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Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
38,443 backers pledged $1,894,878 to help bring this project to life.

Happy Holidays 🎄

Posted by Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper (Creator)

To Our Amazing Backers,

Happy Holidays from everyone on the FinalStraw team!

We are so grateful for this incredible community. Each one of us has the power to spread the ripple of plastic reduction throughout our communities, and this is how we are going to change the world together. 🌏👫

For those of you who have not received your straws yet, we are very sorry and wrote this apology letter for you. We will have more updates coming out soon. 

With ❤️, 

Emma, Miles, and the FinalStraw Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Gail Dickinson on

      March and still no straw. Rip off company. Backed them and got nothing. Gives Kickstarter a bad name

    2. Missing avatar

      Beth Silvia on

      Add me to the list of still waiting...I look forward to telling people to purchase any other reusable straw that this damn sham.

    3. Missing avatar

      KaiKanuck on

      So here I sit in Canada awaiting my straws, more than a month after you started delivery on orders from regular web buyers. What a disgrace! Your claim to understand the impact of your mistake falls horribly flat when you've done nothing at all (other than a future discount apparently offered to only some backers) to make this right.

      A full two weeks after you sent tracking info, I'm still waiting for product. How disappointing that you thought your flub didn't even merit expedited shipping.

      Worst of all, I fear that this "feel good product", assuming it ever arrives, will leave me with only a bad taste in my mouth. You clearly cannot grasp how pathetic it feels to have backed the Kickstarter project that not only prioritized regular customers over its backers, but then made no effort to make amends. I only wish I'd saved money, time, aggravation and insult by instead buying one of the countless imitations available on Amazon.

    4. Shai ADAR on

      So, Christmas is over, so is New Year's and so is January 16th which would have been the last day for resolving any shipping issues. You said so yourself in your last email update: "The good news is that we have corrected this issue, and are shipping all orders this month. If you do not receive shipping and tracking information by 1/16, please email and we will ensure your order gets sent to you".
      The BAD NEWS is that I still did not get what you promised: not the straws, nor the shipping and tracking info about the straws. Are they getting to me anytime soon?
      Please adivse in your earliest possible convenience. Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      RobinTjiong on

      anyone without a straw that was an original backer want to start a class action suit? lmk

    6. Edel Lawlor on

      When will my order be dispatched

    7. Marina McCoy on


      My straw says it was delivered, but I never received it. How do I go about claiming it? Thank you!

    8. Missing avatar

      Rogelio on

      Any update?, I don't have any shipping info. Mexico

    9. Missing avatar

      Emma Samways on

      Hey, can we get an update on delivery please? I am sure you have achieved a lot over the last few weeks to get your shipping for backers back on track even with Christmas and New Year.

    10. Ryan Niman on

      Another update, please. Almost two weeks from the last update, and no shipping info for me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schmidt on

      I'm really disappointed, and so are my family, who were lead to believe that the straws would be here well before xmas. Southern hemisphere summer is here and we're using straws now more than ever before. A little more information would be appreciated, ie, what went wrong, how you're working to fix it and what the new delivery ETA is.

    12. Missing avatar

      Colleen Baker on

      A shipping update would be greatly appreciated!

    13. Missing avatar

      RobinTjiong on

      you aren't getting your straws because you already paid and they are busy supplying straws to the new customers = can't prove it but would bet = someone order a new straw where they are selling them and see how fast you get it- we need an official complaint to kickstarter and file a civil law suit and every one file a dispute with their cc companies for refund = this isn't the only type resuable straw out there = I asked them in email when I could expect it and got a rude reply with no info/ Its not about them not providing the straws but how lousy they are treating the people who backed them NOT new customers but us who paid for these months ago to help them out = now we are just garbage to them

    14. Missing avatar

      Pia Zain on

      I’m really upset I didn’t receive my straws ... I had my entire family here from all corners of the globe and this was part of a Christmas present I wanted to give everyone. Guess what? Everyone is gone now.
      An apology letter is easy to write but you shipped straws to other people and not your kickstarter backers who believed in you in the first place?! A letter just doesn’t cut it. That’s awfully unfair for those of us who spent our hard earned money. You can’t get my family back together for me to give them the straws. Will you pay for the shipping to all corners of the globe?
      I think the least you can do is give us a partial refund back. This was a really bad mistake.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jessica Seitz on

