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New fantasy RPG classes, monsters, and lore from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with art by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.
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Shipping Status: Final Batch Goes Out Next Week


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This monk kicks!

Dear 13 True Ways Kickstarters, 

Thanks to the work of a bunch of good Fire Opal people who are not me, the last of the 13 True Ways goodies (dice, postcards, prints, special thingamajigs) are in the process of going out. I'm happy with our final results! 

The Dragon Riding issue of 13th Age Monthly should have reached you last week. The dice were a journey into dark manufacturing terrain but the unique results made it worthwhile. The postcards turned out great and it's highly likely that we'll flesh out some of the concepts presented on those cards in future installments of the 13th Age Monthly. (And speaking of the Monthly, the discount for 13TW backers for a monthly subscription is still in the works, coming soon.)

While Jonathan and I are busy putting together another 13th Age book, this one 13th Age in Glorantha, Kickstarter has a different 13th Age book running right this moment. The Forgotten Monk is a novel by Greg Stolze. It's funny, humane, and packed with lethal violence and you should check out its Kickstarter, especially since one of the early stretch goals ensured that there will be interesting 13th Age stats associated with the novel attached to the rewards. 

As I type, Greg has blasted through his initial goal and stretch goals that provide backers with cool new fantasy fonts he's created as well as new short stories by Patrick O'Duffy and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. Greg's book is now stepping towards a stretch goal that will summon me to the keyboard to write a short story using his characters! I loved the novel and am pretty excited about the chance to tell a different story with a few of them. I don't count my rocs until they hatch from the mountains, so I haven't thought seriously about what I'm going to write, But at the rate the Kickstarter is moving, I think I'll get to count rocs soon! 

yours in the whirling kick, 

Rob Heinsoo

Download Your Dragon Riding PDF Now


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Backer Rewards Are Shipping


Behold the first batch of backer rewards to go into the mail! (Rob Heinsoo and Fire Opal Media designed the Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game, which is why the packages are being moved around in Catalyst boxes. We had a lot of them on hand.) 

Here's the shipping schedule:

  • Rewards and add-on packages for backers in the USA, except for the Alchemist tier and above, will be mailed in batches over the course of this week.
  • Packages for everyone else -- including Alchemist tier and above, as well as all International backers including those in the EU-- will be mailed in batches January 26 through January 31.

When I say "in batches" I don't mean that you're getting multiple packages -- each backer will get one box with all the items they're due in it. There's just a lot of boxes to pack and ship, so we're sending them in waves.

Keep an eye out for yours!

- Wade

Packing the Backer Rewards


Packing backer rewards for shipment! We'll post details on timing soon.