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Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
38,443 backers pledged $1,894,878 to help bring this project to life.

How The Heck Do You Clean This Thing??

Posted by Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper (Creator)

Hello Beautiful Backers,

We are so excited that many of you already have your hands on the world's first reusable, collapsible, totally badass straw! We hope it was worth the wait.

Shipping Update 📦

If you are still waiting for your straw, FEAR NOT, all domestic, non-custom, non-PPC orders will be shipped by Friday December 14th. And all custom, international, and PPC orders will be shipped by December 17th. Keep your eyes on your inbox for shipping and tracking info. If you have not filled out your survey, get on it! Otherwise, we do not know where send your straw. We are on track to have all domestic orders delivered by Christmas. 🎄🎄🎄

Cleaning Instructions

The NEW and improved design of FinalStraw is optimized for size and perfect for the minimalist intergalactic traveler. Our sneaky design team figured out how to minimize the size of the straw while adding a convenient drying rack and squeegee in the case. Check out this video if you like mermaids and/or hygiene. 

But, where is the squeegee?

The squeegee is stored IN the case. See below how everything packs up to make the world's most compact straw so itsy bitsy!

Share the Love 💕

We LOVE seeing your FinalStraw in action! Make sure to share your pics on social and tag us @_finalstraw_ on Instagram and @suckresponsibly on Facebook! 

Thank you 🙏

We are so appreciative of your help, support, and patience! We know waiting 7 months for your FinalStraw was really painstaking, but we have put a ton of hard work into this project and wanted to create a super high quality item that actually solves a problem. 

With ❤️

Emma, Miles, and the FinalStraw Team

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    1. Keri Bauer on

      I am in Canada and I haven't gotten mine yet either...

    2. Missing avatar

      Janine Cavanaugh on

      Anyone in Canada received their straws yet? I backed this campaign in its very early stages before it had reached even 1/3 of its goal. I have yet to get a shipping estimate.

    3. Emily Louise on

      I got my drying rack and squeegee out and figured out all the steps in the video to clean the inside of the straw. However, I primarily use my straw for milk-based drinks (I work at a coffee shop). Despite my cleaning with soap and stretching the thing out and trying my best to get inside it, I can't seem to get the smell all the way out of the silicone and the space between the metal and the silicone. I think it's starting to affect the taste of other drinks I use the straw for.

      Any advice would be appreciated! :)

    4. Missing avatar on

      your giving a bad name to kickstarter

    5. Missing avatar

      Eva Lee on

      I live in California and even I haven't gotten mine yet and I backed these people back in May!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      SlayerNWM on


    7. Missing avatar

      Cat Tan on

      I have received one as a Christmas gift 2 days ago from a friend who got it from Amazon?? And I have not even received those I backed which are meant as Christmas gifts, yes, THIS Christmas!

    8. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle Duggan on

      After today’s update there’s a really bad taste in my mouth. Not only did you come out to international backers earlier this month to reneg on the campaign promise that we’d have these by Xmas, but now it turns out you’ve actually gone ahead and shipped to other orders that weren’t from backers (presumably so that they would have their straws in time for Xmas?) and you can’t even tell us when you’ll ship to us. I can only guess that you’ve run out of stock. Because you didn’t prioritise taking care of your backers who made this possible. You prioritised some other bigger order. You let us down. Me, and all your other overseas backers who bought these as Xmas gifts. My mum, brother, and husband were all due to get one as their gift (and one for me too) in time for our summer family holiday over New Years.
      This is not good enough. You’ve known about this issue 48 hours and you don’t have a plan yet to put it right? How long until you do have a plan, and communicate it out? Because your brands word of mouth just went down the toilet

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      More annoyed by the fact that non kickstarters will be receiving this before me. Like how is this acceptable? Joke of a company to say the least. Not impressed at all.

    10. Missing avatar

      KaiKanuck on

      Just received notification that the straws that were "guaranteed" to be shipped by the 17th are now (on the 20th) just "guaranteed" to be received at some point, with shipping "in a few weeks" and no more guaranteed date. I get that things go wrong, and I empathize with your situation, but the fact of the matter is that non-Kickstarter orders are being filled before ours, and that's not OK. When you use phrases like "We get it. And we want to do right by you..." you need to follow up with a real and unbeatable offer. I recommend a complimentary upgrade to the rainbow straw for those left waiting, for instance... Something that says you really do regret this error, and are working to demonstrate that your "guarantees" actually mean something. Needless to say, a downloadable card doesn't begin to cut it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Patria Priharmoko on

      20 Dec already and still no news for international backers. thought it would be a nice new year gift for my kiddos during this holiday in Indonesia

    12. David Stewart on

      Did anyone else just get the email about the “data issue” and that we won’t get our straws before Christmas? US based backer here. Sigh.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jmth on

      As at 20 dec still no shipping information for me as an international backer. Please advise when i am to receive my products.

