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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 4 2014
pledged of $60,000pledged of $60,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 4 2014

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Algo-Bot Contest: Try to Win :)

Posted by Fishing Cactus LLC (Creator)

Hi Folks,

To promote a little bit our Greenlight page and try to reach top 100, we are running a little contest in which you can win a Playstation 4 or 1 out of 50 Steam games. 

I know that some of you have already voted for us on Greenlight, so it would be sad to miss your chance to win. So, all you have to do to complete your participation is to go to our contest page and enter it.

Link to the contest:

There will be 3 ways to win this game: 

  • 31 x Random Gamers who enter this giveaway will have a chance to win Playstation 4 and 1 out of 30 Steam Games. Only one will win the Playstation 4. 
  • 10 x Gamers with most Referrals will have a chance to win 1 out of 10 random Steam Games. 
  • 10 x Random Gamers who Shared and Liked one of original announcemnt posts will have a chance to win 1 out of 10 random Stean Games.

List of games available to win: 

  • 3 Steam keys for Saints Row IV 
  • 5 Steam keys for Legends of Aethereus 
  • 1 Steam Key for Horizon 
  • 2 Steam Keys for Broken Age 
  • 5 Steam keys for Sleeping dogs 
  • 2 Steam keys for Banished 
  • 2 Steam keys for Starbound 
  • 5 Steam keys for Darkout 
  • 5 Steam keys for Fist Puncher 
  • 5 Steam keys for Postmortem 
  • 5 Steam keys for Tetrobot and Co. 
  • 5 Steam keys for AErena – Clash of Champions 
  • 5 Steam keys for Survival Squad

Good luck! Talk to you soon.

-The team

Let’s create a Kickstarter all together

Posted by Fishing Cactus LLC (Creator)
Hi Folks!

Hope you’re doing well.

As said in our last update, we had with Algo-bot’s Kicktarter some communication issues and a visibility problem. As we promised it, we seriously worked on our communication plan.

This update is to inform you about the results of our brainstorming. As you know it, we asked you for ideas to improve Algo-bot’s Kickstater and we took them into account.

Many of you had great ideas, so first of all, a big thank you for the support you showed us!

So, here is a list of the modifications we plan to implement:

  • We will insist more on the fact that Algo-bot is at first a puzzle game! We will no longer speak about the code dimension of the game because it’s a bit confusing. According to some of you, programmers don’t need us to tell them that the game is about coding to notice it. So, we’ll target puzzle lovers, not programmers anymore and we are going to change the title to make it more understandable for everyone.
  • We are working on a commented gameplay video with sounds and developers commentaries to make it more appealing than the existing gameplay video.
  • We will give you more information about who is Algo-bot, about what its purpose is and where is he situated. So, more about the backstory in general.
  • As you suggested it, we will rebuild our presentation video by offering more game play video and making it shorter. In this video we will answer the question “why Algo-bot is unique?” Talking about the main video, do you think we should keep the trailer?
  • An Algo-bot website is currently in development too! We are also going to change the description text on Kickstarter, order and size, to make it simpler to read. 

If you, lovely backers, have more ideas feel free to contact us, it’s never too late for a good idea! Thank you again for your support! Let’s do it hand in hand.


-The team

Kickstarter momentarily canceled

Posted by Fishing Cactus LLC (Creator)
Dear Backers,

We are profoundly grateful to those of you who backed Algo-Bot but the Kickstarter has to be momentarily canceled for important modifications.

It stills only 10 days to go and we still haven’t reached the 10% threshold of funding . Except if by an unexpected miracle the game raises $55,000 in a week, we won’t make it. Let’s be honest, the project raises approximately 150 bucks a day. No need to tell you that it’s not enough.

A deep analysis of our project and your comments showed us that we have 2 important problems that must be solved: poor visibility on the project (especially in the US) and the communication of the goals of the project.

The communication

After talking with some of you and reading your comments, it appears that we have serious issues with our communication.  

First of all the message is not clear, what this game exactly is? Is it a game or a learning tool? For whom this game is meant for? Is it for kids, Programmers or programming students?

For example, according to Programmers, the inner-joke headlines were funny but could scare non-programmers. It remains a problem because the game is not only meant for Programmers and can be enjoyed by puzzle lovers? See? The message should be simplified.

The visibility

The press coverage we had represents 2% of the funds we raised which is nothing compared to your shares on social networks that raised nearly 43% of it. Thank you for that by the way!

The error we made here, was to count on press coverage to bring us backers instead of counting on our Kickstarter page to bring us backers and press coverage as a result of popularity.

One says that success doesn’t have to be a goal but always a consequence.


That’s the reason why we decided to cancel Algo-Bot KS campaign for a few months. Just the time to re-arrange the page and make the communication clearer and we’ll be back on Kickstarter. In the meantime our Greenlight campaign goes really well and be sure to spread the word around so the game can continue its ascension.

Finally, you, our beloved backers are welcome to sign up to Algo-Bot Newsletter to keep an eye on the project. Also, if you have any idea to improve the page, let us know! Thank you again for your support!  


- The team

Sign-up page:

News about Greenlight and Project Spotlight :)

Posted by Fishing Cactus LLC (Creator)
Hi Folks,

We just want you to know that currently the Greenlight is doing quite well. We received positive comments about Algo-Bot and we do hope that the people from Steam will help us to get funded.

Don’t hesitate to share the two links as much as you can.



Project Spotlight(s)

We would like to highlight a project that we love and think you will too.

A Robot Story: Learn to count to ten in binary

A board book and animated eBook teaching binary to kids, written by an IBM engineer, CMU grad, and mom that teaches your kid to count to 10 in binary (well, teaches your kid to count to 1010 in binary if you want to be precise). It’s starring two robot brothers, who want to be nerdy just like their mother. Cute isn’t it? Some guys from Fishing Cactus are parents and will get the ebook so, we think that it’s not a bad idea to talk to our backers about it. Some of you may want to buy it for their kids. Cherry on the cake, the rewards start at $3. Come on back this game!

Now live on Steam Greenlight!

Posted by Fishing Cactus LLC (Creator)
Hi beloved backers!

We've gone ahead and posted Algo-Bot on Steam .

By voting for Algo-Bot on Greenlight, you increase the chances that Valve will distribute the game through Steam. This is pretty important for improving the game's visibility, and provides a secure, reliable way of distributing the game files automatically to our users. 

Greenlight is extremely competitive, so if you're excited about Algo-Bot, share the Greenlight link with your friends and vote “YES”! Your move

Thank you!

-The team