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Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
38,443 backers pledged $1,894,878 to help bring this project to life.

Happy New Year Update

Posted by Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year! 2019 is the year of change. The growing awareness around plastic pollution has spurred a massive global movement, and we are excited to continue to create high-quality, fun to use, badass alternatives to single use plastic.

As some of you are aware, we had an error in our order entry system which caused the majority of our international backers (and some domestic) to not receive their straws by the promised deadline. To all of those who have not received their straw yet, we are incredibly sorry for the delay. We made a mistake and take full responsibility for it. The good news is that we have corrected this issue, and are shipping all orders this month. If you do not receive shipping and tracking information by 1/16, please email and we will ensure your order gets sent to you. If you are like many who ask, "WTF is an error in the order entry system," please tune into our Kickstarter live Wednesday at 6:30 PST. You can submit your questions here. Additionally, you can watch it at anytime using the same link.

With ❤️,

Emma, Miles, and the FinalStraw Team


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    1. Tina Alta Greenlee on

      I have to also say, I have emailed both addresses and have not got my 4 straws either.

    2. Renee Vorbach on

      Still no straw and no notice of delivery... so disappointed

    3. Diana Goldberg

      Just got my notice of delivery! Most clever message ever on KS! Thanks for the smile, and the straw!

    4. Missing avatar

      Dawn Darling on

      I am happy to say that I received an email today with shipping information. My FinalStraw has shipped. Yea!

    5. Missing avatar

      Sue Love on

      I have still received nothing. Yet I see these for sale. Seems the Kickstarter supporters were not sent what we were promised. I am in the USA.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jraelew on

      Hi, I also have still not received my straw and I’ve emailed you about it twice as you requested in the update. Is this a scam?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ber Hwang on

      Hello, I have yet to receive mine. Can someone please help?

    8. Jeremy Garnett on

      I received my Final Straw today. Thank you so much!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jana Stefunkova on

      Hi there, last week i wrote an email About when i will receive my 4 straws - no answer yet. Its pretty far from delivery date, so more often updates for backers who did not get any delivery info would Be nice.

      Have a nice day.


    10. Vasileios Tso on

      Hello FinalStraw,

      I emailed you a couple of weeks ago as I hadn't received my straws yet. I still have no email with any tracking number from you,,

      The delivery is already two months behind the schedule. Still waiting, similarly to other backers. Hope soon to receive an email from you guys.

      Backer #7502

    11. Jenna Goff on

      Hi I emailed as not got my stuff yet and no email back... I don't even have tracking numbers yet? What's going on?!

    12. Jason Chong on

      Backer from Hong Kong... Still waiting for my straw!

    13. Missing avatar

      Leslie Jabara on

      International backer in Ireland. Still waiting for an email and my straws. I emailed as requested and you have not replied. Will you please reply to the email and give me an update? I don’t mean to be impatient, but you need to address the concerns of your backers before continuing to sell. It’s getting ridiculous.

    14. Dave Nattriss

      Finally received in London yesterday, after paying £3.64 in VAT and an £8 admin fee, because you declared the value of my single straw at $20, instead of at the actual manufacturing cost price. Why did you do this? So much money has been wasted.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason R. Elliott on

      I have received no tracking info and no response to emails. I backed this project pretty early. What is going on?

    16. Missing avatar

      Emma on

      After waiting ages like others to get their straw I'm greeted with a customs charge of £11.84 and then another fee of £8.

      There was no mention of customs having to be paid. This is the same price as the straw itself. What is the point in me paying for something twice.

      Incredibly disappointing and will be telling everyone to avoid your company. Luckily others have straws and better customer service.

    17. Cardigan Bay on

      This really is the final straw! Having replaced the straws with other gifts for Christmas despite promises the straws would be with me in time. I have now received a bill instead of the straws for £48.99 customs charge and handling fee. Surely you should have paid this before dispatch, or warned me that the delivery was not free. I will not be paying this fee so the parcel will be returned to you. Please give the 10 straws to a charity. I will not be spending any more time or money on kickstarter projects.

