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Dwell Time - A Short Film's video poster

Plagued by undiagnosed PTSD and disconnected from family ties, an Army officer takes the final steps towards yet another deployment. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on November 26, 2013.

Plagued by undiagnosed PTSD and disconnected from family ties, an Army officer takes the final steps towards yet another deployment.

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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This Thankgiving Holiday finds Team Dwell Time incredibly thankful -- especially for the amazing outpouring of generosity and support the project continues to receive.

THANK YOU to all of you who have come on board Team Dwell Time and made the Stretch Goal happen!  We are so incredibly grateful for your backing and votes of confidence.

As we approach the final couple of hours of the campaign, we're hoping that any of you who are new to our page will consider donating what you can.  We do still need help covering costs associated with the short.  The funds you contribute will help with crew costs and expenses related to post-production including editing and submitting the film to festivals.

Again WOOT WOOT!  All y'all ROCK!

Big hugs and wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday :)


THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed your money, time, energy and social media sharing! Your enthusiastic support has been absolutely inspiring and the entire team is incredibly grateful. 

We’ve been working tirelessly on this project as a true labor of love and commitment to engage the civilian public in the process of finding a better way to reintegrate our veterans. It’s amazing and humbling to arrive at this point and to be the recipient of so much generosity and support. 

Having this funding means we can cover the most important costs associated with principle photography. 

Which brings us to our announcement of our new...


We're on Kickstarter until Tuesday, November 26th at 2:20p PST.

So, in the spirit of the tireless fundraising necessary to getting this film completed, we’re requesting your help us get to our Stretch Goal of another $2,000 here on Kickstarter.

What will this cover (percentages are of the Stretch Goal amount)?

  • Transportation - Truck rentals to move Camera & Lighting equipment as well as set pieces and dressing (50%)
  • Special Camera Related Equipment - Crane, dolly and special lens rentals (40%)
  • On-set Studio Teacher - as a requirement of having children in the cast (10%)

If you're visiting our page for the first time, please help us reach this new goal.  If you've already supported us, please continue to spread the word.

Many many thanks in advance!!!


Dwell Time is a short film that follows U.S. Army Special Forces Captain John “Johnny” Mayweather as he goes through the final steps towards another deployment. Not one to give in to feelings of vulnerability and weakness, he glosses over the personal impact of his wife’s unexpected death and suffers from symptoms of PTSD.

Through Johnny’s journey, we witness the isolation faced by those who are expected to be strong and emotionless in the face of death and loss. Through the characters surrounding him, we explore the impact of multiple deployments on individuals and their families and the devastation caused by undiagnosed and/or untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Major Depression and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).


In the Spring of 2013, helping a friend who was working on an article about veterans struggling with reintegration, Anak began research on the rampant problem of PTSD among service personnel and veterans as well as the challenges they and their families face in creating post-service lives.  In the course of her work, she found that:

  • Nearly one-third of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have contemplated suicide.
  • Approximately 22 veterans commit suicide daily. Last year alone more soldiers died by their own hand than in combat
  • 43% of respondents (out of 4,000 surveyed by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) say they are not seeking mental-health care because of the perceived negative impact on their careers.
  • About 600,000 veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD.  This figure does not include those who have not sought treatment.
  • According to a RAND Corporation study, two-year post-deployment costs to society resulting from PTSD and Major Depression for 1.64 million deployed service-members could range from $4.0 to $6.2 billion, depending on how we account for the costs of lives lost to suicide. The majority of the costs were due to lost productivity.

Troops deployed since October 2001 have seen an historically unprecedented number of deployments and active combat. Deployments have been longer, redeployment common and “dwell time” has been infrequent. Until 2010, troops could be sent out for 15-month deployments and receive less than 12-months of dwell time.

The predicament of soldiers returning to an indifferent economy and a society ill-prepared to deal with the “unseen wounds” of war compelled Anak to write this film. Foremost, Dwell Time is a call to action to the narrative film audience -- to inspire the viewer to advocate for credible solutions on behalf of these men and women who have given so much for our country and our way of life as well as for the families to whom they return.


We need your backing in order to pay for key expenses related to the actual shooting of the short.  Here is how the $5000 we are raising approximately breaks down:

  • Camera and Lighting Equipment Rentals (40%)
  • Production Insurance (20%)
  • Location Rental, Production Design, Set Dressing, Props and Rentals (18%)
  • Catering and Craft Service for the Cast and Crew (14%)
  • Kickstarter and associated fees (8%)

There are other costs associated with the project but these are the ones with which we definitely need your help or the project will not get off the ground.



Hunter Seagroves
Hunter Seagroves

HUNTER SEAGROVES as U.S. Army Special Forces Captain John “Johnny” Mayweather

Hunter Seagroves was born and raised in an Army family (his father is a Green Beret) in Clarksville, Tennessee, about 45 minutes north of Nasvhille. He received his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and moved to Los Angeles in 2010, where he began working with THE STORY PIRATES, leading creative writing workshops in elementary schools and turning the stories into sketch comedy shows for kids and adults. Film and television credits include HOMECOMING, IN TIME, MEDIUM, and I’M NOT A DJ. 

