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$6,429 pledged of $40,000 goal
$6,429 pledged of $40,000 goal

Facts, observations and tools that could help you for the future!


Hi Folks! 

We really hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks to the Belgian National Day it's was a long weekend for us and most of the team spent some quality time with their friends and families. 

Back to work, we are doing our best to drain traffic on the project, which is not that easy. Here are some facts and observations about the project: 

  • We are 15% funded.
  • There are still 15 days to go.
  • We need $2,276 per day to succeed.
  • Press coverage didn't help that much (brought 10 backers - Thanks to them for the support BTW).
  • 1/8 people that visits our page, back our game.
  • The solution is to get known via social networking
  • I am really brilliant in paper crafting! 

Based on that, our action plan will remain the same. We'll spend hours talking about Algo-Bot on social networks. If you could help (one more time) to drain traffic to the page it would be awesome. You can see the power of your network using simple tools. Here's one of them.

If you shorten a link with you can track the traffic on it. All you have to do is to copy-paste that shorten link on your browser, add a + at the end of it and press enter. Then, you'll know how many people clicked on this link, when they clicked and where they are located. You can do this with any bitly-link. Here's the one I am using for a few months now. Feel free to check its stats:

The fun part

Today, I took a few minutes to build my Algo-Bot papercraft. It was the right occasion to show to $20+ backers how to build it  :) 

DIY papercraft
DIY papercraft
Our Guillaume Derudder was kind enough to take that ridiculous selfie with me :D
Our Guillaume Derudder was kind enough to take that ridiculous selfie with me :D

Just an Idea

We were thinking of creating collector papercrafts with other skins from the game. What do you think? The papercraft would be awesome with the Steampunk skin! 

Another programming game

This guys asked me if we could cross-promote each other. After having a look at their project we immediately said YES. Here the reason why we accepted: 

  • We support indies! 
  • It's a programming game.
  • The concept is quite interesting but needs help to get better.

They only have 31 backers for the moment but I am sure some of you would like to support the project. 

Debugger 3.16 - My daily life as a debug function
Debugger 3.16 - My daily life as a debug function


We all wish you to have a really nice day! 

Sophie and the team :)

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    1. Fishing Cactus LLC 2-time creator on July 22, 2014

      @Andrew: Thank you. We actually can have students playing it.

    2. Fishing Cactus LLC 2-time creator on July 22, 2014

      Thanks for the comment.

      The image is supposed to link to the project. I don't understand what it doesn't work!

      As for the project. Perhaps you're true. What would you suggest to make it more desirable?

    3. Andrew Clunn on July 22, 2014

      When promoting the educational value of a game, having footage of kids playing the game seems to be a huge plus for marketing. Just an idea.

    4. William C Crawford on July 22, 2014

      If the media didn't help much, then the answer isn't "more eyeballs". The answer is "Fix your project to make it more desirable to the 7 of every 8 that don't back it."

      Begging people for social media exposure won't correct that problem. Do I know what's wrong? No. But I know that if you managed to get media coverage and it didn't help, then people aren't interested.

      You didn't actually link to that other project, either. Here ya go: