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pledged of $2,000pledged of $2,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, April 9 2014 5:59 AM UTC +00:00


Who we are

FineGrain is Eric Rea, Levi Price, and Brian Rea. Eric and Brian are brothers from Canada, and Levi is from Idaho. 


In November of last year, we launched the COBURNS iPad stands right here on Kickstarter. Since then, our inbox has been flooded with requests for a similar stand made for the iPhone. We've spent the last few months finalizing the perfect stand for the iPhone. We've taken design cues from our original COBURNS iPad stands and transformed them to make a stand for the iPhone that we know you are going to love. 


Our objective behind The COBURN junior was simple: design a compact, versatile, and beautiful iPhone stand. Our focus was to create a minimal, clean look with an organic material that compliments the refined feel of the iPhone. 

To pay homage to those who have come before us, we name every Fine Grain product after one of our ancestors surnames. For our product, we chose Coburn, which comes from Eric's family tree. 

We've built hundreds of prototypes of the COBURN Jr. This has allowed us to zero in on the perfect dimensions for both functionality and design.


We found strong hardwoods to use for The COBURN junior. The lighter wood is cherry and the darker is walnut, both come from a local wood source. 

Once cut to shape, they are chamfered to complement the iPhone, branded, and finished by hand. 


All of the work that has gone into perfecting The COBURN junior has produced a beautiful, minimal stand for the iPhone. 

It provides almost unlimited viewing angles for your iPhone in both portrait and landscape.

It is compact, stowable, and can go just about anywhere your iPhone does. Wood is softer than glass, so you don't have to worry about it scratching your iPhone, just make sure your iPhone is clean before you use them. 

The COBURN junior comes in two different sizes to precisely fit your iPhone without a case (uncased) or with a case (cased). Our cased model will fit most cases except for really bulky Otterbox-like cases (if your case is thicker than .410" it will not fit) 

Handcrafted in USA 

We'll be making The COBURN junior right here in the Rocky Mountains. By backing this project, you're supporting local businesses since every step of this project is local. Manufacturing is all set up, and your COBURN junior will be delivered on time or early. 

We've teamed up with a local master woodworking shop and have fine-tuned every detail of production. We will working together with them at their facilities to manufacture The COBRUN junior. We have already produced multiple test-runs to ensure that quality is consistent, even at high volumes. We have put plans in place to fulfill extremely high quantities on time as well. Production of The COBURN junior will start as soon as we've hit our funding goal. 

Here is our production timeline:

  • April 8: Project officially ends
  • April 9: Material sourcing
  • April 15: All Backer surveys completed
  • April 16: Full-scale production
  • May 9: Production finished
  • May 10: Ship product to fulfillment warehouse
  • May 15: Rewards begin shipping to backers

During our last project we were able to send out frequent manufacturing updates. For this project we will be sending out even more updates with video, images, and everything else you'd want to see. We want you to be a part of the process! 

Funding Goal 

Our funding goal is $2,000. If we hit our goal we will be able to produce The COBURN junior in affordable quantities. Kickstarter has helped us launch multiple products (The Bowden)(The Coburns for iPad). 

We're taking everything we learned from these experiences and applying it to The COBURN junior. 

Join the FineGrain family and help us bring COBURN junior to life. 

For press inquiries please contact 

Press pack: 

For Pinterest: 

Risks and challenges

We have launched two successful Kickstarter projects. We're very familiar with the challenges of design, production, shipping and communication.

In the last 6 months, we've made many versions of The COBURN junior. We've prototyped tons in our own shop as well as getting manufacturing input from a local master woodworker.

We have manufacturing all set up and awaiting our cue. There are always risks involved in manufacturing a physical product, but because of all the planning and experience we have invested into this project, the risks are minimal.

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