Heather Mazur
Heather Mazur

 HEATHER MAZUR as Dr. Betsy Hilargi Mayweather

Heather was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. In her hometown, she attended Carnegie Mellon University where she garnered a BFA in musical theater and then received her MFA in acting at the prestigious Yale School of Drama. She toured the country as a tap dancing and singing Ruby Keeler in “Jolson,” a musical about Al Jolson’s life. She has performed in New York City on Broadway and Off and moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue more television and film. You have seen her on many TV shows, including CSI NY and MIAMI, THE MENTALIST, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, CRIMINAL MINDS, the hit MTV comedy AWKWARD, and as “Amy Battaglia” in the TV show spin off of the Oscar winning movie CRASH. Zombie fans will remember her as “Sarah Cooper” in the George Romero remake of the film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. She recently shot the lead in a film entitled A LEADING MAN. 

Andrew Lukich
Andrew Lukich

ANDREW LUKICH (Co-Producer) as Alfred “Al” Mayweather, V, U.S. Army Major, Retired

Andrew trained at Carnegie Mellon University. He has made several appearances on shows such as DIRT, CSI: MIAMI, NCIS: LOS ANGELES, JAG and movies such as Horrible Bosses. He has also been featured in other media including the video games BLACK DAHLIA and L.A. NOIRE. Andrew was born & raised in Akron, Ohio. He is a devoted fan of all Cleveland sports teams. 


ANAK RABANAL, Writer/Director

Anak was born in Manila, Philippines, grew up in Maryland and graduated from Stone Ridge Country Day School of the Sacred Heart. Although originally planning to attend West Point, fate brought her to the esteemed Directing Program at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama where she received her BFA with University and College Honors and was an Andrew Carnegie Society Scholar. After graduation, she moved to LA and worked for various producers, including Marty Katz and Lee Miller, before relocating to New York. Immersing herself in her theatre roots, she found herself mentored by the likes of George C. Wolf, Jerry Zaks and Brian Kulich on various on and off Broadway shows. Eventually, she moved on to a field in which her proficiency for development, research and finance converged -- Private Equity as a researchist and portfolio administrator. Now, she's come full circle and is applying both her business acumen and storytelling skills to dedicate herself fully to her dearest passion -- filmmaking and adapting the works of the classical canon for a contemporary audience. She recently completed a short, DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, based on Shakespeare's Hamlet and set in 1928 against the backdrop of the first Wall Street crisis. 

MARK MYERS, Producer

Prior to forming Citizen Skull Productions, Mark developed, produced and wrote projects for BRAVO, HGTV, VH1, MTV, Discovery and HBO. Amongst other projects, he is currently executive producing MOTHER OF THE BRIDE for the Slice Network in Canada and indie feature ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL, starring Donald Sutherland, Rosie Perez and Justin Chatwin. In addition, he has also written over 100 episodes of children's television and scripted the recently released EXIT 33. 

NADIA BAPTISTA, Cinematographer

Nadia Baptista is an up and coming cinematographer from Portugal. She attended both the highly selective Portuguese National Film Conservatory in Lisbon, studying Cinematography, and the historically renowned and respected program at FAMU in Prague. Always one to learn by doing and gaining practical experience, Nadia has spent the intervening years since graduation working as a Camera Assistant both in Europe as well as the United States on countless commercials, short films, features, including the recently completed DEFENDING SANTA, as well as a stint on the television series SPEAKEASY, and is currently pending admission to the local 600 IATSE. Her work as a cinematographer has yielded several award winning shorts, including MORRER and SITIADOS – both receiving recognition at festivals including Le Festival International du Court Metrage de Clermont-Ferrand. She is currently based in Los Angeles. 

DANIELLE LAUBACH, Production Designer

Danielle Laubach is a Production Designer working on both the east and west coasts. Passionate about poignant filmic storytelling, Danielle is an avid collaborator serving as Production Designer on various features, shorts, public service announcements, and educational media; while also enjoying work as an Art Director and Set Decorator. Her work begins with detailed and imaginative textual analysis, then shifting to explorations of photography, art, heightened/ selective realism, domestic accumulation, specificity, and authentic character storytelling to fuel her designs. Originally from Kansas City, MO, Danielle studied Theatre Design and Technology at Avila University, earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts. She was drawn to continue her studies at Carnegie Mellon University, earning a Masters of Fine Arts in Scenic Design and the George Kimberly Award for Scenic Design. She recently completed the production design on two features, HOMEMAKERS and ROVER.

CHRISTINE CASAUS, Costume Designer

Storytelling has been a facet of Christine's life from birth. Born and raised in New Mexico she was immersed in the folk tales and lore of the region, where storytelling has always saturated the culture from precolonial times, to streets with cruising lowrider cars, to modern desert ruins. Costume design is the voice and paintbrush in which she illustrates those stories; maybe with the perfect set of vintage glass buttons, or the perfectly distressed pair reproduction period trousers. Every detail and nuance is a beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking adjective that enhances the entire story and experience for those witnessing it. Imagination, sophistication, gorgeous melancholy, and artful composition of color best describes the worlds which she endlessly strives to compose. Christine received her bachelors in Studio Art from the University of New Mexico and her masters in Costume Design from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. She recently completed the costume design on two features, HOMEMAKERS and ROVER.

