

    41. Brad Braddels Mace on

      1) thanks
      2) I know you didn't call it an update, and that part of the comment was in no way directed towards yourself. side project or not is irrelevant to me. If you can't deliver you shouldn't be doing it. A lot of people who have backed you will have demanding jobs and have spent their hard earned money on a Slice and 12 months laters 300 of us are still waiting.
      3) so I'm blocked by association? That seems totally unreasonable to me. I have no issue with you blocking the other person, but blocking me because I didn't swear and was having a conversation with you. Wow, that's really great.
      4) thanks for the update
      5) saying you haven't got the figures isn't good business. Customer service should all be about serving customers needs, and if that requires you to find something out, then that's what you should go and do. Instead you've decided to say "I don't know" (which I respect you for because there's no point in lying) and then leaving it at that.

      Enjoy your holiday Mo and hopefully I'll get my slice sometime soon :)

    42. FiveNinjas Creator on

      HI Brad! Let's break this down...

      1) Great to hear from you as always.
      2) The 'update' was just a quick response as I am currently out of the UK on holiday with my family, Other members of the team were away in Berlin and NYC. You have to remember this is a side project for us. We all have very demanding jobs. We do our best.
      3) You are blocked on Twitter due to being actively involved in a conversation that included bad language and offensive language. You didn't use bad language but you were complicit. It's pretty much public knowledge we are running late but I always communicate with people and have answered literally thousands of questions.
      4) We have 300 units left to ship. 150 of these are shipping Mon/Tuesday. The rest will ship with the next 10 days. Then we are done!!
      5) I have only ever been respectful and considerate to people. Even when it has been hard to do so. I joke around but always answer questions and have tried to be very open with people. If I say I haven't go the figures - I haven't got them.

      On that note - thanks so much for your feedback, as ever.


    43. Brad Braddels Mace on

      I wouldn't really call it an update as there is no useful information there. And it is in the comments and not a real update that all backers will have seen. If you have 150 going through final testing when will you start shipping? Now the can't be a difficult question like "how many do you have left to ship?" But then again you don't have access to the figures for your business all the time (they should be imprinted on your brain) so maybe I should give you a break?

      Oh and I noticed I'm still blocked on Twitter despite the fact I wasn't rude. Maybe you're worried more people will actually see your lack of communication

      As the link next to the "post comment" button says "be respectful and considerate" that applies to you guys too

    44. Missing avatar

      luke johnson on

      Thanks for the update mo, very much appreciated

    45. FiveNinjas Creator on

      Hi guys. We only have 300 (of 1500+) Slices left to ship. To give you an idea of how close we are now - we have 150 assembled and going through final tests before shipping and we have the hard drives on order for the remaining (and final) 150. This will all happen in the next week or two. Then... we are done!

      Then all that is left to do is ensure everyone received everything and then I will be getting hair plugs and going to a 6 month sweat lodge retreat where they play white noise 24/7 and spray me with ice cold water.


    46. Missing avatar

      Michael Lankers on

      Still waiting too ....

    47. Vittorio Conza on

      Hi All,

      Can anybody help? my Slice Perspex LED light does not work, do I have to do something to enable it or is it faulty?

      Thanks in advance Vic

    48. Missing avatar

      luke johnson on

      The same as John

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