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New fantasy RPG classes, monsters, and lore from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with art by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.
New fantasy RPG classes, monsters, and lore from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with art by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.
New fantasy RPG classes, monsters, and lore from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, with art by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.
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    1. Brendan Robert McCann

      I never got dice or anything but the book, what do I do?

    2. Fabrice Merlin on

      Received today in Amiens, northern France. Those dice are gorgeous.

    3. Richard Green on

      Hi, not had my postcards yet. I'm in the UK. Cheers.

    4. Tucker on

      Arrived in Vancouver on Friday, and those postcards are *gorgeous*. The dice are not so shabby either.

    5. Andy MyHR on

      Hello, NC, USA here, still have not yet received dice/cards/etc. Is there a more direct method we can use to find out if these have shipped?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Boucher on

      Thanks, I'm relieved that the shipment isn't lost in the mail.

    7. Fire Opal Media 2-time creator on

      Ken, Sylvain, the shipments to international backers were delayed. They should all be out by the middle of next week.

      Steve, have you gotten your shipment yet?

      - Wade

    8. Ken Pawlik on

      @Sylvain Boucher: I've not yet received my dice. Perhaps the packages to international backers haven't been sent yet...

    9. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Boucher on

      Anyone else have not yet received their dice? Should I be worried?

    10. Missing avatar

      Steve Shearer on

      I still haven't received my dice or postcards here in the SF Bay Area. Is it likely they are still in the mail or did they all go out a long time ago? I'm not in a huge rush, but I want to make sure it is reasonable that I wouldn't have received them yet.

    11. Fire Opal Media 2-time creator on

      Ryan, as far as I know there are no plans to sell more of the dice. If that changes we'll say so here. Glad you liked them and the postcards. --Rob H

    12. Ryan Blackstock

      Any chance that more sets of these dice will go on sale through the Pelgrane Site?

    13. Ryan Blackstock

      I just received the dice and they are BEAUTIFUL. I love the postcards as well! It was a long wait, but definitely worth it!

    14. Fire Opal Media 2-time creator on

      Hey Omni Desol – There’s a lot of excitement on our end, too. About the dice rings – after the initial run of 100 for Pelgrane limited-edition core books and a smaller number for Fire Opal Media, no more were produced. We did indeed reserve a handful of rings to include in rewards for Alchemist ($300) level and above, and they’re going out next week. - Demaris

    15. Omni Desol on

      I'm excited that the rewards are all in good order and shipping! Sadly, I'll be in for a bit of delayed gratification, as I'm studying abroad for the next five months. Luckily, someone will be waiting to collect and secure the package in the appropriate treasure vault.

      Question: In update 46, there were some talk of icon dice rings. Whatever happened with those? Did they reach the minimum order? I remember that the update promised a gold ring to backers at the $300+ level, regardless.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Boucher on

      I sure hope there were not rabid weasels in that box... ;)

    17. Ryan Blackstock

      @Fire Opal Media: Did you get the dice?

    18. Missing avatar

      Iain MacKenzie on

      So, a few weeks ago a bookplate arrived for me in the UK, but no sign of the leatherbound 13 True Ways yet. Should I be worried about that or are they still shipping?

    19. Fire Opal Media 2-time creator on

      I just posted an update on the dice. Encouraging news, though we'll see how they look when we have them in our hands. Unfortunately the people who make dice are on the other side of the world, so when they go silent there's not a lot we can do except keep emailing and calling. We hope we're near the end of this long and difficult process.... - Wade

    20. Missing avatar

      Jacob Trewe on

      So, what's the skinny on the dice and other outstanding add-ons?

    21. Ryan Blackstock

      Still waiting to hear more on the dice. Its frustrating that 2 other Kickstarters have launched ( Glorantha and Dracula Dossier) we are still waiting on the dice.
      I have no clue why after 2 years the dice are still in the manufacturing stage.
      @Fire Opal Please dont let the low charisma bard do the negotiations witht he dice factory from now on, just send the high Charisma Barbarian whose one unique thing is "He straightens people out and gets the job done".

    22. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Boucher on

      So, how are the rewards coming along?

    23. Randy Nichols on

      Pledged at the Duke level and have the True Ways book and Book of Loot( from Gencon) ,but have yet to get the Dice and Tshirt, Are they almost complete? Also, have we been given a chance to give our shirt size?