 "Start Again" by Sarah Roberts.  Check out her solo album Ladybirds available on iTunes.


Sarah Roberts is a composer, singer-songwriter, sound designer, and actor, and is thrilled to be a part of this project! Sarah has composed music for films, most recently THE CALLBACK, which will debut at the HollyShorts Film Festival in August 2013. As a singer-songwriter, she performs with her band, Ladies Gun Club, and as a solo artist. Sarah is currently finishing her next record, which will be released in the fall of 2013. She has sound designed for Childsplay, Phoenix Theatre, Stray Cat Theatre Company, Partners That Heal, and Benchtop Creative. Sarah has also worked as an actor in films with HBO, BBC, and Third Floor Productions, and in regional theatres including San Jose Rep, Theatreworks, Arizona Theatre Company, Phoenix Theatre, Alliance Theatre, and Southwest Shakespeare. She has toured to France, England and Russia and has participated in the New York Fringe Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival. She received her B.F.A. in Drama from Carnegie Mellon University and currently lives in Los Angeles.


With over 20% of the returning veterans affected by the unseen injuries of war, the functional loss of these men and women reverberates throughout the fabric of our society and has ramifications for future generations, making public discourse an absolute necessity. Contributions to Dwell Time will help bring to life a story that has the potential to have a great emotional and social impact to an audience looking to have their experiences realized on screen. As one veteran said about watching the Dwell Time Teaser: “Watching the promo reminded me of what it was like a few years ago.” 


Dawn. U.S. Army Special Forces Captain John Franklin Mayweather lies sleeping when an engine backfires in the distance. He awakens with sidearm instinctively drawn -- ready for the enemy. Instead, sounds of suburban life filter into the room. Through the adrenaline rush and the massive hangover threatening to make his head explode, he realizes where he is.

After his habitual morning run, he showers and calms his mind by jerking off.

Dressed in his uniform, he finishes breakfast. A loud knock at the kitchen window gets his attention and he finds his twin sister, Mary, staring at him through the glass. In her arms is his little girl, Lizzie, who is holding on to a “Happy Birthday, Dad!” balloon.

Moments later in the living room: A children’s show plays nanny to Lizzie and her twin brother, John, Jr. “Junior”, while Mary’s dogs roam freely. Mary signs multiple legal documents for Johnny while laying into him about his shortcomings until he interrupts her with a gift for the children -- teddy bears that are replicas of those given to them by their grandmother. Mary continues to chatter, papering over the tension as Johnny observes his children. Both seem happy until Junior freaks out. Mary takes him as Johnny dances with Lizzie. The magical moment is destroyed by Junior’s sudden wailing and yet another phone call.

Later that afternoon, Johnny reports to his final pre-deployment mental health evaluation. He mistakes the Psychiatrist’s voice as that of his dead wife’s as she batters away at him with questions. His attention flashes to barely perceptible images of his wife talking into a camera.

Sunset. In his backyard, a peaceful Johnny relishes the primal act of grilling meat on an open fire. His older brother, retired U.S. Army Major Alfred “Al” Calhoun Mayweather, VI, enters -- the very picture of a corporate raider. The brothers engage in banter until Johnny reveals that he’s been cleared for deployment. Al questions the soundness of that evaluation. As the ensuing argument is about to reach blows, the National Anthem plays from within, signaling that the baseball game starting.

Late night: Johnny lies drunk and sleepless. He gets up and searches through his nightstand filled with mementos and settles on a DVD, “To Johnny from Betsy, June 2005” with a handwritten subtitle, “Betsy’s last recording”. In the living room, Johnny watches the video of a heavily pregnant Betsy. She confesses that she’s been relegated to bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy and reveals a desire to divorce Johnny. He collapses to his knees -- eyes staring ahead -- it dawns on him that his sense of self is fractured beyond his control. Unexpectedly, from the couch, Al’s reassuring voice gives him orders to go to bed.

Back in the bedroom, in the same exact position as he was in the beginning, he drifts off to sleep as the sound of helicopter blades drown out the sound of his breathing. 

Risks and challenges

Everyone involved with this project is passionately dedicated to making it a reality and producing a film with the highest level of authenticity, empathy and integrity possible. We hope to surpass our $5,000 goal, but, if we don't achieve that threshold, we won't receive any of the money donated.

Once we are funded, the biggest inherent risk/challenge is potential scheduling conflicts for our actors and/or key creative team.


Since we have been several months in the planning of this project, our creative team has laid a solid conceptual foundation from which to build on. Each of them has also identified qualified replacements should a scheduling conflict arise.

As for scheduling conflict with the cast, we are committed to this casting configuration and will accommodate their timing. We plan to shoot on one of the first couple of weekends in December 2013. However, should an issue arise, we will hold off until we have a set of dates that is amenable for all of our cast members.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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