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This film addresses tough topics like abuse and mental illness through intimate storytelling. Please check it out!
This film addresses tough topics like abuse and mental illness through intimate storytelling. Please check it out!
118 backers pledged $6,967 to help bring this project to life.

We just passed $6,000! And more good news.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported our Kickstarter campaign. We're so close to getting it funded!!  A few minutes ago we passed the $6,000 mark. Thanks Kirk, for tipping the scales.  

These next few days will be crucial to the campaign. If you have some time, please reach out to 5 friends and ask them to kick-in $5 each. Or even $10.  All of the Kickstarter money will be well-utilized toward post-production and early distro costs and related expenses - which are abundant. 

Of course we appreciate large donations, but I think every single dollar counts because it demonstrates to potential future funders, like foundations, that people care about these issues and are interested in supporting changing men and boys. So if we go over $6500, that's less money coming out of my pocket, and more support to show to foundations.

I also have to give a shout-out to my cousin Mike for a huge donation, to Shea, Marcella and Ms. Palmer for a very generous combined donation, my partner's parents for their support and the Wholespace Collective for really getting the ball rolling early on in the campaign. Also, many thanks to folks like Blake, Ted, John, Paul, Mike, Kathleen, Satoko and Brent. Sorry if I did not include your name, we still appreciate your support!

We are hard at work this weekend finessing our grant application to the The Fledgling Fund.  I met up with Nancy Schwartzman (director of The Line Campaign) yesterday who's consulting w/ the project to imagine our outreach campaign and share her astounding brain power.  On Friday I met with Sheila Aminmadani regarding outreach as well. She will most likely join us as an Outreach and Community Engagement person.  Today I met with Sam Feder - the Producer - who is keeping me in check and bustin' my chops about getting this darn film done, which I'm thankful for. And moving forward w/ raising more $. 

We plan on doing some fundraising house parties early in February & March 2012. If you are interested in helping out in that regard, please get in touch.

Then I chatted for a bit w/ Joe Samalin of Men Can Stop Rape about accountability  - both on a personal level and in the men's movement generally. Accountability is something I'm really struggling to understand and come to terms with as a man who's fucked up badly and working to change.  And ideally this project will contribute to a conversation among men about what accountability means, and moving forward with this work. Organizations like Challenging Male Supremacy are on the frontlines of accountability, so it would be interesting to hear from them about this issue.

Finally, I'm meeting w/ my one of my favorite humans and advisors Kelly Anderson later today - to go over the application. She's told me to "cut the cord" with the film and move forward w/ the outreach and distro side of things. So that's what we're working on now!

 Thanks again for supporting the project.

Much love,



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