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$5,555 pledged of $60,000 goal
$5,555 pledged of $60,000 goal

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Algo-Bot hit Kickstarter today


Dear backers,

Today we launched the game on Kickstarter for the second time. We have now less than 24 hours to do better than the last time! We need your help!

Thank you!

Sophie and the team

Happy 4th of July and Posponed Launch


Hi Folks!  

Yesterday, just before the launch we've been blocked by Kickstarter for a very last verification. Everything's ok with the project and we are ready to hit the platform again! Today, it's the Independence Day and I am sure that some of you would prefer to party today than back a project. so, we'll wait until Monday to make it live!  


Happy 4th of July!!

Here's a new skin for the game!
Here's a new skin for the game!


2 weeks before the reboot and a mini-site


Hi folks! 

In 2 weeks we'll be back on Kickstarter and we hope to find you there! If we could have the 250 of you during the first 24 hours it would really make a difference! 

Meanwhile, we launched a mini-site with the very basics of programming plainly explained. We also did some video of gameplay using some of these concepts. Don't hesitate to share it around you! 



- The team


Our brand new Kickstarter page

Hi Folks !  

Early this week we finished our new Kickstarter page. As promised, you will get to have the first look at this new draft version. 

We followed your suggestions and tried to make it sound less programmer oriented to avoid to scaring puzzle lovers. 

Your feedback is welcome. 

 Thank you! 

 - The Team

Algo-Bot is greenlit!


Hi folks! I am so excited. Finally our Algo did it on Steam! I couldn't wait to thank you for that! Code will rule the world, starting with Steam :)

Thanks again!