      It’s all fair and good to write an apology letter, but I want to receive the product I paid for! This is unacceptable, especially for a new business.
      I am glad to hear it has been such a success, but that doesn’t excuse making customers wait for a product they paid for more than 6 months ago!! I am expecting a confirmed delivery date and not a promise to have something looked at by the end of January

    16. lee hill on

      Revived my final straws yesterday, got the tracking information after they had arrived... little strange but happy I’ve got them.... lovely product.... I’m about a mid way backer and I’m from California if this helps ease anyone’s mind on arrival time...

    17. Missing avatar

      Mahendra Mhatre

      Start of New Year.Backers eager to Save The Earth.Where are the Final Straws?How are we going to stop Plastic pollution?Eager to SEE the Final Straw Finally.No Shipping,No.Tracking ,No Clue where are my Final Straws are.Pl.Reply.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jane on

      Still havent recieved an email with shipping details.... its january 2019? Any more updates on when we will receive our kickstarter final straws

    19. Missing avatar

      Emily Brown on

      This is the first project I have invested in and it has been a great disappointment. I am not a person with a lot of disposable income. I loved this idea and thought the straws would be a great holiday treat for my kids and a good way to talk to them about protecting the environment.

    20. Gaël Gauvillé on

      I'm so disappointed by how this campaign is ending. Sure other campaign were late but they never sold the product while people who trusted them were left without the product!

      I'm not going to tell people to buy their straw. They can rot in their immoral cash!

    21. Missing avatar

      colin harkness on

      Hey Gang, I feel the need to offer my perspective(I haven't received my straws yet either) as a early user of kickstarter. Back in the beginning of KS there were instances where we didn't get our products for up to 18 months after the expected due dates. New companies often make mistakes but I have always received what i paid for. I love this idea which is why I jumped at it last spring. I still do think it is one of the best new ideas that I was involved in last year and for the most part the feedback from those who have received their straws has been very positive. I also don't think my spending January of this new year angry over something I don't have a lot of control over will make my life better. They have given us a deadline of the end of Jan. lets encourage them to make it. Regards! Oh I am in Canada.

    22. Amy on

      I could have sworn the letter used to have a link for a discount on future order, but nothing now and no mention of it anymore.

    23. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle Duggan on

      So it would appear after contacting you on Facebook and via Facebook messenger that you have deleted any negative comments made about your product and shoddy customer service on your page, and blocked me from communicating with you.

      All I was asking was on what date you will ship my order, and saying I do not want a $15 credit, as I won’t spend more money with you, and would instead prefer $15 paid via cheque or PayPal. And you block me for saying this. Your “valued backer”. What’s going on?

    24. Missing avatar

      Pam J on

      @Greg Saul, actually, the distribution problems that Emma and Miles have encountered have also occurred nearly identically with another Kickstarter that I backed (unfortunately). Check out the comments for "Anvanda, a Great F*cking Bag". The major difference between the two campaigns I see is that Emma and Miles have owned the problem as soon as it came to their attention and tried to be as up-front about it as possible. Anvanda has blamed everyone else for their problems and never been truthful with backers. When I saw that what is happening in that campaign was starting to happen with Final Straw, I was very saddened. I'm going to look like a Final Straw white knight, but they aren't the first start up to have these distribution issues/problems. I was fortunate to receive the straws I ordered (and am satisfied with), but I completely empathize with the non-US backers who are waiting and justifiably furious over what's happened. I hope there is resolution for you soon!

    25. Michael Boyle on

      Please advise when you are shipping to Australia.

    26. Dean Ching on

      When are you shipping orders to New Zealand?

    27. Missing avatar

      Susan tiss on

      I have the same question as Greg. He has stated it so eloquently that I'll just add my hand (so to speak) to his well articulated question.

    28. Missing avatar

      Greg Saul on

      This is an honest question to you, Emma and Miles.

      Do you, as a company, have actual and sufficient physical product in your warehouse/storage facility to fulfill the existing pledge orders you have already from the original project backers, along with additional stock to sell to those placing new orders via Amazon/Facebook/etc.?