    18. Tay Jun Yi on

      Up till now.... There's no news on when my straw will ship.

    19. Missing avatar

      去骨 on

      Still waiting.

      My order is destined to Taiwan.
      Could you check it?

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon Ferrar on

      Love the straws when they arrived. But like many other UK people posting on here - got hit with a £15 Customs and Excise tax bill. Never had this before through a Kickstarter project. As I said love the straw but annoyed at the unexpected tax.

    21. Missing avatar

      Claudia Belardo on

      UK-Based. So - today my straws finally arrived. No tracking number was sent and I was hit by HUGE CUSTOMS BILL. I cannot hide my disappointment I haven't even bothered opening the packet. Not only were these late to arrive but when they did I was hit with a customs bill. I have not had this with any other project I have backed on Kickstarter and wish that this information had been made transparent when I backed the project considering that I already paid an uplift for international delivery.

    22. Marco A Capraro on

      Still, have not received any sort of update...

    23. Paul Leighton on

      I have now received my order which is nice but the delays will make me a lot less likely to support Kickstarter projects in future.

    24. Missing avatar

      Susan Cousens on

      I've just had notification that my straws are almost with me, after I pay £15.75 Customs and handling fees. Really wished I hadn't bothered.

    25. Yui's <3 on

      I'm sad that I see so many people that haven't received their straw, but I do believe they are trying. I actually got my tracking email a week after I got my straw in the mail. I did get my survey in October and I received my straw at the end of November. I actually logged back into my kickstarter to see how I can order a few more since mine keeps getting "borrowed."

    26. Missing avatar

      Ethan Taylor on

      Very happy to have received my shipping details and tracking number at 2:00am GMT today. Glad to see their continued efforts to fulfil their orders. Hopefully all finalstraws will be on their way to backers shortly.

    27. MissKitty

      Hooray! I just received my two Final Straws and they are absolutely awesome! I chose different colors with one steel straw and one rainbow. They are small and compact so very easy to take with me everywhere. As well as one for a gift! I would post a photo if possible. Thank you TEAM FINAL STRAW for a well-run and well-communicated campaign! Congratulations! =^.^=

    28. Missing avatar

      Kirstie Wardle on

      Hi - you told me to email if I still hadn’t received shipping info, so I emailed and the response was ‘don’t email’. What gives? Still waiting for shipping info....

    29. Missing avatar

      Cari on

      P. Wan, it sounds like everyone should have gotten a survey to choose the case colour in October. If you never got one, your order might not be processed. I think you should email the company immediately by email. I'm not sure if they'll see your comment here.

    30. Missing avatar

      P. Wan on

      Still did not receive any shipping and tracking information, no case colour for choose , no update. at first, really like this idea of final straw but not happy for the deadline means nothing.

    31. Missing avatar

      Erik Pietschmann on

      I’m still waiting for my straws. Is there a problem with shipping to Germany?

    32. Missing avatar

      Deborah de Groot on

      I'm quite saddened by the fact that I still haven't received any information on when my order is supposed to ship out. I sent you an email, and I hope the reply will come with useful information. If not, I will probably have to report this project, because several deadlines have not been met, when new customers have received their orders.

    33. Missing avatar

      Cristina Sánchez on

      I understand that a Kickstarter project sometimes had delays, but I have ordered this product almost a year ago.
      First they told us that it would be delivered in November, then we had to wait until December. It's the end of January and not only I have not received the product, but I have no idea of when will this happen. Plus, the shipping is to Peru and I had to pay extra, for what? This is completely unprofessional. The least you could do is give us an exact day, after backing your project, helping you start your company and patiently waiting for months.

