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New fantasy RPG classes, monsters, and lore from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with art by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.
New fantasy RPG classes, monsters, and lore from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with art by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.
New fantasy RPG classes, monsters, and lore from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with art by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.
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Rob Heinsoo: The First Backer-Created Monster - Devil of the Fangs

I'm smiling about the first monster brought into 13th Age by a fan contribution to 13 True Ways!

General Ironicus is our first backer at the $550 Diabolist level. Diabolist backers can pitch a monster concept to me and Jonathan, and we'll work with you to turn it into a monster for the expansion book. Diabolist-level backers also get a signed illustration of their creation.

We wanted to give you an idea of what that would look like, so with Ironicus' permission, we started work on his monster now so we could share it with you as an update.


Here's the starting paragraph that Ironicus gave us:

"The monster is called the River Devil, a beast of seething malevolence that lurks in The Fangs. Most creatures are happy to scavenge shipwrecks, the Devil makes them. The idea is that the River Devil is a stationary head, with a biting beak and ink that sprays to disorient adventurers. The twist is that it is always surrounded by tentacles with the ability to push enemies nearer and nearer to the chomping beak. Your wizard can't just stand back and fire energy bolts all day this time. The first idea I had when I read the mook rules is using them to make one 'creature' out of a mass of others that can be gradually worn down, and the River Devil came from that thought."

World Background

I suggested a bit of 13th Age backstory involving the creation of the Midland Sea, and brought in the idea of creating a class of monsters, with the Devil of the Fangs as the worst of the bunch.

Initial Sketch

Aaron McConnell was more excited about the Devil of the Fangs than the general river devils. He created the freaking glorious initial sketch you see at the bottom of this update. Both Ironicus and I are amazed.


Here's the current text for the Devil of the Fangs that Ironicus and I have agreed on. We'll get to stats and more details and write-ups later. Ordinarily I would do it now, but I'm working on getting 13th Age into layout this week!

Devil of the Fangs: When the Blessed Emperor pacified the Midland Sea, most of the terrible giants of the deeps swam out into the Iron Sea. But some of the great krakens moved onto land. They converted their deep magic into river magic and became the river devils, armored squid-like monstrosities capable of heaving themselves from one river to the next, always avoiding their ancient home. The very worst of the river devils made deals with the Diabolist to become devils in truth. The most terrifying river devil of this age is the Devil of the Fangs. The Devil torpedoes through the river networks that give it its name in a squid-like form before heaving itself onto land with tentacles shape-changed into taloned arms.

Rob Heinsoo
Founder & Lead Designer, Fire Opal Media

Want to work with Rob, Jonathan, Aaron and Lee on a dungeon, monster or NPC of your creation? Back 13 True Ways at the Dungeon Maker, Diabolist or Legendary Bard tiers!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ironicus on September 10, 2012

      I'll get a tattoo of the final art for $5000, a steal compared to the game with Rob and/or Jon. For $15000 I'll have it placed somewhere visible while wearing business casual.

    2. Missing avatar

      William Brown on September 10, 2012

      How much do I have to donate to get Ironicus to get a tattoo of that monster?

    3. Omni Desol on September 10, 2012

      Hey, nice one, Ironicus! Sweet idea!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ironicus on September 10, 2012

      Hey look! That's me!