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Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
38,443 backers pledged $1,894,878 to help bring this project to life.

You get a survey, and you get a survey!!!

Posted by Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper (Creator)


The day has come where you get to pick your COLORS and enter your shipping information! If you have not already, expect to receive an email with detailed instructions on how to complete your survey. If you don’t get an email in the next few hours, please check your spam folder.

As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a few upgrades solely to our Kickstarter backers. You can add additional straws at the pre-sale price ($5 saving per straw) with NO additional shipping charges. 📭🎉

Upgrade to the rainbow straw for $5.
Upgrade to the rainbow straw for $5.

Please read the instructions in the survey email and if you have any questions maybe read the instructions one more time. 😉 If you are still stumped, send us an email at and we will help you with any concerns. 

The survey period closes on the 24th of October, so please make sure to complete your responses by then!

With ❤️,

Emma, Miles, and the FinalStraw Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sarah E Helgersen on

      I still can’t find the survey in my email.

    2. Netty Chow on

      Hi I haven’t received a survey yet. Where can I find it?

    3. Heather Carver on

      I have not received the survey, or any other emails from you.
      My email is
      backer #26,297

    4. ReneeJ Sutherland on

      I can’t get into my old email ( How can I update my email address with you to fill out the backer survey?

    5. marco on

      I changed my email, please email at


    6. Missing avatar

      Cyriel Pfennings on

      How do I know which shipping address is used and if I’m on your list of recipients? You may send me an email on

    7. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Barbour on

      You sent me an email about the shipping from the factory. However, I still have not received the survey.

    8. Betsy Gomez on

      Hello. I am among those who have not received the survey. Please resend, thanks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Barbour on

      Did not get a survey. I did change emails though.

    10. Missing avatar

      Samantha Bohn on

      When will the straws be coming to us??

    11. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Saunders on

      Hi there! I didn't get a survey (also checked spam folder). Please resend. Thanks!

    12. Kristi D on

      I never received my survey. Please resend it to

      I'd like to fill it out and upgrade to the mermaid

    13. Missing avatar

      Allison Moran on

      Hi! I wasn't receiving emails for some reason and I completely missed this. How can I get in touch with you?

    14. Missing avatar

      booradlyangel on

      Just checking in... It's been awhile since this last commu ication

    15. Sean Dougherty on

      I hate to say it, but I don't think I got a survey, either. I don't much care what colors you send me, but I want to make sure that I get them. One is a gift. Thank you so much!


    16. Missing avatar

      Shannon Dillon-Wagner on

      I have not received a survey. I have checked throughout me email...nothing. Please help.

    17. Yevin Kim on

      if i missed the date for filling out the survey what will happen? i still filled it out but it's late

    18. Missing avatar

      Christina Quinn on

      I never received my survey and I am past the date. I have checked all folders. Nothing

    19. teloivartlu on

      I have emailed all the possible email addresses listed in the comments to get a survey and still NO SURVEY! I want to choose my color. I may even upgrade to the rainbow. Why would you choose a survey system outside of Kickstarter!?!?!?! If I miss an email I can always come to my dashboard for Kickstarter and fill out a survey etc.

    20. teloivartlu on

      I have not received a survey. Today is the deadline... I want to picky my colour. HELP!

    21. Missing avatar

      Francine Miller on

      Please help!! I've my entire email account, every folder... I have older emails and updates, but no survey to choose what color

    22. Missing avatar

      Francine Miller on

      I did not get a survey

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Callahan on

      No survey attached...

    24. Delia Landstrom on

      I have not received a survey...what's up with that?

    25. Dave on

      Never received any survey, pls resend.

    26. Kerry Kirkpatrick on

      Hi, I never got the survey because the email you sent it to was old. I have since updated my email. Please resend. How can I complete the survey?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jhun Hou Lim on

      Hi, I'm did not receive any survey until now, may I have an update for the survey?

    28. Raphaella Vaisseau on

      When is estimated ship date? I’m moving Nov 14th.

    29. David S on

      otherwise email to get help - they were quick & my survey has now been completed

    30. Mudda'i Rosli on

      Hey there.. i have yet to receive the survey. Checked spam too. Help?

    31. Steve Ross

      Yes just search your email for FinalStraw to find the survey. (your email linked to Kickstarter, not the inbox on kickstarter.. they are using another survey system called crowdox to collect the information)

    32. Steve Ross

      Done... (Please read my note I added on it)

    33. Fraser Grant on

      Please can you contact me - my email address was mistyped in my kickstarter account and has now been rectified. I have had no survey

    34. Missing avatar

      Isobel Jordan on

      Watch out guys, ive just had an ad for this copy-cat company come up on my instagram feed:

    35. Missing avatar

      kimberly on

      I have not received a survey either.

    36. Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper Creator on

      If your email is lost at sea, send us an email at!

    37. Missing avatar

      Rachael Nicolson on

      Hi I have checked all my email folders and have not received a survey. Please re-send it out as I am keen to receive my order. Thanks

    38. Jerry Ludig on


      I didn't get the survey, also checked the spam folder.

      Please get this sorted.

      Thx and regs

    39. Missing avatar

      shannon koelsch on

      I did not receive my survey. :( Checked spam, searched for CrowdOX and nothing!!

    40. MadJo

      It's a CrowdOX survey, in case that helps anyone. The email is titled: "FinalStraw - The Surveys are here!" In that email there's a blue button titled "Click here for Surveys!".

      Check your spam filter if you can't find it in your inbox

    41. Missing avatar

      Heidi on

      Hi. I too did not receive a survey nor the place to choose a color or add to my order more straws.
      Please respond... I am only one of many. And I did check my spam or JUNK mail folder - not there either. Thank you for clearing this up.

    42. Missing avatar

      Nick Roberts on

      Hi, I didn’t get the survey (either inbox or spam). Please can you forward to my email address again at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

    43. Missing avatar

      Douglas Baitinger on

      What survey link, how do I choose color?

    44. Missing avatar

      Shana Moorefield on

      Hi! I didn’t get a survey. I emailed the address provided in the update about surveys (that I did receive) but haven’t heard back.

    45. Missing avatar

      Daniel Barcroft on

      Hi there. I'll add my name to the list of folks who waited a bit, then checked, then double-checked their spam folders and don't seem to have an email with a link to the survey. Any help is of course great. Thanks!