    24. Ryan Blackstock

      How about a Status update about the Add-Ons? Last update on them was September 5. Where are you at with the dice (allegedly you would have them by end of September), and the postcards and digital wallpapers?
      I'm bugging you about it because I love this game.

    25. Missing avatar


      Did someone in Germany get his book(s)?
      I neither got my 13 True Ways nor my Book of Loot etc.

    26. GhostWolf69 on

      Still nothing here..... *deep breath*... Time to wait some more...

    27. GhostWolf69 on

      @Trodax.... Aaaaaarrrghhj! And here I am with no way to leave early to check my mailbox! Godnamit! ;-)

    28. Trodax on

      I received mine here in Sweden the other day. Gorgeous book, nice and sturdy! So be patient guys; they are coming!

    29. GhostWolf69 on

      Yeah I still don't have a thing here... Does anyone have a Potion of Angelic Patience to spare?

    30. Ryan Percival

      Any updates for us second class non-US/Canada citizens? I still haven't seen my copy of the book yet. Are you guys shipping to us yet?

    31. Fire Opal Media 2-time creator on

      Great question about PDF updates. We need to talk with Pelgrane Press about how best to ensure that you have access to the latest and greatest version of the book PDF.

    32. Fire Opal Media 2-time creator on

      The postcards you've seen at conventions aren't the Kickstarter postcards - they're either promo cards or organized play cards.

    33. Fire Opal Media 2-time creator on

      I hope the recent update answered you guys' questions! To recap: 13 True Ways copies will arrive in the UK for shipping to non-US/Canada backers in mid-September.

      If you're in the US or Canada and still haven't gotten your book, please email and Cat Tobin at Pelgrane will check on its status.

      Various add-ons and non-book rewards are in process and will be shipped in one bundle when they all arrive.

    34. Robert Phelps on

      I live in Maryland (USA) and still have not received my copy yet. Do you have a tracking number that I can type in to check on the status of my 13 True Ways copy?

    35. Erekose on

      I live in the UK and I've not received mine yet either. Do we know if they've been sent to anyone outside of the USA yet?

    36. Missing avatar

      Obscure Injoke

      Still waiting on the book in the UK and a reply to my message querying this .Sadly!

    37. GhostWolf69 on

      Still nothing here... Malaysia got theirs and we are still waiting... this... is... torture...

    38. Ryan Blackstock

      I saw some of the postcards laying around at Gencon, so I think those are at least done. It would be nice to have some info about the other things (wallpapers, an official statement on the postcards, not just the Dice Set, but the Icon Die, the Escalation Die, and the Special Icon Die that was all Prince of Shadows).

    39. Missing avatar

      Mr. Anthropy on

      Just out of curiosity, is there any timeline on the leatherbound editions?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jacob Trewe on

      Got the 13 true ways book; looks very pretty! Just waiting on the dice, postcards, etc. Eastern USA.

    41. GhostWolf69 on

      Still waiting here in Sweden... :-(

    42. stevec on

      A quick question. I noticed (meaning, someone mentioned it and I confirmed) that there are a couple of differences between the print 13 True Ways and the June 26th PDF. Is there a plan to update? Have I just missed it.

      And: got my book, great job with EVERYTHING: packing, quality of the book, communication. Great job guys!

    43. Matthew Wang

      Got my 13 True Ways today! Thanks.

    44. Ryan Blackstock

      How long until we get the Icon Dice, Escalation Dice, Dice set, etc?

    45. Missing avatar

      Nithhogr on

      Disregard previous comment. I'm going to be able to access the PDF because I just went and bought the hardcover. Kicking myself that I didn't pledge enough to get it in the first place but I don't mind giving you some more money, 13th Age is worth it.

    46. Missing avatar

      Nithhogr on

      So, I know I got an e-mail about the PDF but now I can't find it. How can I download my copy of the PDF if I deleted the e-mail?

    47. Marcelino on

      beautiful beautiful book can't wait to hold it in my hands

    48. Kazekami on

      Yeah! Finally! Thanks for this amazing tome!
      One question regarding the PDF: In case of an update, will we also get it?

    49. Melanie Newcomb on

      Wow, just briefly glancing over the PDF at work, it's absolutely wonderful. You guys have done an amazing job.

    50. Tucker on

      Holy cats, the PDF is gorgeous. Also amazing, but we could have guessed that from the beta releases. Nicely done!

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