    14. Rebecca Nevard on

      I have emailed. I'm am international backer (uk). Still no shipping email. Please please can we get an update I wait with baited breath

    15. Missing avatar

      Rachael Anne Elizabeth Joseph on

      Have the international orders been shipped? I'm in the UK and haven't received tracking info as of yet. I'm really excited to receive my straws. Thank you!

    16. Katherine Hill on

      I also haven't had any shipping info yet! I completed the survey and added the mermaid option for one of them. Any help would be appreciated!


    17. Missing avatar

      Juliana Meira on

      Hello! I have not received any shipping information yet, though I already completed the survey (had problems with my adress, but it was corrected on 14/11)... I believe I should have been updated yesterday with tracking information.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bruno Ramos on

      I also haven’t received any shipping information. I completed the survey shortly after they were out.
      Please advise.

    19. Joshua Michael Hardwick on

      Hi, I too have not received a shipping confirmation yet (survey completed, I promise). Please help me, I don't know how to suck without my FinalStraw and I'm worried this Diet Pepsi might go flat soon.

    20. Missing avatar

      Olivia Cheng on


      I was wondering if I could get more information about my order? I haven’t received any information about it being shipped.

      Are the packages large enough to fit in a mailbox? Or are they delivered to the door?

    21. Missing avatar

      Marisa on

      Hi! I have not received my shipping confirmation yet, though I completed the survey. I believe I should have been updated yesterday with tracking information. Please advise, and thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kris Burr on

      Hi! I have not received shipping confirmation even though I have confirmation that I completed the survey. I am having the straw shipped in the USA so it should have gone out yesterday. Please let me know if my straws have shipped? Thank you! 🥰

    24. Lynnea Thoresen on

      Hello again. This is my second message regarding this because I have not received a response to the first. I am a final straw backer who pledged for a family 4 pack and only received 2 in the mail. These were gifts for my family and I'm confused, hurt and disappointed due to not receiving my order or a response as to why. If I am not going to receive what I pledged for can I please have my money back and return the two I received? I don't really want to use or endorse a product if the company doesn't take care of the people who helped them.......

    25. Missing avatar

      Barbara Peterson on

      What is the material used for the flexible tube? Are the components used in the tube resistant to degradation of any toxins?

    26. Missing avatar

      Barbara Lenz on

      Like that! And look forward to receiving mine! Thanks for the update!

    27. Missing avatar

      Linda Bongers on

      I very disappointed - received notice that my Final Straw was shipped on 11/27 - still looks like it hasn't left home base - can anyone tell me why you tell me on 11/27 it has been shipped and still not left your plant? What is the problem?!

    28. Steve Ross

      I live at the beach, so will the beautiful mermaid be delivering it herself? ;)

    29. Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper Creator on

      If you have any other questions, please email our customer service team at We appreciate your patience and support!

    30. Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper Creator on

      Tip for getting the basket out: use your thumb. If you would like to see it done in person, here is a little vid:

    31. Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper Creator on

      Hello International Backers!! We are incredibly sorry your orders are taking a bit longer. We love you lots but there quite a few more logistical loopholes we need to work through to get you your orders. Please be patient, and remember, this is a Kickstarter. Before this project, Miles and I were just a couple of kids with a dream and now we have to deliver almost 200k straws! Not that we are complaining at all, but we are doing our best to ensure everyone gets a kickass straw and it is a TON of work. I would suggest putting a little card in a package and letting your loved one know their belated present is coming soon and they should get super excited because it is worth the wait. xx

    32. Missing avatar

      Kristeen Klein on

      I love my Final Straw... This was my first ever order from Kickstarter and it does take a lot of patience but you communicated with me the entire journey. I struggled like others to figure out how to remove the drying rack but once I pried it out the first time, I have been able to remove it with just my fingers. The design and everything about it is perfect! One suggestion for your next project: A shorter designed straw for cocktails.

    33. Kevin M. on

      I wanted to say: I've received mine, and these things are built to last. The rainbow one for my wife is gorgeous, and my "plain" silver one is nice and hefty too. Thanks for delivering a beautiful product and for making it stand out against a sea of imitators!

    34. Missing avatar

      Sarah Lisowski on

      I use straws for everything: hot and cold beverages and I'm so excited for this! It's beautiful and I cannot wait to bust it open! My only critique is that I have tried multiple times and can't seem to get the drying rack out of the case, my fingers are starting to get numb from trying!

    35. Missing avatar

      JC RUPE on

      I've received my straws. Love them. The drying rack is in there snug. I was able to coax it out with one finger down in the rack and using my thumb nail to gently coax it out, switching sides with my thumb nail. No damage to my fake nails, because I was patient and did it gently.

      I noticed that there are 4 bumps around the outside near the top. For those with issues getting it out, I suggest using a nail file and carefully file the bumps a little at a time until it slides in/out as you want.

