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Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
38,443 backers pledged $1,894,878 to help bring this project to life.

NEW DESIGN REVEAL and introducing the 🌈 STRAW

Posted by Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper (Creator)

Hey there!

We are writing with some VERY exciting FinalStraw announcements! Drumroll please ....

Meet Our New Design! 

Our design team has been working tirelessly to perfect the new FinalStraw design and create the most durable, functional, beautiful straw the world has ever seen. We couldn’t be more excited to unveil the new look in our brand new video that you all are the FIRST to see. 

Click below and be sure to share with your ocean loving friends!

Introducing the Mermaid Straw  

NEXT UP, say hello to our NEW multi-colored, shimmery straw that's fit for all mer-folks. The rainbow straw will be available as an upgrade on the surveys which will be sent our Wednesday October 10th.

The rainbow straw will be available as a $5 upgrade when you get your surveys on Wednesday October 10th.
The rainbow straw will be available as a $5 upgrade when you get your surveys on Wednesday October 10th.

It's Shark Night! 🦈 

Finally, a quick reminder that FinalStraw is appearing on the season premiere of Shark Tank tonight at 10 / 9c on ABC! Be sure to tune in to catch Emma and Miles pitching the sharks to invest in our mission to rid the world of single-use plastics.

Thank You 🙏 

Again, none of this would have been possible without YOU, our amazing Kickstarter backers. Thank you for believing in us! We haven't seen our friends in months, have a stack of dishes in the sink, and mountains of dirty laundry, but it is ALL worth it because we are so incredibly proud of our creation.

With ❤️,

Miles, Emma, and the FinalStraw Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Schmidt on

      I filled in the survey months ago, yet haven't received notification of my straws being sent. November delivery? It's nearly xmas. Where are my straws?

    2. Don McLeish on

      I received a shipping notice and delivery from UPS a couple weeks ago and deleted it unfortunately as I have yet to receive my straw. When the delivery day came and went, checking on the status showed the straw being transferred from UPS to USPS?

    3. Missing avatar

      Pam J on

      I would also like to know the answer to the case color question of Kevin's. Pastels or brights?

    4. Kevin Kunkel on

      Do the colors of the cases in real life more closely resemble the original pictures from the campaign (pastel-ish)? Or do they look more like the recent video and the pictures in the survey (neon-ish)? I’d really like to know this before completing the survey and picking my colors. They look very different.

    5. Frankie Francis on

      10th October 7:15pm GMT and still no survey? Am I missing something? Please could someone advise

    6. Missing avatar

      R A V on

      Can you stick to the original that we liked and ordered THEN re-design...
      Very disappointed with Shark Tank outcome; rule of thumb - take the/a deal. They have been in your shoes and can only enhance the product. As for the price, if there's a market for $8 coffee, there's a market for this straw. Who is the business mind behind this straw? If at all possible, get him/her in the Tank and focus on getting expert help, not selling them the straw.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michelle Geisner on

      That is awesome! Love it!

    8. Missing avatar

      Rachel on

      How can I double check that my shipping address is correct?

    9. Missing avatar

      Simran Khalsa

      As a straw-squeegie user already, I am super excited about the addition right inside the carrying case, best way to clean straws ever. Looking forward to the more compact case form factor, and glad the video merely concealed the key-chain attachment, not eliminated it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle Jarrett

      Where the heck is my original straw I backed on Kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Erin Baezner on

      OMGGGGGG I really want the mermaid version! Will you come out with a unicorn version too? :D I'd buy both, hahahah.

    12. Missing avatar

      Amy Pickell on

      My straw dreams have just come true!!!! <3

    13. Missing avatar

      Hannah Tjandra on

      Love the update! Just wanted to let you know there's another straw being sold off of your dragon called Net Zero Straw

    14. Gary Bunker

      Is that a Casio databank watch on Emma's wrist?

    15. Tamara on

      You both did a great job last night!
      It's disappointing that once again the sharks decided not to back an environmentally friendly product that they are wrong about someone not wanting to carry with them. I currently carry a non collapsible straw in my purse, I'm looking forward to my more compact version!
      Question: I can't remember what color I picked, can I make sure or change it to Shark Butt Gray?
      Keep up the great work! Don't let those land sharks discourage you, the ocean sharks are more friendly and appreciate you more than you know ... turtles, too!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jessica Hinojosa on

      I love the mermaid design!!! Definitely upgrading!! (: #suckresponsibly

    17. Missing avatar

      Keasha R Johnson on

      LOVE that mermaid design!!! My daughter is gonna flip!

    18. Missing avatar

      Meerim Silfwerin on

      I love the new design and colors!!! Can’t wait to have them in my hands :)

    19. Skip Press on

      Terrible Shark Tank appearance. Hope the actual straw is a lot better.

    20. Evelyn Velez on

      Hi Emma! Hi Miles!

      I watched Shark Tank last night solely to be able to see how you guys did. First of all, Emma looked so pretty lol. Next, Kevin O'Leary was so rude. Finally, I don't think you guys really sold Final Straw. The drying rack, the key-chain element, the squeegee cleaner, how compact and easy to take around it is. The potential of this item wasn't really brought out. My thoughts: I'm glad you guys went on because it's great exposure. The deal was not worth it so I'm glad Kevin backed out. Stay strong guys! This is a great product and I'm happy I'm a backer.


