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A monthly multigenre fiction magazine. We have two goals: publishing great storytelling and fair pay for writers and artists.
A monthly multigenre fiction magazine. We have two goals: publishing great storytelling and fair pay for writers and artists.
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Q&A with Year Two short story writer Delilah S. Dawson

We had a very good day yesterday and as of this afternoon we are at $6,409, just $91 away from 26%. Thanks to our new backers!

Also, I did an interview today with Publishers Weekly Radio, which has a show on SiriusXM satellite radio Channel 80. The interview will be aired this Thursday during their show at 3 p.m. ET. 

Q&A with Delilah S. Dawson

Why are stories important, and what compels you to be a storyteller?

Some people are hungry to tell stories; others are hungry to hear them. I'm both. I write because it compels me, obsesses me, drives me. I'm the sort of person who always needs a goal, something to strive for, and writing is the perfect answer. In between books, reading is my rest. I need escape, constantly. Which isn't to say I'm unhappy; far from it. I'm just perpetually hungry.

What are your favorite kinds of stories to read?

I like an escape, a story that can't be put down. The main characters are the keystone of any story, and they must be so real that I care about them as if they were friends. I fall in love with characters who are bigger than life and yet just as flawed. And I crave some aspect of magic or serendipity, something outside of everyday life. The writing must be tight but beautiful, so smooth that it never draws me out of the story. The dialog must be realistic, even if the action isn't. And I love to get lost in a series: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, The Original Sinners by Tiffany Reisz, The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, to name a few.

Are those the same kind of stories you like to write?

Mostly, yes-- I read what I write and write what I read. I would love to write stories that obsess people as much as those books obsess me, but I also want to stay aware of my limitations as a writer. Historical accuracy and reality will never be my fortes. I like to create worlds in which I make the rules; that way, my research can't be called into question. Magic and demons are always a good answer. Still, I try to read outside my genre to respark my brain with something fresh.

Tell us a bit about your Blud series, and are you planning a story in this world for Fireside?

The Blud series is based on an alternate reality: a world called Sang that's like a funhouse mirror overlay of our world. In Sang, a mutation caused part of the human population and much of the fauna to become blood drinkers. To accommodate vampire animals, the people developed steampunk technology, and to combat predatory people, they developed high walls and all but ghettoized the blood drinkers. Wicked as They Come is the first bok in the series and follows an Atlanta nurse as she wakes up in Sang and falls for Criminy Stain, the magical blood-drinking proprietor of a traveling circus. It's a steampunk romance adventure that was originally written as a fantasy with the romance aspects added in later; thus, it's very readable whether you consider yourself a fan of romance or not. My story for Fireside will take place in Criminy's caravan.

Tell us something about you that doesn't make it into your biography.

Before becoming a writer at the age of 32, I was an artist specializing in murals and had several shows around the southeast. I will soon be reopening my Etsy shop with artwork based on the Blud books. There are also perfumes and soaps based on my books at Villainess Soaps, I keep hoping someone will get a bludbunny tattoo one day... 

Delilah S. Dawson is a native of Roswell, Georgia, and the author of the paranormal romance Blud series for Pocket, including WICKED AS THEY COME and an e-novella, THE MYSTERIOUS MADAM MORPHO. The second book in the series, WICKED AS SHE WANTS, and a second novella, THE PECULIAR PETS OF MISS PLEASANCE, will be out in spring 2013, and her first YA, a creepy paranormal called SERVANTS OF THE STORM will be available in spring 2014. RT Book Reviews has called her "a wonderfully fresh new voice!" Delilah is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Georgia Romance Writers, and the Artifice Club. You can also read her product reviews at and, where she is an Associate Editor. Find her online at and on Twitter @DelilahSDawson. Bring cupcakes.


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