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The coolest, easiest way to pay at millions of retailers using your Pebble smartwatch. Leave the phone behind. Just tap and go!
The coolest, easiest way to pay at millions of retailers using your Pebble smartwatch. Leave the phone behind. Just tap and go!
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Update from the CEO

Posted by Fit Pay Inc. (Creator)

Hello Pagaré Backers,

My name is Mike Orlando. I’m the co-founder and CEO of FitPay, the creator of the Pagaré smartstrap for the Pebble Time family of smartwatches. In addition to developing Pagaré, FitPay is building and operating a payment platform for any wearable device. We are working with a number of devices manufacturers to enable their products to transact payments, just like Pagaré. Our vision for Pagaré is for it to be the first device to use the FitPay payment platform and the first of a whole new ecosystem of payment-enabled wearables. It is critical part our overall strategy that we cannot and will not fail to make a reality. 

With that, I wanted to reach out to you directly to give you a review of our project and an update of the status of delivery. 

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge that the communications to our Backer community have not been good and have fallen short of your expectations. Please understand this isn’t due to a lack of commitment to the project or a lack of desire to keep you informed of our progress. We are largely an engineering team and this is our first crowd-funded project. Frankly, we underestimated the demands of managing a Kickstarter campaign after all the fun of watching the pledges roll-in ended. The passion and enthusiasm of our Backers have been incredible, but effectively communicating with the community is new ground for us. We will continue to navigate through it as best we can. My commitment to you is that we will get better and keep you up-to-date more frequently. 

It is important to understand that what we are doing is a HUGE undertaking. As many Backers have pointed out, we are not just creating a smartstrap – which alone is a massive project – we are enabling an entire ecosystem to support it. That includes collaboration from the card networks, their issuing banks, the standards bodies that rule how security is managed, and manufacturers of the security elements needed to operate safely in a retail environment. 

Our team has decades of payment industry experience, so we have the relationships and technological capabilities necessary to make it all come together. That said, we are creating a new paradigm for the entire payment industry by opening payments to a whole new generation of devices and completely changing the consumer payment experience. It is a complicated endeavor that takes time. As Pagaré Backers, you will be the forefront of this change and we need your help and support to make it a reality.

Now, where are we with Pagaré? We kicked off our campaign in February not knowing if we would be successful at achieving our funding goal. Once we did, we put our energy behind delivering. As we described in prior updates, we have had some design challenges along the way. The good news is that the final prototypes are here! The design issues are solved and not only do the prototypes look great, but also are able to complete a successful point of sale (POS) transaction. Here’s a first look:



More good news: the pre-ordered Pebbles are shipping! For those of you that ordered a new Pebble along with your Pagaré smartstrap and responded to the survey you wanted a pre-shipment of your smartwatch, it is on the way. We expect U.S. deliveries to start arriving within 7 -10 days. International shipments will take a bit a longer.     

Now, the hard part. We have talked about design challenges that we have had in other updates. Another challenge we are working through is that security requirements of the credit card industry have changed since we completed our campaign. As I stated earlier, what we are doing is new ground. Ensuring that the payment credentials on Pagaré, or any similar device, are secure is paramount. 

We had this solved in our electrical and mechanical design of the first prototypes, but when the rules changed, we had to adjust. We’ve made great progress and have the full support of everyone involved, but these changes and the other design modifications have cost us valuable time. We have certification schedules established with the major card networks, but it will cause a delay to our Pagaré functionality being accessible at retail locations. This was a risk outlined in our campaign and one we did everything possible to avoid. 

So, the burning question: what is our new delivery timeline? Based on our current manufacturing timeline and, more importantly, the certification schedule from the card networks, Pagaré will be ready to ship by January 2017.

We recognize that this is much later than our original timeline and we sincerely apologize for that. The complexity and unexpected challenges of this project have caused our schedule to extend much longer than anticipated. The new delivery date is based on conservative timelines that we are working hard with all our partners to shorten. We will make every effort to ship Pagaré to you sooner, if possible, but we don’t want to deliver Pagaré to you until it’s fully ready to use in a retail environment. 

As I shared above, Pagaré is a key initiative for FitPay that will prove the model for our entire payment platform. It is a project that we will complete despite the many challenges we have encountered. Our backers are a critical part of our team and we are grateful that you have chosen to join us on the journey. We are changing the way consumers pay, and you are making that change with us. 

On behalf of my entire team at FitPay, I want to thank you for making Pagaré possible. We remain committed to bringing you a quality product that you’ll LOVE. 

 Best regards, 


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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Avradeep Chakrabarti on

      I have no plans to get PT2 as no interest in health apps etc.
      Pagare looks like cool tech but unfortunate the wait is so long.
      I would advise the Pagare team try and get the straps out for Xmas 2016 - Worldwide!
      Let's hope you guys actually get this product out and it's not another KS lame duck.