      It feels, in a way, that with the push that FinalStraw has been putting on generating new orders, either from upgrade orders to existing pledges back in the autumn, along with the now apparently discontinued discount code to attempt to generate new orders and revenue, and the above mentioned online order options, that I'm kind of feeling that you do not have sufficient product to actually fulfill your existing orders. Again, it's a feeling that I have that you're attempting to possibly raise capital to order more product from your overseas factory to fulfill orders and/or you do not have any actual product to ship and are waiting for another shipment comes in to do so.

      I ask this as a question because, having worked in product distribution before, if I had a massive pile of product sitting in storage that would trigger something to me that I had misplaced orders somewhere. I've never heard of any of my previous Kickstarter backed projects of having difficulties with any campaign, located anywhere in the world, having problems shipping out orders to different countries. I'm sure there's going to be isolated and anecdotal stories by other commenters, but not on the scale that you're suggesting has happened with FinalStraw.

      I honestly hope that none of these scenarios are what is actually happening because I, as a backer along with potentially hundreds and/or thousands of other backers, each provided a portion of the almost $1.9 million dollars that was entrusted to you both. But I'm not entirely sure of it now.

      Your thoughts?

    29. Missing avatar

      Eleanor Lan on

      Amazon, Facebook and maybe more places are offering your product, and the people whose capital you used to get started still don’t have their products. Seriously?! So much for having it before Christmas as you stated. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Just be honest. Can we please have a REAL ETA?

    30. Missing avatar

      SlayerNWM on

      @pmwd.... You can contact your credit card to obtain refund for fraud ... its that...

    31. Missing avatar on

      I was just checking and the only thing we can do if these people do not deliver is file a civil case against them. That is horrible as I am sure most of us are trying to have simpler lives, and filing court cases is not really our thing, if we do not get our stuff by the end of January I suggest that we use this medium to work together to file a court case. I am sick of being ripped off like this on the I net

    32. Missing avatar on

      you are ruining kickstarter for anyone else that wants to use it, we feel used and abused here, your updates and this comment thread suck, we have no where to complain to, i am still looking for a way to complain directly to kickstarter

    33. Missing avatar on

      i did not get a coupon code either.

    34. Missing avatar on

      How can you possibly be selling on Amazon and not have sent us our straws? Is that not a breach of contract? I am so disappointed I would never help anyone kickstart again, you used us.

    35. Missing avatar

      Corey on

      Just wondering when the next batch of straws are going to be sent out. Are they going out in batches or all of them at once?

    36. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      It would mean more to me if you offered an additional straw instead of offering a coupon to purchase more of a product that I have yet to actually receive. I'm excited for this straw but you can understand why people would be hesitant to except a discount on additional purchases when the original issue is not the price but the fact that we have not received the original purchase.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jenni on

      I appreciate the apologies and am eager to receive my straws. But I didn't get a coupon code :(

    38. Ian Selvaraj on

      Just got my order! Everyone at work is asking me where I got it from. Sending them your way! Thanks again!!!

    39. David S on

      Not happy. Have not seen this discount others have mentioned but really dont want it.

      As others have mentioned a discount on what I have paid or extra straw now would be more appropriate given how many stuff ups have happened.

      This is looking more like a scam though currently

    40. Missing avatar

      SlayerNWM on

      You never receive your straw ....

    41. Missing avatar

      Amanda fuller on

      I have changed my address
      So can you please contact me for my new one please

    42. Missing avatar

      Tom Yiu on

      Won't be buying any straw until my first purchase has arrived. Would be nice to get the straw as soon as possible.

    43. Missing avatar

      SlayerNWM on

      Jeremy Chan, you dont receive .... this project are scam

    44. Missing avatar

      Adriano Reis on

      You sure don’t look like you’re genuinely sorry for letting your backers down. Why would I want to purchase ANOTHER straw? Because I got a coupon? The idea here is that I don’t need to buy another straw. The people responsible for helping you take the company off the ground have been waiting for almost a year and your attempt to make up to us is telling us to buy some more straw from you(that God knows when it’s going to be delivered) with a discounted price? That’s ridiculous, you f*d up, twice(when the said mistake in the same and the action you took to make up for that mistake).

