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Dear Mr. Watterson is a documentary film that will celebrate and explore the art and impact of Calvin & Hobbes, created by Bill Watterson.
A documentary film about the greatest newspaper comic in the history of the world:Calvin & Hobbes
A documentary film about the greatest newspaper comic in the history of the world:Calvin & Hobbes
359 backers pledged $24,548 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gail Frederick on

      I got my copy a few days ago. Thanks!

    2. Joel Schroeder 2-time creator on

      Hey Brian-- We've been working on making that an option, and I'll address the digital download in our next update. We'll probably send a couple more updates before we actually start shipping.

    3. Brian Van Peski on

      Any idea as to if there will be a downloadable copy? I know myself and a few other backers have mentioned a desire to received a downloadable rather than physical copy of the film.

    4. Joel Schroeder 2-time creator on

      Hey Rosemary--

      No worries, we didn't take it the wrong way. :)

      I've got you in the credits correctly now. We'll likely post another clip before we completely lock them, just to make sure.



    5. Missing avatar

      Rosemary Salgo on

      That should read "good luck and I hope you get in to other festivals". One cannot hear tone of voice in a text.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rosemary Salgo on

      Thank you for the latest update and I am sorry that you didn't get into SXSW and yes I think it would have been a great fit.
      My name is not in the credits and the total of my 2 contributions is greater than $75.00.
      Good luck with getting into the other festivals.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rosemary Salgo on

      p.s. I do hope you get accepted by Hot Docs because then there is a chance that the film club in my area might show it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rosemary Salgo on

      Thanks for the reply Joel. I hope this doesn't appear picky. At the bottom of your e-mail my contribution is listed as $35.00; that was the first pledge and I did pledge a second time.
      The total contribution is more that $35.00.
      Again, Happy Holidays.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rosemary Salgo on

      Hi Joel,
      Thanks for your latest update dated December 19th.

      I have pledged to your project both times you asked and have been receiving 2 updates each time. You can dispense with one of them.

      I printed the copy of the poster and can't wait to show it to my kids and grandkids when they come here for Christmas.
      We are all eagerly looking forward to seeing the film.
      I hope you can take some time for yourself over the holidays.

    10. Shaun James on

      You mentioned in your recent update about blu-ray copies of the film. Is this something that backers will be able to choose at a later date (preference for either DVD or Blu-ray)?

    11. Wagster on

      My name isn't on the website list of contributors/supporters...

    12. Joel Schroeder 2-time creator on

      Hi George--

      This has actually been a great week for Dear Mr. Watterson. A lot has been happening. Our progress continues, and we hope that we are on target to have DVDs out to Backers by Christmas. I know that is still months away, but the end is in sight! It'll be 5 years that we've been working on this project come December...documentaries just take a lot of time.


    13. George Rouse on

      Hey Joel, any updates on when the DVD will be available?

    14. Joel Schroeder 2-time creator on

      hey George--

      Hopefully you got the last update a few days ago. If you didn't get an e-mail about it, just check out the updates tab and you'll see it there.


    15. George Rouse on

      Hi Joel, anymore updates? I'm excited about seeing the finished article. Any idea when the DVDs will be ready for shipping?

    16. Joel Schroeder 2-time creator on

      Yep, Patrick, that's the plan. The bonus DVD will have more of the "scenes" that end up getting cut or shortened significantly, and hopefully lots of interesting interview segments will be online.

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick Doyle on

      Just read Update #17. Thanks! A thought for all the film that is hitting the cutting room floor: Any chance of it being in the "bonus" section of the DVD as well as online?

    18. Michael Askew on

      I second Johan's motion. I would appreciate a downloadable digital copy.

    19. Joel Schroeder 2-time creator on


      I think that can be arranged when the time comes. We've got lot of work before then, but I'll bet you aren't the only one who would prefer a downloadable file.


    20. Johan H. W. Basberg on

      I just realized that I really don't need the actual DVD, and would instead prefer just a downloadable copy. You would save money, the environment and space in my apartment.