    36. Missing avatar

      Colleen Baker on

      I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my FinalStraw family pack. I do have to say I am a little disappointed to now find out that due to my location will not get them for Christmas as I had expected - guess they won’t be going in the family’s Christmas stockings as planned.

    37. Missing avatar

      Katrina Hooper on

      I'll give this another shot. Hi guys! I need to use needle nose pliers to get my drying rack out. Any suggestions? Also, I bought these for my milkshakes on the road and it is very difficult to suck through! All for not though if I can't get to the squeegee without pliers. Eeeek!
      Sincerely, Katrina Hooper

    38. Missing avatar

      Katrina Hooper on

      Hi guys. I cannot get my drying rack out to get to the squeegie without a pair of needle nose pliers. Any advisement? Also, very difficult to suck a milkshake through. It's the main thing I use any straws for. Eeeek!

    39. David S on

      I will add to the chorus - As international backer there has been no indication we would be having our deliveries done last till now. Like many others I assumed we were getting shipped out in either backing order or survey received order. Not once did I see that international backers would be last / late in month

      You have been great at posting messages/updates regularly - (thanks for that as many don't)
      This included delays which I expect for a kickstarter especially when you get a lot more backers than expected & are new to it. (thanks for that too)
      I also understand it can be more difficult to send overseas than domestically

      BUT surely this was seen ages before now

      it looks (too a lot of people based on comments below) that you are giving preference to domestic backers & treating international backers with some level of disdain (intentionally or not) by at least not communicating this before

      dropping a card saying your present will be late really isn't a good option for a lot of people

      preferencing international backers is usually a better idea as:
      - they usually pay more due to exchange rates & higher shipping costs than domestic
      - they wait longer for same product due to shipping times (unavoidable but true)
      - if done earlier then they get them about same time as domestic ones do so everyone feels fine about it

      PLEASE consider this if do another KS

    40. Missing avatar

      Mike Fung on

      Hi my name is mike. I am still waiting for my straw. May i know when will i receive it? As i will not be in hong kong during 19th - 24th Dec. I am afraid there will be no one answering the door bell.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ilene Frank on

      I got my straws! I'm looking forward to trying out the FinalStraw in a variety of circumstances. I'm going to echo the comments about the drying rack being difficult to extract! I split one of the sections at the top of it - so others be forewarned! (Did anyone try soaking the case in some hot water before trying to get the drying rack out? Maybe that would help... ??)

    42. Caine Chan on

      looks like i won't be getting my straws before christmas... bummer

    43. Missing avatar

      ROSE HELD on

      Super excited that I got my straws, but what happened to the ambassador cards? I only got one for each straw in it's packaging.

    44. Missing avatar

      Samantha Cox on

      Got my straw, love how compact it is but hate that is so heavy. Thanks again.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sophia Heng on

      Instead of complaining about how it’s late for Xmas gifting, why not just print out a picture of it and give it as a gift first? “Sorry for the delay, FinalStraw is only sending it by 14 Dec.” Good friends or loved ones won’t mind the lateness. It’s the thought that counts ain’t it? At least this campaign has regular updates, it’s a good cause, all is good right? It’s Christmas people, let’s be abit more forgiving! (I haven’t received it by the way, no tracking number yet, and yes it’s a gift for my sis and I already told her it may not be in time for Christmas.)

    46. Missing avatar

      Aimie Zale on

      I don't understand why people are so angry that they're not getting their straws for Xmas when this update clearly says in time for Xmas? Also it's Kickstarter, when a couple of people go viral there's always delays.

      I got my straw and I love it! I haven't had difficulty since the first time getting the drying rack out, though I agree that it's not much of a drying rack. I have observed that the ease with which it is removed or replaced often has to do with how tightly the squeegie is wound around the base; if it's sticking out too much it can interfere with the friction.

      I have a question: I have a straw brush that I used to clean my hard plastic straws, can I use it on my FinalStraw? Thanks so much!

    47. Missing avatar

      Caroline Simard on

      I won’t be very original but I am very disappointed also to didn’t get my straw for Christmas. I agree with every comments about this, particularly about the international shipping. We should know about it or don’t give us hope about it!

    48. Missing avatar

      Jmth on

      Very dissapointed that i do not get my product as they were planned as xmas gifts. Also that you chose not to keep the international backers updated with the extra delays and my understanding that your DHL contract for delivery was only agreed early December(this was advised to me by your team). Will definitely think twice about backing your company in future endeavors despite you environmental theme. Unfortunately it appears that the planning for international backers was not very effective.

    49. Cardigan Bay on

      So disappointed that you didn't prioritize international orders. My 10 Xmas gifts are never going to arrive on time, and no I will not feel happy giving an apology to my grandchildren instead of the straws. Even more worrying, you will be posting them not in November, but in the middle of the Christmas rush when they are most likely to go astray or be damaged. I won't be backing another Kickstarter unless it's UK based.

    50. Galen

      Amid all the complaints, I'm just here wondering how something can be "NEW" and also "improved" at the same time.