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Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
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Posted by Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper (Creator)

Hey Everyone,

We are really excited to collect your addresses and color choices and show you the NEW AND IMPROVED FinalStraw design. 🎉💃

Back in April, we made a prototype in Los Angeles with the resources we had (AKA loans from Miles' parents). Due to the success of our Kickstarter, we were able to spend a little more time and 💰 on making FinalStraw truly the most amazing straw you have ever seen. 👀

For the past five months, we have been meticulously redesigning FinalStraw from the ground up to create the most mind-blowing 🤯 drinking straw mankind has ever seen. Every single element of FinalStraw has been redesigned, battled over, tested, and finally approved. After many sleepless nights and a ton of work, and are incredibly proud of what we've created.

We have been working on a video that shows the final FinalStraw design in all of its glory. But, we need a couple more days before it's going to be ready. So, we apologize but we need to delay the surveys until Wednesday October 10th. We promise we will not delay them again! 

Seriously. We mean it. 

Oh and in case you're worried about not getting your straw in time, we've got good news. We are STILL on schedule to deliver in November as promised! We really appreciate your patience and understanding. 

With Love❤️,

Emma and Miles

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    1. Rachel Hosein on

      I also did not receive a squeegee.

    2. Missing avatar

      Troy Clawson on

      Hi Emma & Miles,

      I received both my straws last week, and while I am enjoying them, I unfortunately did not receive the squeegee. Browsing through the comments here, it appears that I'm not the only one with this problem--is there any word on potentially sending out squeegees to clean the straws?

    3. Julia Farber on

      Hello Emma and Miles, I have also been checking my mailbox regularly without any packages. I filled out the survey the day I received it, so I'm wondering if there's any way to double check where my straws are :) Any tracking information would be quite helpful!
      Thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Chalome on

      Hello Emma & Miles,

      I have been checking my mailbox regularly but haven’t seen a package from you. So, I’d like to know any information or tracking number which I can check a process by myself.

      E-mail me for any information that you would like to supply.


    5. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Kelley Sennett on

      Just got the four I ordered. Do not see the squeegee, no idea how to get the drying rack out of the case. Help!

    6. Missing avatar

      R.C. Epps on

      I just checked email, are you collecting addresses yet?

    7. Merlin on

      Just wondering when you will be needing our addresses?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dylan Panda Kaye on

      Wait so are you guys going to contact us for our addresses via email or on the website- I'm very confused T_T

    9. Missing avatar

      Carol True on

      I agree with Wendy Wells. Thank you, Emma and Miles.😊

    10. Missing avatar

      Wendy Wells on

      Take all the time you need! These things don't always go according to plan but I love the updates and believe in what you are doing. Can't wait to see you on Shark Tank tonight!!

    11. Kay Clopton

      I wouldn't start having my doubts until they miss their shipping date. I've supported campaigns that have missed their date but kept in contact with supporters, which does help with the concerns. This one doesn't have me worried as their has been some contact (and if they redesigned their straw, it probably won't look like the current knock offs on the market and I hope that it means it will hold up better), so this is a case where patience is the better part of valor.

    12. J Lianoglou on

      Surveys go out October 10th.

      Whoever wrote this post *really* buried that detail.

    13. Missing avatar

      Danielle on

      If the surveys aren't out by the 10th then I'd really like my money back.

      Radio silence makes me wary that I'll end up getting the product I paid for.

      I sincerely doubt I'm the only one feeling this way.

      Thank you for this update, at least. I really hope you are true to your word because, deep down, I still believe in y'all.

    14. Jes Gandara on

      No survey received?

    15. Missing avatar

      Sharon Chute on

      you will receive your color choice survey of OCTOBER 10th -

      Hello I read the whole post so understand that we can expect survey for color choice OCTOBER 10th

    16. Peter on

      Hello, I have not received a request for color choice, survey or mailing address, once the straw is ready to ship. When will that happen? Let me know, thanks.

    17. Missing avatar

      Pam J on

      @Camdon, Search WalMart's site for "foldable straw". Here's the results:…

      Everyone else saying "where's my surevey?": Read. ALL. of. the. update! However @Seth Leslie is right, the creator should NOT have started this update the way they did. It's misleading.

    18. Missing avatar

      Buga on

      Also, never got any survey....

    19. Denise Kitashima Dutton on

      I never got my survey, so I couldn't give my address and color choices. PLEASE HELP!

    20. Missing avatar

      Susan Mazur on

      Thanks for the updates. Appreciate all of your dedication to making the perfect product for us. In past months I have seen many "copy cat" products that look similar that are available now, but I am happy to wait for your products, as I always love supporting hard working, dedicated, small family businesses like yours. I know that I will get a superior product in the end, and that makes all of the difference. Support local family owned businesses whenever you can!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Camdon Cady on

      @james, where do you see that. i looked all over for it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Teresa Romero on

      Thank you for the updates! I'm really looking forward to receiving my FinalStraw in November. I'm wishing you mad success with this campaign!!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Colleen Baker on

      Can you tell me when we will get the survey to collect our colour choice and address info? I have not received anything yet.

