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The coolest, easiest way to pay at millions of retailers using your Pebble smartwatch. Leave the phone behind. Just tap and go!
The coolest, easiest way to pay at millions of retailers using your Pebble smartwatch. Leave the phone behind. Just tap and go!
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We have a transaction!

Posted by Fit Pay Inc. (Creator)

The team has been heads down on our most significant milestone to date: completing a successful live transaction at a real-life retail location. Without further delay, let’s go to the video: 

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This test has been replicated numerous times in a variety of settings and the prototype is performing reliably. This is a major step forward, which we hope demonstrates our continued progress. While there are still many significant steps ahead in order to deliver a finished product, there were more than a few loud cheers from the team when the point of sale machine beeped and spit out the receipt. In case you’re wondering, the first item purchased with Pagaré: a Slim Jim. It now hangs on the wall in our offices. 

In addition to completing the infrastructure needed for a live transaction, we continue to work diligently on all of the milestones that we outlined previously. 

Here’s a brief status report: 

September Milestones

  • OS Certification - The initial certification was missing a key piece of functionality that needed to be corrected which required a re-certification effort. This moved the certification completion to the end of October but the good news is that is just about here. This move didn’t impact our schedule since we were able to use the pre-certified versions for testing, which allowed us to continue to move forward.
  • Firmware v1.0 - The current version of the firmware is working and can process transactions, as you saw in the video, but it is not at v1.0 for release. We continue to refine the edge and error cases to make it robust for general use. We are revising the schedule for a November release of v1.0.
  • Prototype EV3 (including security changes – eSE chip) - The EV3 prototype was completed and is the version that the team has been using for field testing.   

October Milestones

  • Card Association Integration - As our field test shows, we have successfully integrated with a card association this month with others coming shortly.
  • EMVCo Level 1 Certification (device functional testing) - We have moved the certification date to November, but based on our debug and field testing, we are confident that the prototype will pass with flying colors. This includes the new OS burned on the eSE chip and the NFC antenna modifications to make it EMVCo Level 1 Compliant .
  • iOS (Standalone) Pagare App  - We have made good progress on the iOS application this month, but some refinements are needed before it is release-ready and officially v1.0. These are minor changes that will be completed in November.
  • Android (Standalone) Pagare App - The Andriod application is a bit behind the iOS version, but will also be ready in November.

We appreciate our Backers’ patience and understanding as we work through the challenge of delivering a groundbreaking product. In our next update, we will share our standalone mobile application, so you get a first look at the user experience.

Thank you for your continued support! 


The FitPay Team

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    1. Alberto Roura on

      With the Pebble announcement regarding Fitbit my interest in this project increased, I wouldn't have my new Pebble Time 2, so I'll be able to actually use Pagaré with my Pebble Time.

      Now even this project got down. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a bigger problem.

    2. Michele Goffinet Schartung on

      Are you going to offer cancellations/refunds? While it already was annoying to wait 5 months from original ETA, now the brand and it's support are dead.

    3. Cherisse Gardner on

      Given today's announcement by Pebble re: FitBit my interest in this watchband (and Pebble) has waned. Given I don't yet have your products (watchband and charger) can I get a refund?

    4. John Lyden on

      And now the Pebble is no more. What do we do now?

    5. Missing avatar

      John Sikirica on

      I am looking for a status on the Fit Pay project, it is December 2016 when do you expect that this product will be completed and delivered to the people like me who have signed on and spent our money? Please advise? John Sikirica

    6. Fit Pay Inc. Creator on

      @Matt - We will post an update for November milestones this week.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt Perry on

      Oh and by the way, what happened to:
      "My commitment to you is that we will get better and keep you up-to-date more frequently."

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt Perry on

      Most of your milestones give a November completion. It's nearly December and there's nothing posted. I doubt you will be shipping anytime soon but I'm starting to think it will never ship.

    9. John Bergoon on

      Can I cancel my pledge?

    10. Stephen Hanson on

      Sorry you prob get asked this all the time , but when are you shipping?

    11. Matt Stone on

      Is there any way you can offer a pebble time 2 option for backers. I'm moving on to the new one as soon as it is delivered.

    12. Dean Hope on

      Glad you're still passionate about this and carrying on for those of us who care. With the way people talk on here it must be really disheartening but I still can't wait for my band.

    13. Joerg Droege on

      @Dave Dyer: It was inquired by them back then and most backers spoke out to keep the product compatible to the product they purchased it for. Which is Pebble Time for most people including myself.

      I am certain if that will be a success, they will make sure that their product will come in a version for new Pebble models as well (otherwise it would turn out be a dead product at some point in the future)

    14. Dave Dyer on

      It's a shame it'll be out of date when it's delivered next year. It won't work with the Pebble 2 or Time Steel 2 which we'll all be wearing by then. :-(

    15. Jim on

      Congrats! I think I will go out and buy a Slim JIm and toast your success. ;-)

    16. Abdulrahman A. Al-shebel on

      Nice! Looking forward to using it when it's out~

    17. Jaime Romero Jimenez-Cabrera on

      I like being in the loop. Thanks for the update.