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Heritage Seed Co. is an organic farm collective designed to reintroduce lost varieties of plants in both soil and online. Start Saving!

Heritage Seed Co. is an organic farm collective and a online community building project.

Our mission is to bring back the lost foods of our country and teach interested gardeners the value of fresh. local, and heirloom produce.  We are also going to provide support and encouragement for more to plant gardens and seed save/trade. We are committed to preserving the past with the help of modern technology and social media.

Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter Tomato is one of the varieties we are saving.  But we are also saving the Paw Paw a fruit bearing tree that tastes kind of like a banana and is native to our region.  We have a diverse list of starters that will grow as the project grows but this is a slow process and it will take many years to root some of the varities.

Heritage Seed Co. has targeted 30 plants on the Slow Foods Ark of Taste endangered foods list that we are planting in our green houses and then we will sell the plants and seeds at farmers markets, garden centers and Food Coops.  We will provide an empty seed pack and give instructions on how to save seeds.  We are also going to provide online education, via video, Q & A, instant chat, and live video streaming.  We are also going to pull content from the cooperative extensions and agricultural universities around the country.  We will have a comprehensive resource center that will help all growers and willl eventually represent the entire country.  The website will be free to use and build with open source tools so others can use the site and the code.  One of the things most valuable to the seed saving collective will be the mapping system that will allow us to see how the group is expanding and where/who is growing.  We are building the site over the next three months and the website will serve as a communication tool,  as an educational resource and finally by mapping the progress of the Heritage Seed propagation.  The website will be a digital meeting place and will also being the starting point of seed saving and seed trading.  The site will be well designed, will have lots of photos, great content and will inspire more people to plant gardens and support local heirloom farmers. We support the Seed Saver Exchange who donated seeds to us to help get this started as well as the Sprout Fund for investing in local food projects.

All money collected will go to the design and creation of the web site, mapping tools and educational videos. If we raise funds in excess of our goal we will create more seed packs.  Jen Montgomery, Greg Boulos  and Paul Fireman are organic farmers, web developers/marketers and social entrepreneurs.  We are producing three different seed packs that we are printing on a letterpress printer in a traditional style and we are creating a promotional art poster that beautifully illustrates the Heritage Seed Co. brand and mission and could be framed. 

We feel the Kickstarter community is the perfect audience for our project.  Food, art and technology all working together to make the world better with a mission that rewards sharing and celebrates high quality food.  We also are fully committed to sharing our tools so every community can have what we are building.  Please join us and be part of the collective.


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