    24. James Duff on

      Maybe you've already addressed this and I've missed it but what do you think about Walmart selling the same straw you're making, using the same product images, in the same colors, for a lower price? Oh, and they're available for pick up/delivery now?

    25. Missing avatar

      Miles Parry-Jones on

      I'm confused, i expected here to be a link to teh survey on the last email but i cant find one anywhere.
      Whats the deal?

    26. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle Duggan on

      Super excited but no survey or request for address or colours received 😢

    27. Missing avatar

      Gwen SHEPHERD on

      Looking forward to getting my Final Straw but am happy to wait until you have got it right.
      Keep up the good work and I appreciate all the updates.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Santos

      Ok guys go for it!
      This needs to get here before x-mas!
      Congrats on everything and keep up the great work!

    29. Seth Leslie on

      Hmmmm... Maybe don't start an update saying you're excited to receive everyone's surveys if you haven't sent them out yet lol

    30. Alicia on

      Delayed again. This time due to Shark Tank. Took our million and now seeking more and we still don’t have a product in our hand.

    31. Missing avatar

      Melissa Standley-Smith on

      You said you're asking for our addresses and color choices where do we give that? It didn't have any links in the email.

    32. Marcus Pek on

      Hi, when will we need to choose the color?

    33. Missing avatar

      Letitia DenHartog on

      I'm looking forward to receiving my FinalStraw! I see you talking about case colors and I don't remember what color I chose. Could you remind me?

    34. Missing avatar

      Diane Silverberg on

      Thanks for keeping us informed. I know I appreciate it! So excited------ cannot wait to start using my new straw!

    35. Missing avatar

      alaimie on

      This latest delay is probably due to their appearance on Shark Tank. So over the delay.

    36. Missing avatar

      Randy Herman on

      Well, it’s happening! See the Groupon site below! They’re already out! 😬 I knew this would happen! Anyway, thanks to the person who posted that! I just bought one of theirs, will get it in a few days! Only $11 too! Looks every bit as good as the Final Straw! Betcha these don’t get delivered ‘til next year! I’ll see which one is better and get rid of the other one! 👍

    37. Missing avatar

      Randy Herman on

      Better get your act together soon, or copycat ones will come out of the woodwork, be on sale, and you will be seen as the copycat, not the originator! You will spend lots of money on legal battles trying to prove otherwise, as I have seen with many other Kickstarter projects. Developers here are never on time with production and delivery, wait ‘til things are just right, while China pumps out product big-time and takes away all your thunder! I see that happening here as well, unfortunately. So hurry up and get it out, or suffer the consequences! 😉

    38. Missing avatar

      David on

      Hi Emma, Hi Mike’s,

      I saw this on Groupon:

      Is this Final Straw or a knock off?

      Just wanted to let you know it is out there.


      ~ David

    39. Missing avatar

      Sean C. on

      I can't wait! Thanks for making this great. I also wanted to lol at everyone that commented they hadn't receive surveys yet. Apparently didn't read the whole update. Lol! It's not October 10th yet!

    40. Brant Merryman on

      Thanks Emma and Miles for keeping us informed about the progress. We are cheering you on!

    41. Missing avatar

      Yajaira varillas on

      I might have to change my shipping address.. I don't know which one you have on file

    42. Missing avatar

      Neta Morton on

      Hey, thanks a lot for all the updates as I’m so excited for these to be a Christmas gift for two very special people! I appreciate all your time and effort you have put into these straws. As I’m a 60 year old Woman, I wasn’t thinking so much about the future effects of our generation and the ones before have made. I’m happy that our kids have a wiser thought process than I did. I do now! I LOVE all animals. And was so sad to see how a straw was up a big Turtles nostril! It was horrifying. I felt so bad for the animal. They finally removed it but blood was everywhere. Me thinking that could have been a straw I had used just changed my whole attitude about our animals and our future world! Thank you so much!

    43. Missing avatar

      Alessandra Ricciardi on

      Take it easy!!! Good work for you all!

    44. Missing avatar

      Jessica Vance on

      The. Surveys. Are. Delayed. That's why you didn't get surveys!

    45. Logocop

      The video can't show FinalStraw in all its glory unless our mermaid is showing it! :)

    46. Missing avatar


      I don't get why a bunch of you are complaining about having not received the survey when this update explains that very thing. Update #18 from 9/26--the one right before this update--projected the survey to be sent out by 10/4. With this update, the surveys should be finally coming out on the 10th. Patience y'all. Patience.

    47. Missing avatar

      Rebecca J Henry on

      Where are colors and when do I leave my address?

    48. Missing avatar

      Cherol ockrassa on

      Thanks for the update. I guess we will give you addresses through the survey. 😉