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A monthly multigenre fiction magazine. We have two goals: publishing great storytelling and fair pay for writers and artists.
A monthly multigenre fiction magazine. We have two goals: publishing great storytelling and fair pay for writers and artists.
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Q&A with Year Two short story writer Jonas David

As of this writing, we are just $68 from $10,000 and 40%, and 2 backers from 250. We are taking a deep breath now over the weekend before we launch into the final week's big push on Monday. 

Q&A with Jonas David

Why are stories important, and what compels you to be a storyteller?

Our lives are made up of stories. Whether you are entertaining your daughter with tales of your grandfather’s sailing adventures, or complaining to your drinking buddy about the jerk who flipped you off in traffic--you are telling a story. Stories are how we communicate ideas, opinions, and memories. Stories are how we hypothesize, predict, and imagine. Stories are our manifested ability to empathize. Stories are a large part of what makes us human.

I tell stories partly because I know how I feel when reading them, and I’d like to make others feel that way. Another part is simply an addiction to the satisfaction of creation. Even if no one was around to read them, I think a part of me would still want to write stories.

What are your favorite kinds of stories to read?

I like something that makes me think a new thought or feel a new feeling. Above all, I like a story that surprises me, whether that be with a clever plot twist, an amazing new idea, or an unexpected break from the status quo. I love having my preconceptions yanked out from under me in small ways and large.

Are those the same kind of stories you like to write?

I think so. I want to entertain people, and the only person I know for sure how to entertain is myself. So I write what I’d like to read.

Your story for Fireside, “Repossession,” is already in. Tell us something about it.

“Repossession” is one of my few non-sci-fi stories, and the only one outside of that genre that I’ve had published. It is about the things we do for survival, and at what point the price of living becomes too much to pay. 

Tell us something about you that doesn't make it into your biography.

I played in an industrial band in Seattle in my early twenties, I used to be a game tester, and I love to sing karaoke!

Jonas David is a science fiction writer born and raised in the Seattle area and currently exploring the many breweries of Colorado. His stories have appeared in Ray Gun Revival, Comets & Criminals and Daily Science Fiction. He listens to power metal for writing inspiration and dreams to one day own a cat. Other writings can be found at, an you can follow him on Twitter @thejonasdavid.


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