    21. Missing avatar

      Randy Herman on

      Saw the Shark Tank, and it was just really sad... and NO DEAL! Miles and Emma walked away with their tails between their legs. Emma had to hold back tears! It was hard to watch! They got SPANKED! Thing is, what these two don’t seem to understand, is these things are are already being made by copycats and are already on the streets and they’re going for like eleven bucks! Same thing! Sad how these things happen, but ya come up with an idea, wanna do it right, make it quality, etc., put it on Kickstarter, and people are watching everywhere and lots have the capacity (many in China) to pound it out quickly, get it on the streets, and totally UNDERCUT what the originator is asking, effectively leaving them in the dust frustrated, spending heaps of money fighting for what’s rightfully theirs, and in the end they get nothing! So they sell a whole bunch of these initially, ‘cause it IS a great idea, and lots are on that bandwagon, but soon they all see the exact same thing online already for sale, and only for $11, not the $20 they paid for it, and then they’re not happy, and the ones they paid for aren’t even available yet and won’t be for awhile! That SUCKS! And they want $25 for a rainbow one?! rainbow one is $25?! LOL! I dunno, as a backer, I feel I got screwed! Now why would anyone want to buy one of these $20-$25 ones now?! There not gonna be any better! See this whole thing fell apart for them! What a bummer for them. All that work just to get ripped off and swept under the carpet!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ferrous Dirks on

      I'm definitely paying the extra 5 for rainbow

    23. Ryan Sheldon on

      Apologies for my previous comment - I missed your response where you stated the keychain attachment is still present and as far as I can tell KS won't let you delete a comment.

    24. Ryan Sheldon on

      Bring back the keychain! Why would you make what appear to be significant design changes to the product so late in the process?

    25. Missing avatar

      Erin Maynard on

      Wish you would have taken Kevin's offer. Hopefully you'll find other investors and continue to do great things. I think you suffered from a bit of nerves, but next time, slow down and listen instead of being in such a rush to speak. You ended up talking yourself out of a deal tonight.

    26. Missing avatar

      PyrrhaIphis on

      Ooh, pretty! I'll be upgrading my own straw to rainbow, but I think my family members can stick with plain old metal. :P I wonder if I have any rainbow-colored mermaid stickers to put on the outside of the case...?

    27. Missing avatar on

      Wish you would have taken Kevin ' s offer. Just being accepted by one of the sharks would have been a great marketing strategy.

    28. Missing avatar on

      Wish you would have taken Kevin ' s offer. Just being accepted by one of the sharks would have been a great marketing strategy.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kerri Laws on

      Watching SharkTank now. Y’all are so professional! Can’t wait to get these in my hands :)

    30. Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper Creator on

      The new design is SMALLER than the previous design!

    31. Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper Creator on

      Don't worry everyone! The keychain attachment is on the back :)

    32. Oregon Amy on

      Like others I noticed the conspicuous lack of a keychain attachment, which is sorta a deal-breaker design-wise. Not particularly overwhelmed by the drying rack. Please bring back the keychain!

    33. Missing avatar

      Tawnya on

      Can't wait to order the Mermaid Straw!

    34. David Rinaldi on

      Nicely produced video and thanks for all the updates to keep everyone informed. One change appears to have crept in - where's the key chain attachment? This was a small piece of the design, but an important one... One needs to have the straw with them to reduce waste and keys are one of the main things I carry.

    35. Andrew Millard on

      Love the new design! Can't wait to upgrade mine to the mermaid finishing. Knowing that to such is really just a simple anodization process that won't require too much extra in production nor environmental harm!

    36. Manifested Dreams on

      What are the measurements of this new case design vs the old one? It looks a decent but bulkier than the originally advertised design. The slim nature of the case was a large part of why I backed to begin with. The video makes me think I'm getting something different from what I signed up for.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dakota Hughes on

      Does the new design still incorporate a keychain attachment? That was a HUGE reason why I backed. As a man, I don’t carry a purse but I always have my keys on me.

    38. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      How does this impact project delivery timeline?

    39. Missing avatar

      Carlee Novak on

      I backed you because I thought you were doing a great thing. Is this mermaid straw worth the extra design energy, chemical colors, mistake production?

    40. Missing avatar

      Carlee Novak on

      So. With all of the fancy stuff you are doing to design special things like this mermaid staw. Are you actually reducing the energy and waste while producing this product? Don’t get me wrong, I backed you because I feel like we are using far to many plastic straws but producing fancy things like the mermaid design takes A TON of product and most of it is wasted. I could just use a pre designed straw and it takes a few extra inchs of space in my bag to reduce an infinite waste production potential which is worth it to me.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jessi on

      Hopefully it can still attach to a key chain?

    42. Missing avatar

      Alice on

      Is it possible to have some picture representations of the new design as well? As much as I love the video, I do wanna see what the new design looks irl. Thanks! And love the updates to the design

    43. Kelly Laferriere on

      The new design looks AMAZING!

    44. Missing avatar

      Richard Lewis on

      I love the rainbow! Great design! I really love the upgrades - well done!

    45. NJGR - Bard of Phoenix Rising

      The drying rack that holds the squeegee is the perfect upgrade! Love it!

    46. Missing avatar

      Simona on

      Is it still a keychain though right..?

    47. Missing avatar

      Carey Newhouse

      I really love the new design -- the drying rack is such a good idea! Looking forward to upgrading a couple of my straws to the mermaid finish as well, for when I'm feeling fancy.

    48. Missing avatar

      Bilal sheikh on

      Awesome! Prefer the silver straw tho 🤗