      This was also my first kickstarter and it totally ruins it for me..

    45. Jeremy Chan on

      Hi people form final straw, Where's the product we paid for??
      it's been long due the date that you've given us!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Greg Saul on

      As a real, and tangible, way of saying "SORRY!" and making it appear realistic, instead of a discount on a purchase for MORE product, would be to throw in some free product.

      Anywhere I've managed customer service teams, the way to actually win back your customer support is to go above and beyond. Not to just give a coupon out, especially when you have yet to deliver the product to so many people.

      Can you imagine going out to dinner at a restaurant, ordering your food, and then sitting and waiting for a long time for your meal to appear, while other people who've come in after you and ordered much later are already being served... so you complain to the manager about it who says "Well, we're working on your dinner and it'll be great. In the meantime, we'll give you a discount on your dessert! We'll really honestly get your dinner out soon. Oh and excuse me, I have to go deliver dinner to all these other guests who just arrived!" I trust you see the lunacy in such a situation, but this is what you've offered your backers who helped you get your company off the ground. From being an idea. We're the reason your company exists.

      More real information, more transparency, and more honesty would be appreciated. Not just vague and nebulous "working hard" and "soon" promises. They're no more than smoke and mirrors.

    47. Missing avatar

      Greg Saul on

      Hello Backers,
      (Oh. Hi. Where's our product we paid for?)

      We are incredibly sorry that we were not able to deliver everyone’s FinalStraws on time. (And to show it, we wrote a really cool-sounding letter that doesn't really give any indication that we're actually doing anything to fix the problem)

      Our Kickstarter backers are very important to us, and we feel terrible that we have let you down. It was never our intention to ship other orders before the Kickstarter orders were fulfilled. An error in our order entry system caused us to make this mistake, and we take full responsibility for it. (But we're still taking orders online, so feel bad for us that we feel terrible that we let you down. But we're still taking orders!)

      As a new and rapidly growing business, this has been an enormous lesson for our company. We will do whatever it takes to regain your trust, because each and every one of you is incredibly important to us. We know that we would not be where we are without your support, and we cannot solve the problem of single-use plastic without you! (Here's a warm & fuzzy sounding paragraph that, again, doesn't actually show that we're doing anything, but thanks for all the money you sent us before. Now we look fantastic when we go to international conferences to talk about how successful we are to other people!)

      The entire team is actively correcting the problem and will confirm your new delivery dates as soon as we can. We expect this will be cleared up before the end of January. Additionally, we have also installed new systems so this will never happen again. (But we're also accepting new orders from new customers through online sites, like Facebook and our website! But don't worry, we totally will get your stuff to you. Like... soon. Or at least.. soon'ish. But... yay environment!)

      As a way of saying sorry, we’d love to offer everyone $15 off a straw. We hope you’ll enjoy this little discount. (Even though we still haven't shipped you things you paid for months and months ago, and are really vague about when we'll actually getting around to what you paid for already, just send us a BIT more money and we'll TOTALLY send them to you! For reals!)

      Click *here* to redeem (discount applied at checkout). (More money, please)

      With love, (and thoughts and prayers too if you'd believe that)
      Emma, Miles, and the FinalStraw Team

    48. Meghan on

      Where is my straw?? This is ridiculous.

    49. Missing avatar

      Carlo Ferri on

      Definitely not going to do anything with Kickstarter after this experience.

    50. Missing avatar

      KaiKanuck on

      Big businesses pay consultants a lot of money to learn what your backers are telling you about recovery after such an incident:
      1. It costs more to find a new customer than to keep an existing one. Invest in your customers.
      2. Customers may empathize with your situation, but they still expect you to take responsibility for any issues concerning product delivery. If it was someone else's fault, it's OK to explain that only after you've made it right.
      3. "Making it right" is present tense. Give refunds or bonuses on current orders, not on future orders. Unhappy customers have lost faith, and see your company as unreliable. They do not anticipate trusting you with their money with you again, and therefore see future offers as meaningless at best, insulting at worst.

      Your concept and and your marketing (and possibly your product, but we have no way of knowing that) are good. It would be sad to lose this potential to a delivery error. Please do better.