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A documentary film exploring the art & impact of the greatest comic strip ever: Calvin & Hobbes.
A documentary film exploring the art & impact of the greatest comic strip ever: Calvin & Hobbes.
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Last Call for Netflix!


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We'll keep this brief:

Dear Mr. Watterson is now on Netflix!

Instant streaming and DVD!

And, our DVD is also now available on

Have a great week!


Dear Mr. Watterson is now 99¢ on iTunes!


Happy Spring, Backers!

Two very quick items of note:

1. This week, on iTunes in the US, Dear Mr. Watterson is available for rent for just 99¢! A great option if you still haven't seen it, or for friends and family who are interested in seeing the film you helped make happen.

2. It was a year ago today that we premiered the film at the Cleveland International Film Festival to two packed theaters, projecting the film simultaneously in both auditoriums. That was a good day.



(And here are a few photos from the Exploring Calvin & Hobbes exhibit)

Early Calvin & Hobbes submission or marketing materials
Early Calvin & Hobbes submission or marketing materials
Close-up of one of my favorite originals
Close-up of one of my favorite originals
Book cover artwork, in two separate layers
Book cover artwork, in two separate layers
Watterson's tools
Watterson's tools
The original of the final strip
The original of the final strip

For more information about the exhibit:

The New Calvin & Hobbes Exhibit!


Years ago, in the early stages of making Dear Mr. Watterson, I thought about how amazing it would be if our little film could help bring enough of a fresh spotlight on Calvin & Hobbes that a new exhibition of Bill Watterson's work might be put together.

If you haven't heard already, I'm THRILLED to inform you that this coming weekend, such an exhibit will open in Columbus, Ohio. AND, in conjunction with the grand opening of "Exploring Calvin & HobbesDear Mr. Watterson will screen on Saturday afternoon at the Wexner Center for the Arts!

Now, we can't take credit for making this exhibit happen, but we sure are excited to be a part of it! If you want to hear more about it from Bill Watterson himself, an interview he did with curator Jenny Robb (remember her from our film?) was just posted online today. And there's also this great preview of the exhibition from Columbus Alive.

I'll be in Columbus for the opening and our screening, so stop me and say hello if you're there! And if you're not there, I'll try to post what I can on Twitter and Instagram to give you a glimpse of the weekend's events.

The exhibit will run until August, so you have some time to plan your visit!

Let's Go Exploring!


P.S. If you haven't yet seen Dear Mr. Watterson, our website lists all the ways you can fix that (including VHX, where DRM-free HD downloads and streaming are now just $9.99 - or cheaper if you use the code 'KICKSTARTER').

Blu-rays, DVDs, & Bonus Features



We're excited that today is our official DVD & Blu-ray release date!  It is available only from our website at, and if you have thought about gifting it for Christmas, you'll probably want to order ASAP.

Maybe some of you have noticed that Bill Watterson has been in the news lately. One reason is that he and cartoonist Richard Thompson (Cul de Sac) are doing a joint exhibition at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum starting March 22nd. I, for one, hope to somehow make it there before it ends. See a bit more information here. The second reason that a Bill Watterson biopic is apparently in development. If you'd like to know more, look here.

If friends or family members have been asking about where they can find Dear Mr. Watterson, here are some other options:

-In theaters (check for dates & locations)

-On iTunes (worldwide)

-VHX: (use the code 'KICKSTARTER30' for 30% off the movie, and also available: our bonus features for $3)

-Amazon Instant Video:

-Google Play:



-Vimeo On Demand:

-or check your cable provider's Video On Demand section

And last, people have been asking about how they can help, and here are some really simple things you can do: Tell your fellow Calvin & Hobbes fans about us! Rate the movie on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes or iTunes or wherever you occasionally rate movies. If you've got a Netflix account, do a search for Dear Mr. Watterson (it's kind of like a vote that you want to see the movie there). And, if you're hoping the film will come to an independent theater near you, don't be afraid to call the theater about showing the film.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!