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The coolest, easiest way to pay at millions of retailers using your Pebble smartwatch. Leave the phone behind. Just tap and go!
The coolest, easiest way to pay at millions of retailers using your Pebble smartwatch. Leave the phone behind. Just tap and go!
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Pagaré Milestones

Posted by Fit Pay Inc. (Creator)

Many Backers have asked for an updated project timeline that shows some key milestones ahead. So, we have developed the graphic below to provide a visual guide of where the project is today and where it’s headed from here.  

There are a few important things to keep in mind as you take a look at the timeline. First, many of the project milestones are dependent on each other. What this means is that when we adjusted the product roadmap to accommodate the security changes, milestones that were nearing completion also moved. This significantly elongated the timeframes for many of the milestones that were included in the initial project plan. 

Second, as we have said before, this is a complicated project, so there are several initiatives embedded in each of the milestones, too many to show in one graphic. Progress is being made everyday toward the development of Pagaré. We’ll provide a more detailed explanation of some of key project steps in future updates. 

Finally, please realize that this is a dynamic project with a lot of moving parts. Things could shift in the timeline between now and January. We’ve tried to anticipate the impact of any future challenges that could occur and account for them in the overall project work plan. 

We continue to work hard to produce Pagaré. We hope the graphic below will provide a guide for tracking the project going forward.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support.


The Fit Pay Team



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    1. DarthKegRaider on

      I intentionally didn't support Pebble again because of this project. Would rather be able to Pay, than check my pulse I guess. Good work, and I look forward to my smart band early next year.

    2. Missing avatar

      Pete B on

      @Olly s - see update #14

    3. Missing avatar

      Pete B on

      @Olly S - it won't as Pagaré have said, due to the PT2 heart rate monitor punching a hole right thru Pagaré's electronics. They'd need to re-design from scratch, further impacting the timeline, I guess, for those of us who don't need a HRM or marginally larger screen

    4. Olly S on

      I'm less than thrilled by the delays. I have recently ordered a Time 2 to replace my Time Steel. I may have sold the latter by the time my Pagare band arrives, and I still don't know if the strap will work with the newer watch.

    5. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Bailey on

      I'm glad to see things are progressing. I've been extremely excited about the project, however as a business owner myself, I am a little disappointed in the six month delay so far. This has to be rough on the company, however I still back you and wish you the best of luck. Thanks for the updates!

    6. Vince on

      Geez, I gotten read the old update... Jan 2017...