      Would that be arranged? A password protected site for downloading the entire documentary in decent quality and iTunes friendly m4v format?

    21. Steve Cottle, Jr on

      Wish I could donate, this comic got me into comics. I love newspaper comics so much I stated saving old comics from the paper. I am glad this was funded I can not wait to get a copy.

    22. Joel Schroeder 2-time creator on

      hey Abigail--

      I wish I could tell you some concrete information about a release. We've got TONS of work still to do, but I do hope that we'll have a finished film a year from now. I know, that sounds like a long ways away, especially considering how long we've been working on the film already. We just want to make the best film possible, and that takes time.

      Thanks for checking in!


    23. Abigail Wright on

      Any word on a release date for this project?

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    25. mike koenig on

      Hey Joel! Thanks for the update! To answer your question, I don't want to hear any movie update specifics. I would rather wait to see the whole finished product, in a large room with a huge screen, surrounded by fellow Calvin and Hobbes fans! Keep up the good work!

    26. Mike Hart on

      Haven't heard anything in a few months and wanted an update! I hope its going well!!

    27. H. Elwood Gilliland III on

      Hey guys I moved and so my contact info has changed... please update your records by messaging me!

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    29. Jordan Kinley on

      My first password for my email when i was in 6th grade was "iamcalvin"

    30. Karl Moll on

      P.S. I'm about to give this project some of the highest praise i can right now: I am extremely jealous of you for thinking of this first!
      Really best of luck! I am so very excited for this project!

    31. Karl Moll on

      There was a quote a couple years ago in a newsweek. someone said something like "there are two types of cartoonists in the world: those who are influenced by Bill Watterson and those that spend all their time trying to cover up the fact that they are influenced Bill Watterson" I've found this to be true. I love me the comic pages, but this is very true. this idea has always stuck with me. i just wish i could remember who said it and the exact wording

    32. Gail Frederick on

      Whee! Good for you! (And better for us!) Can't wait to see the finished product!

    33. Orlando Wood on

      Good luck and congratulations.

    34. adamjrichman on

      Congratulations Joel! Gimme a ring when ya need me! :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Jan Roger Henden on

      Pleased to see that we managed to double the $12,000 goal! Now for the other hard part; making the doc. It'll be a long journey but there is no doubt in my mind that you'll get there. Glad to help out. I read a few pages of Calvin & Hobbes each night before bed and it always makes me chuckle. So to be part of something like this is great.

    36. Chris Bobb on

      Looking back on the entirety of Mr. Watterson's C&H works, I have a hard time calling it simply a comic. It is art. It's not only beautiful to look at, but the content is so incredibly deep. The fact that most of us here have loved these works for going on 20 years if not longer is a testament to how amazing C&H is. I hope my kids someday will love it how I do.

    37. Colleen Forseille on

      I loved reading Calvin & Hobbes so much when I was a teen that I told my best friend that when I grow up, I'm going to have a little blond boy and I'm going to name him Calvin. My Calvin is 12 now & he thinks it's cool that he was named after such an amazing comic strip character. Glad I came across this on facebook!

    38. George Slipknot Manson Economou on

      Heyy i also found this through facebook. Mr.Watterson has changed me in ways un imaginable. Even on my worst days, i would pick up Calvin and hobbes and i would read, no matter how much pain i went through that day or week, it would always light up my day. I just want to thatnk Mr. watterson for his comic strips and for his hard work. Also i would like to Thank the makers and everyone who contributes to this masterpiece. Make a great film! Last few words, when will this come out and where can i see it. Thank you.

    39. Nick on

      I also found this through Facebook and I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw it and still am. I've always wanted to write to Bill (I think we're on good enough terms that I can call him Bill; the man practically taught me the English language) or do something to show how much Calvin and Hobbes impacted me but I never did beyond rereading the comics incessantly and making my own weak imitations from 2nd grade on. I pledged even though I'm officially "college student broke; the way I see it is, without Calvin and Hobbes I would not have the passion for English that I do now and would not be studying and excelling at school. So three bucks is a very small thank you for instilling in me not only for helping me appreciate the finer aspects of the language that I hope to work very closely with when I must give up a bit more of my childhood and graduate, but also for showing me how magical the world is (corrrrrrnball). On second thought, rereading Calvin and Hobbes should help keep me young.

