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A watch to transform your perception of time, backed by a genuine philosophy: your time is valuable and your watch should reflect that.
A watch to transform your perception of time, backed by a genuine philosophy: your time is valuable and your watch should reflect that.
A watch to transform your perception of time, backed by a genuine philosophy: your time is valuable and your watch should reflect that.
110 backers pledged CA$ 25,883 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fin Watches Creator about 1 hour ago

      Hey guys,

      Some of you in Asia should have received your watches already, it was sent last week. If you're further away and haven't received a number yet we'll be getting to you soon.

      Ridge, the survey was sent out a long time ago, did you fill it out?

    2. NiKata 5 days ago

      Still have not received anything... Why am I not surprised...

    3. Missing avatar

      Guy L 6 days ago

      Anybody get any shipping info yet?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ridge J Rozier 7 days ago

      Anyone get surveys yet?!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Ridge J Rozier on

      Will there be a survey for the shipping address? I’m no longer at the same address which initially provided!

    6. Sadbassa on

      OK Hin, where are our watches? I'm sorry but the "extra costs for postage" excuse is wearing a little thin... what is the cost difference? If the product is ready and availble, let me know the cost difference and I would consider paying it. If the product isn't ready plese let us know.

    7. Etienne


    8. Etienne

      Anybody interested in mine, if it ever is delivered, let me know... No joke...

    9. Jip on

      What's the status Hin? It shouldn't take so long to send the watch out... It's been a month since the latest update... When will we receive our watches?

    10. Missing avatar

      Todd Lawson on

      Your backers deserve a prompt response on the final shipping date and instructions.
      It has been over a year since we backed this project! No more excuses please. Give us a date on when the watches will arrive.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sarah Lindsay on

      Would love an update on this project. Are we ever going to see these watches?

    12. Sadbassa on

      Starting to agree with the previous comments, we've heard nothing for some time, we've all been pretty patient and we are just getting radio silence now. An update would be apreciated?

    13. Missing avatar

      Todd Lawson on

      Please provide a final completion date this week.

    14. Missing avatar

      Amelia Young on

      Hoping to hear an update soon...

    15. Missing avatar

      Fran Lopez on

      Any news on the straps status, the planning and the schedule?

    16. Fin Watches Creator on

      Hey guys, I don't have enough info for a full update. The factory told me the straps will be done on the 15th. I hope to be able to give you all some good news in a few days. Please stand by!

    17. Missing avatar

      Sean von Stockhausen on

      One month later and we only have to wait for the bands no?

    18. Etienne

      I think Fin watches is FINished....

    19. Aaron Clark on

      Hey Hin! Been almost a month and it sounded like we were very close? Any update?? Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert Fourcade

      Can you please respond to my private message so I can complete the survey. Thanks

    21. Missing avatar

      Nick Miles on

      I haven't heard anything from this campaign in some time now. Is everything going ok? Where is production? How is quality? Any ideas on timing moving forward?

    22. Missing avatar


      To your question in the latest update: I like the new brighter dial better.
      Best regards

    23. Etienne

      great update and thanks for the Nato Strap.

    24. Fin Watches Creator on

      Hi guys, so let me just do a quick update here. The case mould is complete! And so is the dial! I'm waiting to hear back from them about the case back and crown. As soon I receive production samples and look at the quality I will post a full update with photos and progress! :) Hopefully by next week!

    25. John Mai on

      Update please? I understand you may not want to give an update without any developments, but any communication to let us know you're still working on it would go a long way towards providing some confidence in the delivery. Thanks.

    26. Fin Watches Creator on

      Hi Guys, writing an update now! :)

    27. John Mai on

      Hello? The lack of communication is a bit disappointing.

    28. Dave H

      Hon, Hin, Hin, come in and give us that warm and fuzzy.... TIA

    29. Missing avatar

      Amelia Young on

      Any further updates?

    30. Aaron Clark on

      Timeline is quickly coming to delivery.. it looks like you are selling them on your website? When can the backers expect delivery?

    31. Aaron Clark on

      Anything to update on?

    32. Jip on

      Hi Fin, I was hoping that you could give me/us an update about how the project is going so far... Greetings from the Netherlands

    33. Missing avatar

      Amelia Young on

      Still finding it difficult to decide what case I want! Is it possible to see more pictures? And is the polished metals more susceptible to scratches or dents at all?

    34. Etienne

      Yesss just filled the survey. Polished stainless steel with black leather strap.
      Hopefully we get the choice for NATO colors soon as well....

    35. Missing avatar

      Fran Lopez on

      Hey, I already received the survey, but it does not give choices for the free NATO strap from the sharing campaign. Are you planning to make us choose afterwards? Will us not be able to choose? Thanks in advance

    36. Missing avatar

      Jenesee Johnson on

      Hi there, I still have not received an email to confirm my watch options and selections. Can someone please email me???
      Thx Jenesee Johnson

    37. Fin Watches Creator on

      Thank you for the suggestions Clemens! We are going to give a few options on the survey. Were trying to get it to do everyone's initials in ETCHING however that might not work. Look out for the survey and thank you all again for making this possible!

