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A monthly multigenre fiction magazine. We have two goals: publishing great storytelling and fair pay for writers and artists.
A monthly multigenre fiction magazine. We have two goals: publishing great storytelling and fair pay for writers and artists.
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Issue 15 is live! And Year 2 is Complete!


 You can jump straight to Issue 15 here.

And here we are, at the end of Year 2. Thank you, again, to everyone who has made this possible, the Kickstarter backers, the new subscribers, the writers. Thank you to Galen Dara for the wonderful art that has brought every issue to life. Thank you to Pablo Defendini and Kirk Biglione for building our beautiful website. Thank you to our families and our friends. Thank you, most of all, to my wife, Lauren, without whose support, advice, and love Fireside wouldn't be possible.

We're going to take a month off to do a little work on the website, edit the stories we're buying from our submissions period in June, and get Year 3 in shape. We'll be back on Sept. 1, on a new schedule of publishing the first Monday of each month. Lilith Saintcrow's serial is already written, and man, are we looking forward to getting started on that.

But! In the meantime, we have Issue 15, the finale of Year 2. Our short story is Sun Tea by M. Bennardo, the tale of a minor league pitcher who has brewed up a surefire path into stardom. In flash fiction, we have Megan Grey's Missing, a haunting trip into a memory, and James Darrow's Reversal, where a man gets a chance to fix his last, fatal mistake. And, in Part 12 of The Forever Endeavor, Chuck Wendig ties off fate's threads for Dale, Walt, and even Dave ...

Thank you for reading.

-- Brian White

Issue 14 is live!

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You can jump right to Issue 14 here.

We’re down to the final two issues of Year Two! Wow, that kind of went by fast. In such a good way.

We seem to have a theme again this month, totally by accident. Our three stories this month all slide beneath the earth in one way or another. Our short story is D.B. Starler’s Good Ghoul Gone Bad, where we meet Lola, an undead adventurer who needs some help from her ex on a most disagreeable task. It doesn’t help that she wants to kill him. Galen Dara’s art for the story is fantastic. (Spoiler alert: Tentacles!)

In flash fiction, David Alex Shepherd takes us to the Silver Hill Hotel, where cheaters definitely do not prosper. And in Guard Post by Paul O’Donohoe, we face a security system that’s spoiling for a fight.

And in Part Eleven of Chuck Wendig’s The Forever Endeavor, Dale and Walt are finally together — and they’re in deep shit.

We're opening to submissions June 1-30

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Fireside will be accepting submissions of flash fiction and short stories from June 1-30. You can read about what we're looking for here!

Issue 13 is live!

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You can jump straight to Issue 13 here

We have three stories with one-word titles this month, and they all deal, in different ways, with love and loss. I swear I didn't plan it that way when I was putting the calendar for Year 2 together, but there it is. Serendipity.

Our short story is David Jonas' Repossession, which takes us into the den of a loan shark who has an unusual payback option. (With the usual wonderful illustration by Galen Dara, who was recently nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist.) In flash fiction, we have E.C. Ambrose's Carver, a sharp moment in the life of a frayed family, and Martin Cahill's Vanilla, which welcomes the Apocalypse with... ice cream! And in Part Ten of Chuck Wendig's The Forever Endeavor, things are spiraling away from Dale ...

Issue 12 is live!


 You can jump straight to Issue 12 here.

Our short story for April is Jason Ridler’s Rocket Ship Nirvana, a non-genre story set in the summer of 1994. It follows a teen trying to navigate her anguish over the death of Kurt Cobain, who passed away 20 years ago this month. Galen Dara has a typically wonderful piece of art to go with it. In flash fiction, we have Katie Pugh’s Reborn, a sinister little tale about a mother, and Rob McMonigal’s Not So Super, which shows how most of use probably would react to gaining super powers. And in Part Nine of Chuck Wendig’s The Forever Endeavor, we start to see Dale’s plans take shape …