    3. Jesmond Darmanin on

      this unfortunately makes very little sense... by that time (+ any new delays!) most will have either upgraded to the latest pebble... due to personal preference for the new smartwatch... or else have to replace due to any faults, theft/loss of device etc... this project seems to have missed the boat.

    4. Jeff Buford on

      My first thought with the opening paragraph was that, "no, frequency of updates has been pretty good actually." And I can appreciate delays with the credit card industry as I've worked with them in the past -- but this is a huge delay that had to have had some foresight that could have been sent sooner. Now I'm more inclined to agree with a number of comments, this will basically be something that rarely gets used now. Use the extra time to go back to development and make a PT2 strap available with this extra time.

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston

      I think one issue in the update that people are either missing or simply don't appreciate the magnitude of is the requirement to certify with the card networks. Having been though that multiple times ... it's always painful and always takes loner than any rational adult would expect. I imagine most readers would be dumbfounded to know how lacking in automation or even computerization that process is. As in, the certification rep with whom you're working is typically validating the structure and content of your transaction by eye, comparing what they think they see against what they think the protocol documentation from their own company says, and they can be wrong about either - or both.

    6. Josh Grant on

      Really disappointed that you've chosen to announce these delays just a month prior to the original completion date. Surely you were aware of delays much earlier and chose not to divulge this to the backers?

    7. Hoder Jensen on

      @WNJ85 Except they don't live up to promises off delivery in July. Kickstarter's own guidelines recommends they should accept refunds, when a project suffers from big delays or shortcomings.

      If they are not going to accept with refunds, they will be hit by chargebacks.

    8. WNJ85 on

      @Vavrinec Cermak there are no refunds, you have not purchased a product, you've pledged money to a company with an idea!

      @Luis Fabiani as i have replied on the Comments section, there is no Pebble Time 2 minus HRM. It is however reported that there should be a Pebble 2 without HRM after the Kickstarter though.

    9. Nick Dilworth on

      Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Working in Financial Services I sympathise but at the same time I very much doubt I will have much use for this now I will have a PT2 later in the year. That's a shame.

      I would happily double my pledge if it meant PT2 compatibility.

    10. Vavrinec Cermak on

      Unfortunately, I will have to request a refund since I do not even plan to use my Pebble Time Steel in January 2017. I preordered PT2

    11. Missing avatar

      Luis Fabiani on

      So, correct me if I'm wrong. Pagaré current version -square, not the round version- will be compatible with:

      - Pebble Time 1 (old but without expected replacement in January 2017)
      - Pebble Time Steel 1 (obsolete by January 2017 thanks to Pebble Time 2)
      - Pebble Time 2 without HRM (available after KS PT2 delivery)

      So it will still continue being compatible with some available smartwathes at launch. But it won't be compatible with PT2 w/ HRM, the expected jewel in the Pebble catalog on January 2017.

      As said by many people, previous discussion about working in the compatibility for PT2-HRM is suddenly under a new light. I understand that having 2 product, one for each version of PT2, can increase the production, storage and distribution costos. If I would you, I would really use that extra time that you're getting because of the delay in the infrastructure part to study design alternatives for the Pagaré strap. I would also use the new knowledge to try to get a modular strap that can be adapted easily to future design changes in Pebble design, or even adapt to other manufacturers. As you say, you're in the business for a long-term business, not only this strap. That extra investment in R&D would benefit you and also us, as we would get a product with more expected life.

      Just a suggestion.

    12. Hoder Jensen on

      I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but that is not an acceptable delay with Pebble Time 2 launching before that. I can understand, you can't change your design this late to support for PT2, but launching after PT2, that is an unacceptable solution.

      I will be requesting a refund.

    13. Daniel Jehle on

      wearable is a disrubtive and fast moving market. As a Backer, I am ok for these delays, but think that it makes no sense to continue to invest in current PT model . Early next year I'll definitely switch to PT2.

    14. Matt Langlois on

      As a Canadian backer does this mean that our watchstraps will be delayed by 6 months from the expected date of Nov. 2016?

    15. Adam Wood on

      I do understand the risks of kickstarter (see Jolla tablet). I'm not angry at all, but I am concerned that unless you find support for the PT2, all your hard work will be pointless. I would bet that the majority of people who backed this project also backed the PT2. It would be a shame to see you develop these straps and then see them rarely get used.

    16. Jim on

      RE > "More good news: the pre-ordered Pebbles are shipping! For those of you that ordered a new Pebble along with your Pagaré smartstrap and responded to the survey you wanted a pre-shipment of your smartwatch, it is on the way. We expect U.S. deliveries to start arriving within 7 -10 days. International shipments will take a bit a longer."