    34. Missing avatar

      Lê Nguyên Trà My on

      Excuse me, but I have order my straws since last March, but havent received my tracking information till now. You said please email after 16th Jan, and I did. Then I received an email said that you dont know and you WISH you know when will my straws will be shipped? How come?! Please just let me have a clear answer for that.

    35. Missing avatar on

      I am really not happy, I have received no news for my straw and the email you gave us does not work, what kind of fraudulent scammers are you? How do I even get any service? All I can do is whine on this comment page, its very demeaning, i

    36. Missing avatar on

      I am really not happy, I have received no news for my straw and the email you gave us does not work, what kind of fraudulent scammers are you? How do I even get any service? All I can do is whine on this comment page, its very demeaning, i

    37. Missing avatar

      Jenni on

      Super sad to see that I'm not the only one to have not yet received my order, way to be.
      Not only that but super disappointed by your "copy paste" response to peoples lack of shipping notices. You're company has not started off on the right foot and maybe you should consider shutting down your order site until you can find all of your ducks and put them in a row. How are you not able to give me shipping info on a product from your company? where's the customer service? you've neglected to establish a firm foundation before building and I hate to say it but your quest may fail because you rushed to sell more before holding up your end of the bargain with your backers. I'm beyond disappointed and just weary from empty promises and apologies.

    38. Missing avatar

      Damian Lin on

      Still waiting.

      My order is destined to Taiwan.
      Could you check it?

    39. Missing avatar

      Pia Zain on

      Report this project to Kickstarter. They went against the T&C of Kickstarter - they sold (and continue to sell) product while not having fulfilled their Kickstarter obligations. They also are not willing to refund anyone (the “badass” guarantee is basically BS).

      Go to “Read more about the campaign” and scroll to the bottom, and report them.

    40. Missing avatar

      Liz on

      Emailed kickstarter@finalstraw as instructed, and received the below message. This doesn't make me feel terribly confident that I'm ever going to receive my straws.

      "Please know that you will receive an email as soon as your order has shipped - if you do not, we do not have any further information on when it will ship at this time (we really wish we did!). Thank you SO much for your patience, it's been a wild ride. Please know that we are working night and day to get you your FinalStraw so you can begin to #SuckResponsibly!"

    41. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Gut on

      Jan 17 still nothing ....
      did anyone picked it up????
      Its good 30 dollars!

    42. Marie on

      January 17th and still nothing. To name deadlines and not keep them then only leads to more frustration. Everyone knows that crowfunding projects are often delayed and no one can be seriously angry about that. But then don't do that with the fixed dates or at least plan so that you can keep them. I hope that I can hold my final straw in my hands anytime soon. Greetings from Germany, backer 34976

    43. Missing avatar

      choi jee sook on

      Though they said 'we have corrected this issue, and are shipping all orders this month. 'on the earlier email, I still couldn't believe that they sorted out the problem because I still did not receive any shipping and tracking information like many people who are leaving comments here.

    44. Missing avatar

      choi jee sook on

      Still did not receive any shipping and tracking information, as I expected.
      Emailed just ago as they requested. who else are here did not received info?

    45. K. Krezdorn on

      In the U.S. here and still nothing. Emailed today as they request. Keeping fingers crossed I didn’t throw away $70!

    46. Missing avatar

      jan on

      Backer 16607 from the Philippines here. Still haven't received my shipping and tracking info, and I already emailed as instructed.

    47. Missing avatar

      Lai yucheng on

      Hi! I'm backer #12784 from Taiwan. No shipping information yet, please let me know the schedule!

    48. Missing avatar

      Royce Hernandez on

      Philippine backer also. Waiting for shipping updates that keep on moving since December.

      If I place a new order will it arrive faster or get lost similar to the shipping data issue? I would also like to know how to apply the promised discount in that order also?

      Help on this matter is highly appreciated.

    49. Missing avatar

      Patricia Nicole Narvadez on

      Hi! I'm backer #37873 from the Philippines. No shipping information yet and I've emailed as instructed. Hoping to hear from you soon.