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A monthly multigenre fiction magazine. We have two goals: publishing great storytelling and fair pay for writers and artists.
A monthly multigenre fiction magazine. We have two goals: publishing great storytelling and fair pay for writers and artists.
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Update and Q&A with Adam P. Knave

Welcome to Week 2 of the Kickstarter! We are getting very close to $6,000, which is 24% of our goal. Thanks for helping to spread the word on and off line. We live and die by word of mouth.

We are going to start posting Q&A's with our Year Two contributors on weekdays. We will be combining those with the updates so you aren't getting more than one message from us per day. 

First up is Adam P. Knave. He co-wrote the comic in Issue One. (And did a Q&A then too.)

Q&A with Adam P. Knave

You have a comic out now, Amelia Cole & the Unknown World, (co-written with D.J. Kirkbride, art by Nick Brokenshire, color assists by Ruiz Moreno, letters by Rachel Deering), being published by Monkeybrain comics. Tell us a little about it. 

Amelia Cole is the story of a woman who gets tossed into a much bigger world than she was used to, literally. She loses everything she knew and has to start over and constantly has to decide to do the right thing or not, and more importantly how to do it. She does not always make the right choice, of course.

It's a story of magic and science and other worlds. But it is also a story about growing up and taking responsibility for your life, and being a good human being.

We also have an eight foot tall golem, bouncing teleport balls, and a magic wand that is also a steel pipe wrench.

You've said in the past that one of the reasons you love comics is the collaboration. What do you like so much about that?

Working on comics is like getting to hang out with your best friends and shoot the shit while someone points a gun at your cock and tells you they'll shoot it off if you don't tell them the code to a language problem in a language you don't know. I adore it.

You have this odd puzzle to solve: You have a story and you talk it out and everyone involved agrees and then someone writes it. Then someone else interprets those words and draws it. Except their interpretation is different than yours. So you adjust the words to fit the art all of which started with the words which started with...

I just love the game of it. The creativity, the seeing what other people do with the same idea, the building and layering all to something bigger and better than any one of the people involved would have come up with solo.

And what do you like about working on prose, which is a much more solitary pursuit, at least in the writing stage?

As much as I love playing with other people, I do also like to be selfish. I like the feeling of it being me versus a page. Everything will come down to my ability to translate a story into words that convey what I feel. It's solo combat and very powerful. Love both, for their own reasons.

Prose is also my first love. I grew up wanting to write novels and stories. I still do.

Do you have other projects you are working on now that you can tell us about?

I have a new comic series launching in early March that I can't talk about. A comic mini-series out this summer I can't discuss yet and a novel I am waiting to hear back from a publisher about that I can't talk about. Oh, also I'm working on another novel and have the next two after that planned. ...yeah.

Tell us something about you that doesn't make it into your biography.

No, Brian. No. I've been playing your game this whole time and I don't care any more. You hit me with THIS question? Is this a joke? AM I A CLOWN HERE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, BRIAN? Is that what this is? No! You hired me to be a writer! Not a Mrs. America contestant! I'll answer your "questions" but this? This is a Boy Scout trying to get a merit badge for talking to old people who can still beat him with sticks when no one is looking. BRIAN. If you follow my meaning. BRIAN. Is this thing on? Are we recording? Because, pan that camera over here, because I want to tell you something, Brian. I want to, no, sit down and listen to me. See, you think this is funny, right? Locking us all up in here, telling us this is "part of the Kickstarter" and "Have you guys seen Saw" and then fine, we humored you and I might only need seven toes and nine fingers but now this question? No more. Just understand that when you wake up and your internal organs have been replaced with broken glass and dead roaches that you have me to thank. That, Brian, that is not in my biography. Are we good, then? Are we done? I thought so.

Adam P. Knave is an Eisner and Harvey award winning editor and writer who has written fiction (CRAZY LITTLE THINGS, STRANGE ANGEL, and STAYS CRUNCHY IN MILK), comics (AMELIA COLE, THINGS WRONG WITH ME, stories in TITMOUSE MOOK vol 2, FIRESIDE MAGAZINE issue 1, and many more), and columns for sites such as thefoonote, TwoHeadedCat, Comics101, PopCultureShock, and MamaPop. He was also one of the editors of Image’s POPGUN anthology. You can find him online at  and on Twitter @adampknave.


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