      Here a simple heads up would have been appreciated ( and several weeks ago I did ask FitPay) - especially for an email with a tracking number - if there is one. I don't relish two Pebble watches sitting on my front porch if I am out of town for several days, I'd like to watch the delivery progress so I can alert someone, assuming someone is available, to go pick up the package for me. So now their incompetence or irresponsibility, whichever the case may be, is placing a unwarranted burden on me and possibility others. I now feel the entire project is dead, but it was a gamble and that part I accept. I hope I do get the existing product I paid for.

    17. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston

      As someone who is actually in the banking industry, and has spent far too much time immersed in the realm of EFT specifically, I appreciate the update and understand the challenges you're facing.

    18. Dean Hope on

      @Pau how will it be outdated? As far as I know there is no other way to do payments with Pebble coming out before them.

      @Adam this is kickstarter, you're backing a product and not preordering one. You knew the risks when you gave away your money.

    19. Missing avatar

      Adam V. on

      And now it is time to talk refunds. By next year I will have no use for this. If this ever gets shipped I won't even be able to sell it. Just more electronics garbage that get thrown in the drawer.

    20. Pau Tomàs on

      Delays are expected and part of the risks. And as somebody said Kickstarter is backing and not preordering. So fair deal here.

      That said, if Pagaré is truly a key product for the company I can only say good luck with that. By January 17, you're going to ship an outdated product to the market. I really hope you have a plan B for supporting Pebble 2 (or whatever Pebble might have announced by then). Not even expecting it to be available for backers, just that your product line isn't limited to Pebble Time.

    21. Tumor on

      Man, this news sucks but not unexpected. Just didn't expect another 6 months of waiting, but whatever. I am still excited for the strap. I don't understand that people still expect a new strap with Pebble Time 2 functionality, but whatever.

    22. Dan Kim on

      Thanks for the update! Keep on keepin' on, team. It's clear you guys are facing some rough decisions and unexpected changes. It's unfortunate that things have snowballed into such a significant delay, but just wanted you to know there's people out there who understand and appreciate your vision and the work you're putting into making it real.

      Haters gonna hate. I, for one, am happy to have supported your vision regardless of the outcome, and hope you don't let the backlash and harsh criticism dim the dream. Lessons are expensive, but worth it when put to good use.

      Rock on!

    23. Missing avatar

      Gary Spencer on

      Pebble Time 2 compatibility would make sense now. I was hoping to get some use out of the smartstrap before upgrading to a PT2.

    24. Dean Hope on

      The start seemed so hopeful and prototypes look great. Looks like January will be an exciting month getting both my Pebble Core and my Pagaré.

    25. Ish Ot Jr. on

      Thanks for the update, Mike - your explanation was respectful and well-crafted. I was previously in favor of "delivering what's promised" vs. delaying to explore PT2 compatibility, but with this new timeline, is that something that can be considered, given the immutable certification timeline? :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Stevens on

      Glad to see you guys are still working on it and getting the payment system figured out now. At the speed technology moves the pebble time version will be obsolete by the time it ships (a lot of us early adopters will probably have PT2 or other brands by then), but I look forward to seeing the next versions and products you guys come up with that support the payment system.

      Kickstarter is backing and not preordering, and I'm happy to help a company with a great product get off the ground, but I do hope I can actually use this awesome product before I stick it on eBay or in a drawer in favor of a new watch.

    27. Eneko Muñoz Hornillos on

      I find this announcement a total joke on us, the backers. Now we have to wait half a year to get the smartstraps when they should've been ready to be shipped around this time? And you expect us to believe that you didn't know this was on the works? I asked multiple times during previous weeks if the production was on schedule for the expected delivery and even on the previous update we were told that everythig was as planned. Now we face a 6-month delay.
      And the worst for me personally is that I won't be living in this country any longer by that time. How do I change now my shipping address?

    28. Agent Gold on

      Thanks for the update. Delay news is always a bit disappointing, but it comes with the territory. Do your best to get it out as soon as you can, but don't sacrifice any quality in the process. It'll be worth the wait!

    29. Missing avatar

      Henry Allen on

      As soon as I saw the buzz term "paradigm" you completely lost me.

      If you're going to delay that long then, I agree, compatibility with the new pebble should be a focal point.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ash Howarth on

      Dang, gutted it'll arrive after I recieve the new pebble time 2. I reckon you're going to be seeing a vast amount of unused pagare straps on eBay come January through no real fault of your own.

    31. Jonathan Ruse on

      If you are delaying it by that much can you add compatibility with Pebble 2 then? I accepted the delay that adding it would cause too many problems with a timescale of this summer (especially as the new watched don't come out until autumn/winter) but if delivery is already delayed by 6 months can you not add it as an option?

    32. Rick Flashman on

      No round prototype?