    38. Missing avatar


      Engraving proposals:

      a) To counter "the "SWISS MOVEMENT" at the tip of the pyramid, write "GLOBAL THOUGHT" (outside the circle). Same number of letters to keep the symmetry.

      b) "KICKSTARTER 2017" may be a more conventional thing. Could be shortend to "KS2017", but KS are not my initials, so I would not go for that.

      c) If you are more in Latin: "TEMPUS EDAX" (time [is] eating [all things])

      d) For bean/letter counters: "RUN 1"

      Apropos symmetry: The "SPIRE" inside the pyramid seems to be not in a symmetrical position within its field. Tilting this word counterclockwise a bit would help.

    39. Fin Watches Creator on

      Hi Clemens,

      It means so much that you appreciate our video. We spent a lot of time and love on it. And to the best of our abilities we made sure that it echoes our outlook on life. You nailed it. The irony, the embarrassments, the self indulgence, the silliness, all comes together to make life great. Thank you for understanding us, truly :)


    40. Fin Watches Creator on

      Hi Pwhlee,

      Thank you so much for the kind words and the suggestions! You're right about making this edition a bit more special. We've looked into the design a bit more and there are a couple of things we can do.

      1. On the case back directly below the pyramid there is a space for us to do a laser engraving without spoiling the symmetry of the case back. We estimate we can fit 5-6 characters in that space. Now the question becomes, what should we engrave there to make it special? We are working on a few possibilities but would love to hear some suggestions! Will most likely send out a few options/ suggestion box in the survey after the campaign :)

      2. For future productions we might take away some colour or finishing options, so you might very well a unique colour/ finishing from this Kickstarter!


    41. Missing avatar


      I backed this project for its video. Don't really need the watch (who needs one anyhow?). As a relatively late bird I saw the shorter version first, and it really touched me. The mixture of irony and seriousness about the value of time made my day. Whenever I will look at this watch, it will remind me to care about time - but not too much either. This will make the watch special for me - not its unique features. Countdown the day, measure the heart rate and name it pulsometer. What glorious nonsense - with a sense.
      Hopefully this watch will not only make my day, my week, my month, my year, but my time. Thanks for creating that hope.

    42. pwhlee on

      There are three main reasons why I'm backing this project:

      1. It looks great, which is the most important thing.
      2. Gotta support local. Proud to be backing a venture coming out of the 6
      3. The watch is unique, and I happen to like how it's unique. Doesn't try to do anything drastic or outrageous. It's just a fine-looking watch that I believe many others won't have seen before.

      Which is why I'd like to echo Samuel Molotsky's sentiment. Something to make this first run unique would be truly appreciated by us watch-fanatics. I'm not asking for an engraved number (though that would be nice), and I understand making modifications at this stage might be unfeasible. But perhaps in the second run of this series you might make an altercation in order to keep this first run special?

      -perhaps have a solid face instead of the diamond & track pattern?
      -eliminate or downsize the Spire logo on the back?
      -make the second run non-roman numeral?

      Anything to remind us first-round backers that we were here at the very beginning of Fin Watch's journey will earn you more than one lifelong fan, I am sure :)

      Thanks for putting this all together. I look forward to owning this watch.

    43. Fin Watches Creator on

      Hi Hu,

      Thank you for backing! We got your email and have noted your share :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Hu Hengyi on

      Pledged 2 watches and also sent an email about sharing the project for the Nato me straps

      The 2watches can I have it in brushed and polished silver? Thank you

    45. Fin Watches Creator on

      @James Woot to fellow Canuck!

      @Leith Thank you so much for you kind words! Haha as much as we like shiny things we'll make sure the numbers are printed clearly with dark lines. Also, nothing wrong with squinting Clooney does it all the time and it works wonders for him ;)

    46. Leith Macdonald on

      Someone let an early bird slot go, lucky me! I really love the vintage aesthetic, the quirkiness and the strap options. My one concern is - can I read the dial without putting on reading glasses? (Yeah, middle age sucks.) I have a Fossil watch that I bought online coz it had date dials and day of the week dials, but when it arrived I found I couldn't read them without glasses (which I don't have, coz squinting is far more attractive �).
      I think I will be ok with the actual hours, but the BPM numbers not so much. Making any of the numbers bigger would muck with the aesthetic I'm sure; but maybe just make sure that they aren't super reflective or anything, for the sake of we sad over-40s?

    47. James Anok on

      So glad to see this is out of Toronto!

    48. Fin Watches Creator on

      Thank you so much guys!!! Really glad to have you on this journey with us!

      Ryan: Just share our campaign link on social media and send us a screenshot of it at :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Joey Wong on

      Wooooooooo full backing.

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