    40. David Moore on

      I saw this link on Facebook and knew that I had to click on it and see what it is all about. I'm glad I did. Immediately I pledged my support for this project because of the tremendous impact Mr. Watterson and his beloved world has had on myself and many, many others. Even now, when I re-read the books, I feel just like a kid again and am transported to Calvin's world. I wish you the best of luck with this project Mr. Schroeder!

    41. Missing avatar

      Sean S. on

      Thank you so much for your hard work and foresight on this project. Like most other people who commented, I read Calvin and Hobbes when I was a kid, and while I was reading them all I wanted was to be able to hang out with Calvin and Hobbes. I bought every book or collection that came out, I would read the book as soon as I had purchased it (most times by the end of the day I'd bought it) and at the end, every time, I would be filled with the same feeling that I didn't want to leave my pals. I moved around a lot as a kid, but no matter where I went, Calvin and Hobbes stayed with me- and even now, I wouldn't trade those books for anything. This is my first time contributing on Kickstarter, and I'm glad it's for such a great cause. I really really hope you get Bill Watterson to do an interview! That would make my day. Thanks again.

    42. Chris Bobb on

      I cut out the very last C&H comic from the Columbus Dispatch on that sad December 31, 1995 day. I now have it framed and hanging on my wall. I truly wish I could get Mr. Watterson to sign that for me, but I know that will most likely never happen.

      Oh well.

      I support this fill with all my heart. Do us the fans, and Mr. Watterson right and make a kick ass film.

    43. Timothy Shane Mitchell on

      Every time I think about this project I get goose bumps!
      For real,
      I have financially supported this film because I have always wanted to meet Bill Watterson, and just say, "Thank you so much for your art, and your passion"

      And that is the specific goal of the film!
      I hope at the end of the day Mr. Watterson actually watches the movie, and by extension he has heard me say what I have longed to say.

      For the love of God,
      Tim Mitchell

    44. Missing avatar

      macattack161 on

      Dear Joel,
      Thanks for taking on such an ambitious and wonderful journey. Calvin & Hobbes has had such an impact on my life, I can't begin to tell you. Mr. Watterson has touched so many lives, I'm sure he can't possibly phanthom how important and awe inspiring his work is. I remember back in the days when his work was in the Chicago Tribune reading C & H was one of the first things I would do in the morning. And if there were days I missed I would specifically go to the library to read what I missed. Good luck!

    45. Keith Rivers on


      How'd you get Seth Green to interview? Can you write me an email? I'm considering reaching out to him on a project for a large Redmond based tech company.



    46. Missing avatar

      Frank Baker on

      I remember reading his strip every day before school back in the '80's. And let's face it, when you're a senior in high school, reading anything without being told to do so is a pretty amazing feat by the author. I saved a bunch of his Sunday strips from the paper, and I have every book he wrote ...including that huge set of 3 hardback books that have every strip he's ever published. If you don't have that, find it and buy it, it's a must have for all C&H fans.
      Here's to you and the wonderful adventure you are embarking on!!!

    47. Ashley on

      It's not at all surprising to me that you've gotten the money Mr. Schroeder. Calvin and Hobbes is a very popular comic strip. I'm supporting you all the way and I really hope you get more than what you all had hoped for.

    48. Missing avatar

      jamie on

      sorry - that last link had the cartoon really tiny - you'll find it here (look for the sledding cartoon in color)

    49. Missing avatar

      jamie on

      I've always loved Calvin and Hobbes! I even had them show up in one of my cartoon strips:

    50. Jill Flurkey on

      I just heard about this project! I'm so glad someone is recognizing Mr. Watterson for his work. Calvin & Hobbes is magical.

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