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Flee, rebuild, maintain, travel through time and get revenge in this 2D Sci-Fi platformer.
Flee, rebuild, maintain, travel through time and get revenge in this 2D Sci-Fi platformer.
Flee, rebuild, maintain, travel through time and get revenge in this 2D Sci-Fi platformer.
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REMIX!! and Stretch Goals


Greetings Temporus Citizens!

This update is for everyone! It might have taken a long while, but here is the big news. We locked down some amazing people for the REMIX album. This is a stretch goal album that will be released after the completion of the initial OST. We also have hammered out where we might add console support.

The Remix

C-jeff has gathered the forces of good and evil together to create a powerhouse team of musical artists. We plan on releasing an amazing Remix album with the artists below. It will take the OST to a new galaxy! Check out some of the artists below if you like music! Please note we are still working out how the remix album will play into the audio packages. Once we sort that out, we will release the details!

Vince DiCola (Rocky IV, Transformers: The Movie (1986))


One of C-jeff's biggest influences as a music composer, Vince DiCola is known by his legendary scores for Rocky IV, original Transformers: The Movie and Saturday Morning RPG. We're honored to announce that Vince now is a part of Temporus' audio world and will perform a remix of the score.

Mitch Murder (Interceptor LP, Kung Fury)


Mitch Murder is one of the most notable retrowave musicians nowadays. In his music he brings that crystal clear modern incarnation of the eighties, which would be an unique addition to the audio side of Temporus. BTW, he is releasing his new album Interceptor LP this month, go check it out! 

coda (TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, Videoball) 

C-jeff's old friend and fellow composer at Ubiktune from its early days. As a creative and versatile musician, coda produced a number of releases, including a team effort with Surasshu for their TREE OF KNOWLEDGE album, progressively synthesized tracer and is currently working on the score for Videoball.

Blitz Lunar (Triptunes)

As with coda, Dave is also one of the Ubiktune's composers from its early days. After featuring on a number of team albums, working on different remixes and covers, he debuted with Triptunes , the album that is a marriage of NES/Famicom chiptunes and audio production, particularly celebrating time-honored FM and retro sounds. We're excited to hear his touch on Temporus music! 

Jeff Ball (Tiny Barbarian, Timespinner) 

Jeff Ball is the classically-trained violinist and violist, that not only performed on such a titles as Mass Effect 3 and Red Orchestra 2, but also produced original scores for number of projects spanning Tiny Barbarian, Globulous and many others. Jeff also played viola part for C-jeff's latest effort Big Steel Wheels, and currently is working on our fellow starter Timespinner.

Aivi & Surasshu (Steven Universe, The Black Box) 

Piano wizard Aivi Tran and fellow chiptune composer Surasshu are one of the most unique collaborations you can hear in the modern video game music. Bonded by their love of classic video games and a fascination for fusing different styles, they released The Black Box, and currently working on music for Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe.

Stretch Goals and Consoles!

So here it is....officially....finally. We broke the stretch goals down as felt best. This allows us to added to the game itself and it's content, and if there is enough demand, add some physical systems. These goals aren't super lofty, mainly because I feel pretty good about porting. I've been porting software between hardware for years, so I know the ups and downs already with performance constraints, network constraints and API constraints. 


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    1. Firebelly Studios Creator on July 6, 2014

      @AfroRyan, what ever the bare minimum is for each system, we will implement. I'll change the text for the stretch, the point was mainly for additional items that aren't in the previous. The major being additional "levels" and some new difficulty.

    2. AfroRyan
      on July 6, 2014

      I hate to point out the somewhat obvious, but putting console goals before the achievements stretch goals doesn't make sense, since achievements on those consoles are mandatory. Soooooo, maybe you meant more achievements? Or maybe you just didn't quite realize that achievements on the PS4/Vita/Xbox One aren't optional. Regardless, any clarification on the issue would be appreciated.

    3. DeafTard on July 6, 2014

      YESSSS!!!!!!!! raising pledge now!